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Featured Testimonial:

"The counselor was great. I am planning on having the procedure probably in the next 2-5 months."
TRE J. - Porterville, CA

"This was the best decision that I could've made to restore/repair my hair loss. The care and professionalism that Bosley has shown has been above any expectations that I had going into this."
BRADFORD B. - Washington, DC

"Dr. Freeman was really friendly and made me feel good about having my hair transplantation procedure with him!"
KAELA M. - Arlington, VA

"Dr. Freeman was wonderful. He personally met and greeted me on my arrival. I felt relaxed because he checked on me from time to time. He even gave me his cell phone number after the procedure should I need to call him for any emergency. All the clinical assistants were pleasant and very accommodating. This experience exceeded my expectations!"
SHANNY H. - Alexandria, VA

"I've done the hair transplant procedure twice. Never really any discomfort. What I was told is what happened."
MIKAYLA T. - Herndon, VA

"In the first procedure, The procedure was a bit more involved and serious than I anticipated, but I saw a big improvement. I had a helpful staff and everybody was extremely professional. I have another follow-up coming up in January and expect the results to be even better this time. Overall, I'm satisfied so far."
SERENA M. - Bowie, MD

"I'm proud to show off my hair and eased life. Would like to get more hair (about 200)."

"Dr. Ballon is amazing. So is his staff. I am very pleased with the first surgery he performed on me and expect I will be just as pleased with this (my third) surgery results as well. Great staff, too!"
NORBERTO S. - Chantilly, VA

"Dr. Ballon was the consummate professional. He explained everything to me in full detail: before, during and after my procedure. The Chevy Chase , Maryland Staff could not have been more accommodating and responsive. I was very well taken care of throughout the process."
AUSTYN W. - Centreville, VA

"I had strong, quality time with the staff and the Physician, helping me make the decision to move forward with the procedure."
AUSTYN W. - Centreville, VA

"This was my second follicular transplant. The first operation was performed by Medical Hair Restoration in 2007. I loved the outcome. For my second operation, MHR was no longer available, so I chose Bosley. The real surprise for me was, that the same physician that performed my operation at MHR was now a member of the Bosley Staff. Dr. Jonathan Ballon performed my operation. I was elated because I knew he would know what would work best for me, being that he performed my first hair transplant. It was truly a comfortable and relaxed experience. I have recommended Bosley/Dr.Ballon to a friend who wants to resolve his hair lost dilemma. Dr. Ballon is a skilled expert and has a keen artistic ability in recognizing what aesthetically appears satisfying to clients. I would recommend Bosley to anyone who was interested in improving their hair lost problem."
DORRIS N. - Glen Burnie, MD

"Dr. Ballon was excellent. Thank you, Doctor. The RN was just phenomenal. Thank you, nurse."
SHYANN W. - Jessup, MD

"Overall, a wonderful experience. Everyone was helpful and professional. I will definitely follow the path laid out by the physician and counselor. "

"Very competent physician. Assistant staff was very helpful."

"Everybody there was very helpful with any questions. It was a pretty pleasant experience for what I was getting done."

"Everyone was great. Very friendly and attentive. I had a great experience with the staff. They made me very comfortable during the procedure."

"Everybody was friendly and helpful. It was a good experience overall."

"I don't remember most of the staff but everyone was really great. The girl that did the anesthesia was awesome, it was much better than before. "

"Doctor Epstein was very nice and explained what was going to be the outcome. The team was very nice, too, all throughout asking that if I felt any pain to let them know. From the TV to lunch etc they were all very nice. Now I'm waiting for the hair to grow in. Thank you "

"The team was very attentive and very polite. Everything went smoothly."

"the dr was fantastic and the nurses were great before and after procedure "

"The new hairs are starting to come in and I hope it thickens. The hairs seem to be very strong, though, and I have gotten a lot of compliments at work."

"I find Dr. Peter Morse highly professional before, during, and after surgery."

"Very professional office. This was my second procedure with this office. I've been very happy with the results."

"This was a complete pleasure. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. I would recommend Dr. Morse and his staff to anyone inquiring about hair transplant procedures. Thank you so much."

"Surgical team and physician were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Made me feel at ease and more confident about my decision to undergo FUT."

"So far I am extremely satisfied with my procedure. My physician and staff made sure I felt welcome and comfortable at all times. They explained everything thoroughly and made sure I understood every part of my procedure and handled with care. As of now I'm still healing, in due time I'll determine if I'm 100% satisfied when everything grows in perfectly. It looks like my procedure will have a good outcome in the future and I will gain more confidence. Thanks for everything!!!"
KAYDEN W. - Washington, DC

"The staff at the Bosley center in Bethesda, MD were warm, professional, kind, and especially fun. The day went quickly as I watched movies, had a nice lunch provided by the office, and conversed with the staff. The nurse, especially was professional and outstanding. Although I don't think I will return for a few years to add hair, I wouldn't mind returning just to talk with everyone."

"Everybody was amazing, the consultant was amazing, the doctor was great. The ladies who did the procedure were wonderful. They made a great team. They met all my expectations."

"It was a very quick and fast, so fast, I was like in and out. I was really happy. I didn't see results right away. Everyone noticed my hair - "Your hair looks so great" - and everyone else cant tell the difference. I feel wonderful."
RICK L. - Bowie, MD

"They are all amazing esp Brandon, Patrice was really nice. To this day, I meet with Brandon for drinks. talked to Scott several times, very accessible."
RICK L. - Bowie, MD

"Dr. Morse is the best! Very professional. Very caring."

"My experience was nothing but terrific. I am very happy with the results. I did some research on the Internet before my first procedure and surprised that there are so many negative comments about hair restoration and the strip procedure in particular. I almost did not have it done because of all the negative information. I'm glad I had confidence in Brandon my counselor to go through with the procedure. It has been life-changing."
ELMO E. - Kingsville, MD

"Dr. Morse and Brandon, as well as the whole team at the Bethesda office are very professional and absolutely terrific. I never felt like they were selling me anything. I always felt like they were there to help me reach my goal. I recommend this doctor and the whole team to anyone who wants to get their hair back and feel complete again."
ELMO E. - Kingsville, MD

"Dr. Morse was a miracle worker. He did an outstanding job. It's not often I put my trust in anyone but I did trust Dr. Morse after our meeting and left the outcome/results in his hands. I was extremely please with his work."

"This was a personal choice to make me feel more comfortable and confident around family, friends, and clients. The doctor and staff were outstanding and could not have been any more professional. I'm very pleased with the results. The process was described perfectly in advance so I knew what was to take place. The follow up out patient reports from Bosley were right on target and kept me updated on my progress. The only recommendation I could offer for improvement would be to let the recipient know that the recovery period could take longer than anticipated especially if the recipient does not want others to notice the work had been done. Other then the lengthy recovery period everything was just as described."

"Everyone was very professional and personable! I felt at ease with the staff and the physician."

"I'm very pleased with he results. I actually feel like a normal woman now with my new hair! Thanks for giving my life back."

"Team at Bosley was extremely friendly and helpful. Excellent customer service and follow-up skills."
ROSALEE T. - Trabuco Canyon, CA

"Everyone was very nice and friendly. "

"Dr. Morse, the surgical team, and the staff are terrific. Very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough while at the same time being friendly and welcoming. This was my second procedure and it was very pleasant considering that it is, after all, a medical procedure. I couldn't be more pleased with the Bosley team and the process. Thanks."

"Everyone made me feel relaxed and each person explained what they were doing. We had laughter and a sense that we were working all toward the goal together. I am excited to see how my hair will look in 8 to 10 months."

"Great teamwork and enthusiasm by all. Very accommodating."

"I was pleasantly surprised by the staff and their eagerness to ensure my being comfortable. And by freely allowing me any break I may have needed. Even asking me if I needed a break."

"The Physician was friendly and warm and took time to include us (wife and I) in his plans for my treatment. His explanations were thorough and easy to follow. The team was very professional from the front staff to the medical team. The entire office and surgical areas were clean and appeared well sanitized. Staff was neat and appropriately dressed. Everyone communicated in a friendly, warm and professional manner and made me feel well cared for and comfortable. I highly recommend Bosley for anyone considering hair restoration. "

"Dr. Peter Morse was very kind and reassuring, as was his staff. Very professional. Any questions I had were addressed nicely, and they were business-like but warm and friendly the entire procedure. Being together for a long day felt like time with new friends. It could not have been a smoother experience."

"The entire staff was completely professional and accommodating throughout the entire procedure. I was very nervous upon my arrival, but my concerns were addressed and everyone made me feel at ease. There was very little discomfort during and after the procedure. My physician was professional, yet very personable, making me feel comfortable and not like I was a number or just another paycheck. I haven't even gotten to see the results yet because it's only been 3 days, but from the looks of it, I am going to have a full head of hair by the end of the year, and I am very excited!"
MATT M. - Baltimore, MD

"Everyone was friendly and professional. It started with the consultant and doctor they were both professional and very helpful."

"Staff were extremely knowledgeable and personable -- a great experience."

"The one thing I was most nervous about was the initial numbing of the head. Last time I got a series of uncomfortable jabs in the head and was told just to relax and it would be fine in just a minute. This time the nurse that numbed the head did an amazing job. She worked slow and steady and I only received a series of small pin pricks. The difference was amazing. If I had known that this is how it was going to go I would not have been worried at all. I really appreciate the change in this procedure, it made a really big difference in my comfort level during the procedure."

"My physician made me feel very comfortable and exuded confidence. The whole procedure was very comfortable and pleasant. It all exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended Bosley to three friends!"
NATALIA B. - Alexandria, VA

"Dr. Morse seemed very experienced. The staff lets say was on cruise control. They knew what they were doing and did it in a smooth and comfortable manner. Everyone seemed so experienced."

"The whole procedure and results exceeded my expectations. My results make me feel good."

"Overall it was a good experience the staff was professional and the doctor was professional."
PERCY G. - Rockville, MD

"Everything went great. Brandon was my rock through the process and was there for any and all questions before and after the procedure. Lauren was very helpful and courteous as well. I really thought it would be painful. There was almost no pain at all. And the slight discomfort was very slight. Just waiting for the results in the next 4-6-8 months. Thank you!! "
ELMO E. - Kingsville, MD

"All phases of the operation - from consultation through follow-up - were highly professional and courteous."

"The ability to achieve the fullness of hair restoration with little discomfort and inconvenience is an unbeatable combination."

"I want to thank Asha, Shay, Vanessa, Reynaldo and Dr. Peter M. It was a long long day, but they made me as comfortable as possible and they were simply fun. They were professional, but still appeared to truly enjoy what they were doing which really put me at ease. I could not imagine having a more perfect team conduct my procedure."

"I had a terrific experience from the time they set me up, to the very end. Everyone was very professional and did their job right. It was a delightful and outstanding experience. "

"This procedure made me feel good, like a new man! I now am more confident and it has reduced the age in my looks. I used to look like a sixty-five year old and now I look like I am forty. "

"I'm happy with it. I have more hair on my head then I used to in the areas I was concerned about. It looks better. I am able to not wear hats and feel comfortable."

"The office and staff were very positive and know you by name. They remember personal details about you. They were very helpful and feel like an individual not just a number. The Surgeon was also well knowledgeable."

"Everything from the initial consultation up to now, including telephone conversations with appointment schedulers was professional. And when you're spending a lot of money on anything, you want to be treated like it. No disappointment with any aspect of the entire Bosley experience. The email communications provided a good confirmation of my recovery and results/expectations. Getting a call from Dr. Morse on the night of my surgery was a a great end to the day of surgery. My level of happiness with the results of my procedure is best described as "thrilled". My wife and my 4 sons actually comment on it all the time. The staff at my hair salon always check it out. I am proud of it and it looks great. I did not think it would look this good. It was well worth the money."

"Lauren was very pleasant upon my arrival, professional and polite. Doctor Morse gave me an immediate feeling of confidence. The entire medical team was top notch, far exceeded my expectations. Brandon was there and knowing he had been through the procedure gave me a good feeling. The nurse(sorry I forget her name) was wonderful."

"I had a really good overall experience with everyone there. From the very first meeting up and after the procedure. I started losing my hair when I was 15 and now I am 25 so I feel much better when I go out and meet people."

"This was a very good and informative experience, though I hope research on treatment continues because the options still seem limited. "
MUDIT V. - Clarksburg, MD

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