Stretch Mark Removal

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Stretch Mark Removal Striae, better known as stretch marks, are fine lines in the skin due to tearing. Although the skin is very elastic sudden changes can leave permanent marks.  When the tissue under the skin is pulled too quickly, this can cause a disruption in collagen production, leaving thin silvery scars, or stretch marks, in its wake.  This can be triggered through rapid growth or weight gain; stretch marks are commonly associated with puberty, pregnancy, other rapid weight gain, or anabolic steroids.  It’s common for stretch marks to develop on the hips, breasts, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. 

There are different methods that a skincare specialist can provide for stretch mark removal.  The most common methods are topical cream, microdermabrasion, laser stretch mark removal, and surgical removal.  Most clinics that offer non-surgical methods for stretch mark removal usually offer a combination of microdermabrasion and lasers. 

Microdermabrasion - Microdermabrasion uses a fine aluminum oxide spray to exfoliate your skin.  It is not effective for deep wrinkles or permanent scars, but as a stretch mark remover microdermabrasion might be able to help eliminate small fine lines.  Removal depends on how extensive the stretch mark damage is, but while not powerful, microdermabrasion is one of the safest treatments found. 

Topical Cream – There are several topical creams on the market to treat stretch marks—StriVectin®, Zenmed® Stretta, and Trilastin® are a few.  Some can be purchased at medspas or used in conjunction with your microdermabrasion treatment.  Used daily, stretch mark removal creams can change the length, depth, and irregular surface of stretch marks.  Removal has been found to work best with creams on more recent stretch marks. 

Laser Treatments – Laser stretch mark removal is a good option to try to reestablish natural collagen to your scarred area.  Laser skin resurfacing removes the outer layer of skin and promotes new cells to generate.  The CO2 laser is good for deep wrinkles and mild to moderate stretch marks.  Laser skin rejuvenation does not actually remove skin, it’s gentle Cool Touch™ laser harmlessly penetrates deep into your skin and causes new collagen to grow.  It’s a much gentler process, but might not be as effective at eliminating stretch marks.  Neither laser method can completely remove severe stretch marks. 

For the most extreme cases of stretch marks, your best option is to check with a certified skincare professional and devise a combination of aesthetic treatments.

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