Brazilian Butt Lift


Brazilian Butt Lift One of the most popular new procedures for butt augmentation, the Brazilian Butt Lift, is a less invasive take on butt implants and butt lift surgery. The procedure itself utilizes donor body fat, which is injected into specific, varied points on the buttocks after being removed via minor liposuction.

Brazilian butt lifts don't involve making incisions in the buttock tissue, and don't require any recontouring of buttock skin and muscle, as is typical with standard buttock lift surgery or butt implants. For this reason, Brazilian butt lifts reportedly require less recovery time, and pose a lesser risk of side effects. Lastly, because Brazilian butt lifts use a patient's own body fat in the injection, there is virtually no risk of allergic reactions and no potential harm from filler absorption.

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Typical Minimum Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift (based on national averages):
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Typical Maximum Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift (based on national averages):
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National Average Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift:
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Time Required for Brazilian Butt Lift:
The procedure usually takes a minimum of 2 hours, but timing will also be affected by the individual surgeon, and how long the fat purification process takes prior to injection.
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Is Brazilian Butt Lift an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
Outpatient unless otherwise indicated by the practicing surgeon.
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What are the Side Effects of Brazilian Butt Lift?
Side effects from Brazilian butt lifts may include loss of sensitivity or numbness, bruising, swelling at injection site or from the liposuction, temporarily puffy or irregular skin, and slight oozing at injection site.
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How Long do Brazilian Butt Lift results last?
Many providers say that if it's performed correctly, Brazilian butt lift procedures can yield permanent results. The biggest factors that can alter a patient's results can include changes in weight, body composition or body fat percentage. Over the years, there's also a chance that some of the original injected fat will be reabsorbed slightly back into the body.
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What is the recovery time for Brazilian Butt Lift?
Brazilian butt lift patients should expect to refrain from putting much weight on their behinds for about 2 weeks post procedure. During this 2-week period, patients will also be advised to wear a special garment to help support the newly augmented buttock tissue and prevent excessive swelling. Patients should be back to their normal routines at max, 4 weeks.
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Will my insurance company cover Brazilian Butt Lift?
Since Brazilian butt lifts are usually classified as a cosmetic procedure, insurance doesn't usually cover treatment.
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Is there much discomfort for Brazilian Butt Lift?
Most patients describe the discomfort as mild. Pain and swelling following surgery usually subsides in a few days.
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What types of anesthesia is necessary for Brazilian Butt Lift?
The practicing surgeon will require general or local anesthesia for the liposuction treatment portion, and will likely use local anesthesia for the buttock injections.
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What else is Brazilian Butt Lift referred to as?
Butt injections, Brazilian butt injections, butt augmentation, butt lift injections, buttock enhancement, butt fat transfers, fat transfer injections, etc.
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