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Featured Testimonial:

"Dr. Anderson and his team were very polite and made sure I was comfortable. Always asked if I had any questions and always answered so that I could understand."
MARSHA P. - Kansas City, MO

"Every visit was pleasant and informative. I felt calm and comfortable."
JENNIFER E. - Kearney, MO

"Made me feel at ease and was very informative. Going there confirmed that I need this procedure. Excited about how my legs will feel and look in the future. "
CHRISTINA B. - Kansas City, MO

"Both Dr. Anderson and Amanda made you feel at ease and appreciate how they talked about each step of the procedure. "
CECELIA S. - Kansas City, MO

"Dr. Anderson answered all my questions and made the process very comfortable."
VELMA R. - Liberty, MO

"Staff was very friendly, helpful and informative. NP was also very helpful and knowledgeable about procedures. Made me feel comfortable about wanting to continue with treatment. "
SHIRLEY G. - Oak Grove, MO

"Very friendly and helpful staff. Pain free procedure."
MAURY M. - Kansas City, MO

"Front desk staff was super nice and welcoming. "
ALETHA M. - Kearney, MO

"Looking forward to ultimate resolution of my vein condition."
BLAINE S. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone is great "
CATHERINE S. - Independence, MO

"The providers were all very friendly. "
JEANNE C. - Kansas City, MO

"I would 10/10 recommend Amanda!"
ALEXIS S. - Platte City, MO

"The consultation was very informative and helpful. I did not know what to expect but the skilled team did a great job explaining the procedure. Dr. Anderson and his staff have done a great job. They have been very helpful, comforting, and share a great deal of expertise. I'm very impressed!"
GARY B. - Kansas City, MO

"They were very nice. The procedure went very well, it was not painful and an easy recovery."
JANET H. - Liberty, MO

"Doctor and staff were very helpful."
LINDA K. - Kansas City, MO

"They were really good."
JOAN D. - Lathrop, MO

"The staff is amazing!"
CATHERINE S. - Independence, MO

"The staff is very friendly and helpful. Answered my questions. Set up my next appointment."
GARY B. - Kansas City, MO

"They were very nice and accommodating. Its close to where I live as well. They knew what they were doing. During follow up they were interested in what was happening. The procedure itself was relatively pain free and the results were very good."
ROBERT F. - Kansas City, MO

"Overall I have been very satisfied with Vein Clinics of America."
WILLIAM C. - Liberty, MO

"I really liked the fact that my Dr. had also been through the process and was able to tell me about his experience to help me understand what to expect and how things work."
SABRINA M. - Liberty, MO

"Very knowledgable, careful, helpful and patient."
THUY T N. - Kansas City, MO

"Overall I was satisfied with the entire experience. The results to date reflect roughly 40% improvement with my issues so I remain hopeful that as additional time passes there will be additional improvement. The staff was professional and courteous."
WILLIAM B. - Liberty, MO

"They were fine, they performed professionally. I'm very pleased with the procedure."
CARLEDA W. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff were friendly and accommodating. "
BRENT I. - Independence, MO

"My visit was great!"
CANDY O. - Kearney, MO

"It was a great experience. Everything was explained to me thoroughly, both the medical and financial aspects. "
ANGELA S. - Kansas City, MO

"Dr. Anderson and staff are all professionals. They explained the next step beforehand. Made me feel more at ease. My feet/ankles no longer swell up. Pain is minimal and doesn't last long."
TERRY A. - Kansas City, MO

"Dr. Anderson was very knowledgeable explaining all the details of my concerns. "
BRENDA H. - Liberty, MO

"Dr Anderson and his staff explained everything before the procedure and did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend this office."
JOYCE D. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone was very professional. Was easier than going to the dentist."
ROSE V. - Platte City, MO

"Very pleasant staff. The procedure went very good."
RONNA M. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff was very professional and took great care with restrictions because of the covid virus situation. Although it was a bit unsettling with all the precautions, I felt very safe. There was very little wait to see the doctor and the girls at the front desk were extremely helpful and courteous!"
CAROLYN N. - Excelsior Springs, MO

"Very good experience! "
MARY H. - Kansas City, MO

"They understand that I come from a 200 mile distance, and they always make it worth my time. There has never been a wait.The idea of doing the procedure, and being able to return to work the next day is amazing to me."
MATT E. - Des Moines, IA

"The doctor was super, and the staff were friendly and very helpful."
JERRY E. - Lansing, KS

"Everyone was very helpful.They answered all my questions and I am glad that I had treatments."
MONICA T. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff were very helpful.They answered all my questions, and I am glad that I chose Vein Clinics of America for my treatments."
VIRGINIA H. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone was polite and professional and very helpful."
ALICE D. - Kansas City, MO

"Dr Anderson was very gentle and very informative of his procedures."
TUA R. - Kansas City, MO

"I really liked the Dr and the staff was great."
MICHAELA B. - Lansing, KS

"They were all very good, They took the time to explain everything and really made me feel good about choosing this clinic."
CHRISTINE W. - Kansas City, MO

"I really liked everyone .They were all great."
BARBARA C. - Kearney, MO

"The Dr and the staff were professional and easy to talk to,They really made me feel comfortable."
TIMOTHY L. - Cummings, KS

"The Dr and staff were great, very professional and they kept me comfortable during treatments."
ANITA E. - Kansas City, MO

"The Dr and staff really took there time to explain everything and made sure I was comfortable."
HOWARD K. - Leavenworth, KS

"Very kind very upfront and personal . Made sure i knew what exactly was going to happen and how through out the complete ordeal. They make you feel so much better on whats going to happen and how fast the results you get is simply amazing ."
RICHARD P. - Lawson, MO

"The staff and Dr were all very friendly and professional."

"Thankful to now understand what is going on with the circulation in my legs; actually, relieved as the scan did not show vein problems."
JOY W. - Kansas City, MO

"Very smooth and not too painful and good go home instructions,nice and professional office."
IDELLE A. - Kansas City, MO

"The entire staff was very helpful and the doctor was very knowledgeable."
CARL Y. - Kansas City, MO

"I liked the Doctor and the staff , they were all very nice to me!"
MARY W. - Smithville, MO

"Cynthia Reed was very helpful and patient."
BARBARA H. - Kansas City, MO

"Every staff member was truly wonderful and helpful!"
DAWN V. - Kansas City, MO

MARTHA B. - Lansing, KS

"Everyone was very forthcoming with info and pain was minimal"
BRIDGET B. - Independence, MO

"The Dr and all his staff were great. made me feel very comfortable and at ease."
DEBORAH A. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone friendly and knowledgeable."
BARBARA G. - Kansas City, MO

"Cheyenne was very professional and explained procedures well. Cindy was very helpful also."
TUA R. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff and Doctor were all very nice!"
DANA G. - Sibley, MO

"The Doctor and his staff were very helpful and made me feel comfortable."
RICKY S. - Liberty, MO

"Happy I had it done."
JANICE B. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone, including Dr. Anderson, were extremely helpful, courteous, and explained procedures in easy to understand terms. Looking forward to 1st laser treatment tomorrow."
JANET P. - Topeka, KS

"Everything was explained prior to each procedure. Care and comfort given during each procedure. Highly recommend this office for all vein care needs. Dr. Anderson and entire staff are professional, courteous and helpful."
JOHN B. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone is helpful and friendly. They do their best to get the job done with very little wait time. This is my second round of treatments. I have always had good results and love the office staff and Dr. Anderson. I will continue to go to them for follow up treatments."
STACI W. - Kansas City, MO

"Knowledgeable staff, I loved warm gel and comfortable experience."
ALISA B. - Smithville, MO

"Looking forward to getting my treatment !"
SKYE M. - Kansas City, MO

"All the staff were pleasant, professional and helpful.!"
DEBORAH S. - Kansas City, MO

"Good job for the warmness and information."
CAROLYN J. W. - Independence, MO

"I really liked the nurse practitioner!"
NORMA D. - Kansas City, MO

"Nurse practitioner was very informative. Helpful staff!!"
DEBORA M. - Camden Point, MO

"The staff was friendly and very helpful. They answered all of my questions."
JOYCE D. - Kansas City, MO

"Staff was helpful and Dr explained future steps clearly and comfortably."
DAVON K. - Kansas City, MO

"The NP was very knowledgeable and explained things in an understandable manner."
KAREN K T. - Kansas City, MO

"Great place, wonderful Doctor and staff!!"
KAREN S. - Kansas City, MO

"The specialists and other staff members were very friendly, professional and helpful."
JAN W. - Liberty, MO

"Everything was great. Much better than any other facility!"
STEPHANIE R. - Kansas City, MO

"Andrea went above and beyond when it came to helping me schedule! "
JANET W. - Kansas City, MO

"Very professional,knowledgeable and friendly. Regardless of who was doing the treatment,all were very knowledgeable"
ARNOLD B. - Kansas City, MO

"Professional and very comfortable."
CLYTHA W. - Leavenworth, KS

"Nurses and technicians very knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve had circulation issues. It has helped with that."
JACQUELINE H. - Platte City, MO

"All staff that I had contact with were kind, polite, helpful, and professional. I felt very at ease."
GRETCHEN F. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff is very helpful and courteous. "
MARGIE H. - Kansas City, MO

"Everything is really good!"
RALPH R. - Platte City, MO

"My results are amazing and my legs are doing good"
RALPH R. - Platte City, MO

"The end results were excellent!!"
JOHN H. - Kansas City, MO

"Great results. Would like to have touch ups done on both legs in 1/2 hour session."
SHERYL T. - Kansas City, MO

"I was very self conscious about my leg / vein issues and the staff just helped me be positive that it could get better. "
BRANDON G. - Liberty, MO

"Staff was all good."
ARSEL C. - Holt, MO

"Keeping informed as the Dr. treated each leg, making me feel at ease as he treated each leg. Helped legs feel better."
DEBRA H. - Kansas City, MO

"Dr Anderson and team was awesome."
ALEXANDRA K. - Kansas City, MO

"The Staff were prompt, friendly and the doctor very informative."
KAREN J. - Kansas City, MO

"Staff was very professional and addressed all questions and concerns I had!"
MICHAEL C. - Kansas City, MO

"They were all helpful!!"
DONALD W. - Kansas City, MO

"The clinic staff was great!!"
BRENA A. - Kansas City, MO

"Feeling happy!"
MARY W. - Kansas City, MO

"Dr. Anderson is awesome. He never made me feel anxious or concerned. I have already recommended a friend to the Vein Clinics of America and she is just as impressed as I was."
CHERYL K. - Kansas City, KS

"Helpful and informative people!"
ROBERT S. - Kansas City, MO

"Dr. Anderson was very good at explaining the procedures that I would be going through and was always asking during the procedures how I was doing. The staff was very professional while conducting the ultra sound sessions. The front office staff were very friendly and professional as well."
GARY B. - Kansas City, MO

"They were all very very nice and the doctor explained everything very good."
LORETTA C. - Excelsior Springs, MO

"Everyone I saw was very helpful and they answered all my questions!!"
DEBRA L. - Kearney, MO

"Everyone is very courteous and friendly!!"
GUY H. - Liberty, MO

"The staff started knowing me by name, and that is always comforting when you feel welcomed and remembered. The doctor was very open about each injection and what to expect."
AMBER L. W. - Kansas City, MO

"The Doctor and technicians made me feel very comfortable during each procedure. They gave me very detailed explanations."
MICHAEL F. - Kansas City, MO

"The people are so friendly and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable."
NANCY C. - Kansas City, MO

"The waiting room was nice, even had newer magazines. Everyone who worked in the office, the Doctor and the nurses were great. "
MYRNA V. - Kansas City, MO

"I have recommended Dr. Anderson and this office to others. "
SALLI J. - Edgerton, KS

"All of the staff is great. Treated like family. Very professional and efficient, and the ladies are beautiful...just saying! Very little discomfort. Told me clearly what to expect. "
JOSEPH W. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff was really helpful, they explain all the proceedings, treatments and prices. "
MARIA D. - Kansas City, MO

"The procedures were all comfortable, almost pain free. I would recommend Vein Clinics of America to everyone!"
LARRY G. - Kansas City, MO

"The people were all wonderful as well as the results."
CARROLL S. - Kansas City, MO

"They are a very caring and friendly group."
SANDRA P. - Kansas City, MO

"I would recommend the treatment for spider veins! Vein Clinics of America were great at explaining the procedure. "
SHEA H. - Edgerton, MO

"Happy with the treatment and the helpfulness from the doctor!"
KIRSTEN C. - Smithville, MO

"Everyone was very professional!!"
LEANN R. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone was so professional and they answered all my questions!!"
MICHAEL F. - Kansas City, MO

"I have no complaints and nothing bad to say. Everyone was very detailed about the service! "
DEBRA H. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff is very nice and helpful. Excellent new office space!!"
JENNIFER S. - Kansas City, MO

"Felt comfortable, I got my questions answered and I am ready treatment."
SHIRLEY T. - Kansas City, MO

"I had a brilliant consultation experience! "
TEDDIE B. - Kansas City, MO

"It was just such a pleasant experience with all the staff."
THOMAS A. - Trimble, MO

"I am very happy. I was having issues on my legs and it has cleared up since the procedure was done. Staff were all very good. Very friendly I had a good experience there. "
NANCY W. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone was courteous and attentive to my feelings. Everything is looking good. My legs feel better and I do not feel pain!"

"It was a positive experiment, the doctor was professional and gentle and the staff were professional as well. They ran on time and were fast. The procedures were relatively painless. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs this treatment."
BRENDA A. - Kansas City, MO

"Very professional staff I had no issues at all. Also the procedures were done effectively and without pain!! "
MICHAEL C. - Kansas City, MO

"I am really pleased with it. The biggest vein that was worked on wrapped around the entire knee, and that was taken care of. I feel like my mobility has increased and that is great. "

"I really like the staff and the doctor. I felt they were very professional and they made me feel confident in their abilities to take care of the vein issues I have."

"It’s been a great experience. Doctor Anderson is amazing and the staff are friendly and professional. "
CYNTHIA E. - Sabetha, KS

"Every staff member I encountered was professional in every respect and never neglected any question I had. I was always made comfortable and care and concern were primary in their procedures. Comfort level during procedure was tolerable, fairly minimal. Cant wait to see the end results."
LINDA W. - Kansas City, MO

"I was very impressed with Dr Anderson. He is kind, skilled, and just an all-around wonderful person. The staff was also personable and skilled in their jobs."
PAMELA M. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone was very polite and took their time with me. So far so good."

"All the staff have been helpful and friendly and I have never had to wait."
BRENDA A. - Kansas City, MO

"Very comfortable and very professional personnel. I was kept very well informed throughout the consultation and procedures."
RONALD C. - Kansas City, MO

"Very pleasant experience, the staff were great. It was an informative and successful visit."
KAREN S. - Kansas City, MO

"All the staff are great at the clinic."
JOHN T. - Liberty, MO

"I had a good experience and I would recommend them to everyone. "
NATASHA F. - Kansas City, MO

"I would recommend Vein Clinics of America in Kansas City! I had a positive experience!"
NATASHA F. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone was great. I was made to feel very comfortable . There was very little if any pain during my treatments or afterwards."
CINDY E. - Kansas City, MO

"My treatment was practically painless. "
DENA R. - Princeton, MO

"I had great service at the Clinic. I was made to feel very comfortable. The doctor was brilliant,there was hardly any pain. "
SANDRA P. - Kansas City, MO

"The nurse was very professional and calmed my anxiety regarding needles. "
PHYLLIS C. - Leavenworth, KS

"All of the staff are very pleasant and seem to truly like their job."
MARY R. - Kansas City, MO

"My results were really good. I was fully informed about the procedure. Everyone made sure I was comfortable during my consultation and the follow up afterwards. "
CHERYL B. - Atchison, KS

"All the staff was very nice and knowledgeable. They researched my insurance and discussed options with me."

"My consultation was a great experience. I am looking forward to my treatment."
LINDA W. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff was excellent! "
VICKI A. - Liberty, MO

"I was very pleased with the whole experience."
JUDY C. - Kansas City, MO

"My technician was great!"
BETSY T. - Kansas City, MO

"The staff and Dr Andersons was excellent! I really valued his consultations prior to procedures."
BRUCE K. - Platte City, MO

"Everything looks and feels so much better. They were very accommodating."
CINDY C. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone was amazing."
LOAN C. - Kansas City, MO

"Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable with the procedures that I am having done. I had very little discomfort."
BRITTA R. - Kansas City, MO

"I was pleasantly surprised with how painless it was. I am thrilled about my legs! I no longer have knotted twisted varicose veins."
ALPHA M. - Faucett, MO

"The girls at the front desk were awesome. I felt very good about my consultation. Dr Anderson answered all of my questions and concerns I may have had about my up coming treatments. "
MARY P. - Kansas City, MO

"I really liked Dr. Anderson. He is very informative, friendly and easy to talk with."
BRUCE K. - Platte City, MO

"Everything was great and I am scheduled for my appointments. Three appointments is what I need to get my veins taken care of. I am happy start them today."
BRITTA R. - Kansas City, MO

"Front office staff is very helpful and professional."
CHARLES K. - Kansas City, MO

"The location is good, the office and rooms are nice and clean. The staff is friendly. I would recommend it! I can tell the veins are diminishing. Thank you! I wish I would have started this in the winter to get shorts-ready legs for the summer."
DAGMAR W. - Kansas City, MO

"I am very happy and pleased with my results!"

"My consultation was a great experience!"
MARY K. - Smithville, MO

"The swelling in legs went down on the following day to about half of the size what they were. It is getting a little better each day. I am glad I had it done. I am satisfied with the whole visit and I would recommend to others!"

"Although I had not a clue what to expect, the procedures were easy and painless. Before each procedure they explained each action that was going to be taken, which made me feel at ease."

"I appreciated how the staff and the doctor explained everything in great detail. The staff was kind and friendly, the appointments were convenient and the location is perfect!"

"My consultation was very thorough."
AUDREY K. - Lone Jack, MO

"The woman who did my ultrasound was very friendly and professional! She made me feel very comfortable and explained what she was doing. The woman who does the billing was also great! She went over my insurance benefits and explained everything very well! "
SHARLA U. - Excelsior Springs, MO

"Impressed with the technician's expertise."

"The female ultrasound tech was awesome! Very helpful at answering questions. The last two injections I received with the new medicine were a lot better."

"Very delightful experience, from the phone call for the appointment to the second office visit. I was very glad I called for this service. I have history of Blood Clots and I was very relieved and have peace of mind now, after my two office visits that I am doing fine. It meant a lot to my family."

"Fast and super friendly. Explained everthing to a T."

"I found the physician quite informative and pleasant. Looking forward to the treatment results. "
DAGMAR W. - Kansas City, MO

"Pleased with treatment options."

"Everyone was very friendly"

"A very caring and professional team. "

"There was a particularly helpful young lady who said she was the medical assistant and a young man who did the additional test to identify deep veins. "

"The staff was very professional. I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of information that I was given. Dr. Anderson did take the time to answer all my questions. Insurance coverage was explained in great detail. Overall experience was satisfying. "

"The doctor and his staff did a great job at describing all procedures and the end result. I was in a lot of pain before my treatments, so to have some little pain now from the treatments gives me an ease because when it is over I will not be in daily pain from my bad veins. I WOULD RECOMMEND THESE TREATMENTS TO FRIENDS!"

"I was very nervous going in to the procedure since I am scared of needles. The nurse that did the treatments was VERY confident and knowledgeable. She did not miss a bit with any of my questions or concerns. That alone is worth a lot in my book. The needles used for injections were so small I did not feel anything!! I was at ease and comfortable within the first few mins. It's been a little over 24hrs now and I've worn the stocking the entire time, (except for sleeping) the bruising has lightened up and there is no pain at all. I was given instructions and a form with tips and advice for my comfort before leaving the clinic. I will recommend this procedure and Vein Clinics of America to all of my family and friends! "

"I was very impressed with how well the doctor and the office staff explained everything in great detail. I appreciated that."

"I feel all things were explained thoroughly. "

"Everything was all a person could ask for! Excellent medical advice!"

"It's great! I like the several treatment options available."

"The doctor and staff are extremely kind and helpful."

"The doctor and staff are extremely through and helpful"

"They are all great, especially Guy "

"Very pleased with appointment. "

"It was good!"

"The doctor answered all my questions and was thorough in explaining what to expect"

"Painful but tolerable. They made me as comfortable as possible!"

"They were great all the way through."

"Staff was very laid back and friendly but professional. Felt very comfortable the whole time."

"They explained the compression hose to me and the whole procedure to me. I had terrible trouble with the hose after knee surgery but I didn't know you could glue them on. Yeah works great."

"Great experience. Staff is excellent."

"Dr. Anderson explained everything. I liked that this won't seem as bad as a dentist visit."
HEIDI S. - Kansas City, MO

"Doctor Anderson explains what he is doing and is very caring."

"Amazing group of people in the Northland office."

"The office manager was very helpful in determining insurance coverage and payment options"

"Minimal discomfort. Instant results. Nice staff."

"Physician was informative and personable. Staff was friendly and helpful. Good and relaxed atmosphere yet professional."

"Really appreciated their knowledge on insurance coverage versus out-of-pocket treatment costs."

"Everything so far has been great. I really the doctor and his staff. Everything was explained to me from some discomfort to the healing process."

"They provided a detailed explanation of procedures."
RICHARD H. - Smithville, MO

"Very personable staff. The doctor explained what he was doing as he did the procedure."

"Always runs on time!! They are all friendly! The doctor and nurse are both very good when performing the ultrasound and sclerotherapy procedures."

"Easy to get an appointment. Emotionally accessible, helpful doctor & staff."

"Friendly and helpful staff. Great atmosphere in the Northland office."

"The specialist was very pleasant and also very thorough in his explanation of treatments. "

"I was very comfortable. There was slight discomfort at times but nothing I thought was unusual. I would definitely recommend Vein Clinics of America to everyone who needs it. Everyone at this office was professional, welcoming, friendly and informative."

"Dr. Anderson is wonderful and so is his staff! Minimal pain and would recommend."

"Relatively pain-free. I needed repeat injections, but was told that might happen, Dr. Anderson was fantastic at explaining the procedure. Courteous. Friendly. Professional."

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