Bosley Hair Restoration - Newport Beach
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Bosley Hair Restoration - Newport Beach


Location: 4220 Von Karman Avenue Suite 100 Newport Beach, CA 92660

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*This location offers consultations only. Surgical procedures conducted in Beverly Hills, San Diego or Los Angeles.

There's no better name for hair transplant surgery in Newport Beach than Bosley Medical. Bosley hair restoration surgeons are some of California’s best trained hair loss specialists. Each hair transplant surgeon is required to have at least ten years of experience and be thoroughly trained in Bosley's hair transplant procedure. Bosley serves over 70 cities nationwide, and it’s their commitment to providing hair restoration expertise that makes them a proven leader in Newport Beach hair transplant surgery.

Bosley not only offers some of the most experienced hair restoration surgeons in Southern California, but some of the most advanced techniques as well. Bosley's surgeons use follicular unit extraction. Hairs from your healthy donor area are extracted and micro-grafted into your problem areas. Follicular units come in groups of 2 to 3 hairs and Bosley preserves this natural composition to recreate a natural look.

It all starts with your free consultation in Newport Beach, during which you can learn more about what hair transplantation can do for you, and determine if you're ready to undergo the procedure at a Bosley surgical facility (such as the one in San Diego). Contact us today to schedule your own assessment with the experts at Bosley.