Nipple Correction


Nipple Correction Nipple correction is usually intended to correct nipples that either rest flat against the breast, or are inverted, being pulled inwards toward the back of the breast.

There are different methods of nipple correction surgery, one that attempts to preserve the milk ducts for breast feeding, and one that doesn't. The latter technique often has to be used in more difficult cases.

Typical Minimum Cost of Nipple Correction (based on national averages):
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Typical Maximum Cost of Nipple Correction (based on national averages):
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National Average Cost of Nipple Correction:
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Time Required for Nipple Correction:
It can take 1-2 hours to perform nipple correction surgery. Time requirements can vary depending on the method of surgery.
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Is Nipple Correction an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
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What are the Side Effects of Nipple Correction?
Nipple correction side effects include temporary tenderness and swelling.
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How Long do Nipple Correction results last?
Nipple correction results are permanent.
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What is the recovery time for Nipple Correction?
After nipple correction, recovery from swelling can usually take about 3 weeks

Nipple correction sutures should dissolve on their own

Nipple correction recovery is simple, requiring very minimal downtime, so patients can usually return to work just 1-2 days after surgery
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Will my insurance company cover Nipple Correction?
Because of the largely cosmetic nature of nipple correction, insurance is usually not involved.
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Is there much discomfort for Nipple Correction?
After nipple correction, discomfort is normal, and the nipples may remain tender for a couple days. This discomfort is easily controlled with oral pain medication.
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What types of anesthesia is necessary for Nipple Correction?
The nipple correction anesthesia of choice is usually local with sedation.
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What else can I combine Nipple Correction with?
For enhanced results, nipple correction can be combined with:
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
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What else is Nipple Correction referred to as?
Inverted Nipple Correction. Inverted Nipple Repair. Nipple Inversion Repair.
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