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Bosley Hair Restoration - Memphis


Location: 5050 Poplar Avenue Suite 2400 Memphis, TN 38157

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*This Bosley Medical location offers consultations only. Surgical procedures in Atlanta.

With a national staff of highly skilled hair loss doctors, Bosley is your trusted source for the only permanent hair loss solution: hair transplant surgery. In Memphis, you learn all about hair replacement and its amazing effects by scheduling a free consultation with the professionals at Bosley of Memphis.

During this consultation, Memphis hair loss experts can answer your questions and assess your unique situation, helping you determine if you're a good candidate for hair replacement surgery at Bosley's hair transplant clinic in Atlanta, GA.

With 70 locations across the US, Bosley is committed to hiring some of the most rigorously trained hair restoration surgeons. In Memphis, hair loss specialists are ready to educate you on the ins and outs of modern hair transplantation. It's a low stress consultation, and the perfect way to find out what all the hoopla with hair transplantation has been about. So contact us and schedule your free consult with Bosley of Memphis today!