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Brow Lift A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, removes frown lines or deep vertical and horizontal wrinkles between the eyebrows and corrects droopy skin underneath the eyebrows. Excess tissue and skin are removed, muscles are tightened, and remaining skin repositioned to create an invigorated, more youthful and rested appearance.

There are several types of brow or forehead lifts, and depending on the extent of your wrinkling and excess skin, the surgeon will recommend a method that will give you the best results possible.  Also, many patients wish to re-arch their brows to a more flattering position.  Brow lift surgery helps to correct or lift what are called the "lateral hoods" of the eyes--the flap or deposit of fat that sits right on your brow bone and hangs around the outside corner of your eye. 

It should be noted that a brow/forehead lift will not improve wrinkles or puffiness around the eyes.  It is meant to lift up the skin only.  For these types of problems, you may want to discuss surgical and non-surgical wrinkle removing treatments (Botox Cosmetic® or eyelid surgery–blepharoplasty).

There are 3 types of forehead lifts that surgeons consider and they include:

1. Coronal Forehead/Brow Lift - This type of forehead/brow lift is the safest and most widely used technique that involves an incision across the top of the forehead.  This particular incision targets the forehead wrinkles that run horizontally, making you look like you're scowling or upset when, in fact, you're not.

2. Endoscopic Forehead/Brow Lift - This method is more recent, and involves only a few incisions.  Your facelift surgeon would be able to use a small camera to look beneath your skin to determine the areas that need help.  One difference between this method and the coronal is that while the surgeon can help with scowl lines, the muscle itself cannot be altered in any way, so over time, those lines will return.

3. Subcutaneous Forehead/Brow Lift - Most surgeons today rarely use this brow lift technique because it results in highly visible scarring as the incision is made in front of the hairline.  One positive aspect is that it does not cause numbness after surgery.  If you don't have bangs, or can't wear your hair towards the top of the hairline, you will more than likely not be happy with the results of this technique.

Typical Minimum Cost of Brow Lift (based on national averages):
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Typical Maximum Cost of Brow Lift (based on national averages):
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National Average Cost of Brow Lift:
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Time Required for Brow Lift:
About 1-3 hours are usually needed for brow lift surgery. Time requirements can, of course, vary between each unique case.
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Is Brow Lift an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
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What are the Side Effects of Brow Lift?
Brow lift side effects can include temporary swelling, numbness (that may turn into itchiness), bruising, and temporary loss of sensation.
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How Long do Brow Lift results last?
Brow lift results can be very long lasting, but may change as a result of aging and gravity, creating need for revision brow lift.
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What is the recovery time for Brow Lift?
Day 1-7 Protective bandages are worn home from surgery, and usually for several days following

Day 5-7 Sutures usually removed about 5-7 days after surgery

Brow lift recovery usually progresses such that patients can return to work by the time of suture removal.

1 Month- Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least 3 weeks after surgery

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Will my insurance company cover Brow Lift?
Because of the cosmetic nature of a brow lift, insurance does not apply. In rare circumstances, a brow lift may be neccesary to widen visual fields, in which case insurance may cover a portion of the cost.
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Is there much discomfort for Brow Lift?
Brow lift pain and discomfort will be experienced at minimal levels for a day or two following surgery, and can be easily controlled with standard pain medication.
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What types of anesthesia is necessary for Brow Lift?
For a brow lift, anesthesia of choice is usually local with sedation. Some doctors may choose to use general anesthesia.
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What else can I combine Brow Lift with?
For enhanced results, brow lift surgery can be combined with:

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Facial Implants
  • Facelift
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

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What else is Brow Lift referred to as?
"Brow lift" is often used interchangeably with "forehead lift," or as a natural complement to it.
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