Bosley Hair Restoration - Milwaukee
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Bosley Hair Restoration - Milwaukee


Location: 500 W. Silver Spring Drive Suite K - 200 Glendale, WI 53217

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*This Bosley Medical location offers consultations only. Surgical procedures available in Chicago, IL.

Looking for hair loss options? Despite all the hair loss products available in Wisconsin, the only permanent solution for getting back your own, natural hair is hair transplant surgery, and a name that has become synonymous with this procedure is Bosley.

In Milwaukee, you can meet with a Bosley hair loss expert and discuss the specifics of your condition and learn more about state-of-the-art hair transplant surgery. Milwaukee hair transplants from a board certified hair restoration surgeon allow patients to regrow their own, living hair. No special maintenance or care required, this is real hair. Bosley surgeons use follicular unit transplantations to micro-graft hair into your receding hairline. Follicular unit grafts are the best way to achieve natural looking hair.

Bosley employs certified hair transplantation surgeons, all of which have over ten years of hair restoration experience. In Milwaukee, Bosley can set you up with the best hair loss treatment for you. As of now, Bosler in Milwaukee offers surgical consultations only, but surgical facilities are available in Chicago, IL.

Bosley utilizes some of the most advanced hair transplant technology in Milwaukee and a highly skilled staff to help you look your best. If you live in Milwaukee, WI, and want a full head of hair again, then a Bosley evaluation is the next logical step. Located in Brookfield, WI, Bosley can help!