Bosley Hair Restoration - Ontario
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Bosley Hair Restoration - Ontario


Location: 3536 Concours St Suite 203a Ontario, CA 91764

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This location offers consultations only. Surgical procedures are available in San Diego, Los Angeles or Beverly Hills.

Getting back your own natural hair isn't just a dream. Today, it's a reality at Bosley Medical of Ontario, CA. During your free consultation with the Bosley hair restoration specialists, you can learn all about the art of hair transplantation, and how it's helped thousands of men and women overcome the effects of hair loss.

Anyone suffering from hair loss in Ontario is encouraged to contact us today to start down their own path to genuine hair restoration. Once your assessment is complete, you can undergo treatment at one of Bosley's state-of-the-art facilities, where permanently growing follicles on the back and side of the head will be safely transplanted to balding areas, giving you a full natural head of hair once more!

Our customer service liaisons are standing by, so contact us now to schedule your free hair loss consultation with Bosley of Ontario, California.