Silicone Breast Implants


Silicone Breast Implants Recent statistics show that breast augmentation is the #1 plastic surgery procedure performed for U.S. women. But before a patient can undergo breast implant surgery, they must choose their preferred type of breast implant, silicone or saline.

Silicone breast implants are the most common type of breast implant in use today. While silicone breast implants were considered unsafe at one time, in 2006 the FDA approved MemoryGel, a newer, thicker, more leak-resistant silicone implant filler. Soon after, silicone breast implants became a breast augmentation favorite once again. The latest craze in silicone breast implants is gummy bear breast implants, which feature a new "cohesive" silicone gel and are currently awaiting FDA approval.

Pros of silicone breast implants include their ability to maintain a firm shape, their resistance to rippling or collapsing, and their similarity in feel to natural breast tissue.

Cons of silicone breast implants can include potential "silent ruptures," silicone-related health risks, and the way silicone breast implants can inhibit mammograms and breast exams.

To learn more about silicone breast implants, to receive specific silicone breast implant cost information, and/or to plan your own silicone breast implant surgery, you should meet with an experienced silicone breast implant surgeon in your area. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation for silicone breast implants!


Typical Minimum Cost of Silicone Breast Implants (based on national averages):
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Typical Maximum Cost of Silicone Breast Implants (based on national averages):
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National Average Cost of Silicone Breast Implants:
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Time Required for Silicone Breast Implants:
Average length of silicone breast implant surgery is 1-2 hours.
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Is Silicone Breast Implants an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
Typically, silicone breast implant surgery is an outpatient procedure.
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What are the Side Effects of Silicone Breast Implants?
Side effects of silicone breast implants can include bruising, swelling, infection, bleeding, tenderness and loss of sensitivity.
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How Long do Silicone Breast Implants results last?
The life or duration of silicone breast implants can depend on the individual patient's age, physical condition, and on whether or not major side effects occur post surgery.

Most patients can expect their silicone breast implants to last 10-20 years before needing implant replacement or revision.

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What is the recovery time for Silicone Breast Implants?
The initial phase of recovery from silicone breast implant surgery is 1-2 weeks on average. At this point, a majority of breast implant patients are able to return to work, but may still be experiencing some tenderness, light bruising, and should still refrain from strenuous activities.

The specific length of recovery needed post breast implant surgery will vary from patient to patient.

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Will my insurance company cover Silicone Breast Implants?
Since the majority of silicone breast implant surgeries are considered cosmetic procedures, most insurance plans won't cover this surgery. However, for patients choosing silicone breast implants as part of reconstructive efforts following breast cancer surgery, coverage may apply.
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Is there much discomfort for Silicone Breast Implants?
Initial discomfort level post silicone breast implant surgery can be high. The first week post-op, when the body is working hard to heal, can be an especially uncomfortable and even debilitating time for many patients.

Over the counter painkillers and plenty of rest will be crucial during the initial recovery.

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What types of anesthesia is necessary for Silicone Breast Implants?
Silicone breast implants are usually inserted under general anesthesia.
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What else can I combine Silicone Breast Implants with?
Breast reconstruction, breast lifts and breast implant removal.
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What else is Silicone Breast Implants referred to as?
silicone implants, silicon implants, gummy bear implants, cohesive gel implants, silicone breast augmentation, etc.
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