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Bosley Hair Restoration - Indianapolis


Location: 8275 Allison Pt. Trail Suite 360 Indianapolis, IN 46250

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*This location offers consultations only. Surgical procedures in Columbus, OH.

Whether you have a receding hairline or extensive hair loss at the crown and scalp, Bosley Medical of Indianapolis can start you on the road to a full head of hair. Hair loss is a nightmare for both men and women, but if you're ready to make the dream of hair regrowth a reality, then Bosley Hair Restoration is what you’re looking for!

Propecia and Rogaine can often only just slow down your hair loss, but a follicular micro-graft transplant can permanently restore it. What’s more when Propecia and Rogaine are combined with hair transplant surgery the results are impeccable. It all starts with your introductory consultation in Indianapolis. Hair loss specialists can answer your questions and assess your unique situation, helping you determine if hair transplant surgery in Columbus, OH, is your next best move.

Bosley’s over 70 locations across the US hire some of the most highly trained hair restoration surgeons, and Indianapolis’s hair loss specialists are ready to educate you on what can and cannot be done with your hair. Chances are the only thing standing between you and a full head of hair is yourself. Challenge yourself to see Bosley’s results!

Contact us today to schedule your free, in-depth hair loss consultation with Bosley of Indianapolis, IN, and start reclaiming your hair. A successful hair transplant surgery in Indiana can change your whole outlook on life!