Bosley Hair Restoration - New Orleans
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Bosley Hair Restoration - New Orleans


Location: 2450 Severn Ave. Suite 510 Metairie, LA 70001

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*This location only offers consultations. Patients who choose to undergo hair transplant surgery will be directed to the Bosley clinic in Houston.

Bosley Medical of New Orleans provides Louisianans with incredible hair loss solutions and free consultations. Bosley Hair Restoration surgeons know what it takes to restore a healthy head of natural looking hair!

Bosley has some of the top hair transplant experts in New Orleans, meaning you're treatment will always be in the hands of a trusted, tested hair loss specialist. It’s this commitment to finding the best hair transplant surgeons that makes Bosley of New Orleans part of the largest growing network of hair transplant clinics in the US.

At your complimentary consultation in New Orleans, one of Bosley's hair loss specialists will evaluate your hair with a magnified scalp analysis. By using a video-microscope, these hair loss specialists are able to inspect every detail of your thinning areas and donor area. Bosley's New Orleans facility is for consultations only. When you’re ready to see a hair transplant surgeon for your actual procedure, Bosley will help fund your transportation to their state-of-the-art surgical facility in Houston, TX.