Bosley Hair Restoration - Vancouver - DO NOT BOOK
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Bosley Hair Restoration - Vancouver - DO NOT BOOK

Location: 200-1311 Howe Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P3

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*This is a consultation clinic. Vancouver Hair Transplant candidates will be referred to the Bosley Seattle office for surgery.

Vancouver hair loss patients can find state-of-the-art hair loss treatments at Bosley Medical. Bosley Hair Restoration supplies the newest technologies, an expert staff,and achievable goals for all your hair restoration needs.

With 70 clinic locations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Bosley strives to offer the latest in hair restoration research and treatments to patients all over North America.

At the Bosley clinic of Vancouver, hair transplant consultations are free, and include a scalp and hair analysis, and a meeting with a trained Bosley specialist to discuss a recommended treatment plan. Other hair restoration offerings at Bosley of Vancouver include Propecia and Rogaine medication, laser hair therapy, and the latest in topical hair loss products!

For more information about hair restoration in British Columbia, or to schedule your free hair transplant consultation in Vancouver, at Bosley, contact us today!