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Featured Testimonial:

"The result is exactly what the staff led me to expect. The procedure was fascinating from a medical perspective. Personally, it was very manageable in terms of financing & scheduling options. The staff made me very comfortable and were both professional and very courteous throughout. It is amazing how differently people react to me based on the result."

"We honestly thought our consultant was great. Excellent service."

"Very friendly staff and doctor. They explained all of the procedures in detail."
VICENTE M. - San Jose, CA

"Counselor was very helpful, friendly and was able to answer all my questions. The staff are very knowledgeable and are very friendly. I highly recommend the San Francisco branch for all hair restoration needs. "

"The doctor and the staff did an excellent job. Made me feel like a convertible."
JAY B. - Redwood City, CA

"Dr. Aragoni is a very experienced, professional doctor. This is my second procedure. Both procedures were done by Dr. Aragoni. I am very happy with both procedures. Thanks to Dr. Aragoni. I will highly recommend him."
RUSSEL M. - Sacramento, CA

"Excellent treatment. I both look and feel so much younger. Bosley knows what they're doing!"

"My Bosley consultation was very informative. I was thrilled with the customer service at their San Francisco consult site."

"Dr. Aragoni was fantastic. Every time he entered the procedure room, he asked if I was okay and if I had any questions. He is a very detailed physician with very strong bedside manners. I really appreciated the care that he took in making the procedure run smoothly. The staff was exceptional. As far as I am concerned, there is only one place to have a hair transplant and that is Bosley. I have several friends that I've passed this A + report card to that are very interested in having this done. Thank again for the great display of quality from top to bottom!"

"I'm looking forward to having a youthful look (And so is my wife!)."
FLOSSIE K. - Castro Valley, CA

"My consultant was highly easy to talk with. I felt like I could explain my story to him without feeling judged."

"The counselor seemed very experienced and was able to answer every question/concern that I had."

"I am very pleased with the process and the services rendered by your great staff. I can highly recommend your services to anyone who should ask. Thank you again and I'm very grateful."

"This was my second visit to Bosley and I'm just as pleased as the first time. I needed just a little retouch and this seemed to do the trick. Thanks to all the staff and Dr. Aragoni, and I'm grateful that you did a fine job."

"Third graft was really worth it; pushed things well over the edge."

"My first impression beginning with my consultation was informational and comforting. There was a little nervousness the day on my surgery but it quickly passed after I met the fantastic staff. They really made me feel at home and it gave me more peace of mind that day that everything was going to be successful in which it was. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is thinking about performing this procedure. The Bosley crew was very professional and I always felt as if I was in good hands."
JESSIKA B. - Gilroy, CA

"Physician and staff offered excellent service and care on day of procedure... I will know better in 8-10 months if expectations are met."

"Outstanding doctor, courteous and highly professional. His team was excellent due to his superb leadership and skill. They are all highly knowledgeable of their tasks which made me feel comfortable. Again thank you all for your great work. "

"Makes a difference. People notice when you are bald.. I had several transplants. It does make a difference."

"Seemed to be pretty good. Dr. Aragoni is good and quick and seems to know what he is doing."

"I found Dr. Aragoni to be very knowledgeable and professional. This is the second time I have had Dr. Aragoni and his highly skilled professional team work on me. They made me feel relaxed and reassured me throughout the process. He and his staff are to be commended for their professionalism. He and his staff are a real asset to Bosley and should be recognized as such."

"The staff in San Francisco are professional and courteous. I especially like Jasmine. She made it comfortable and easy for me."

"Everyone was so nice there. The doctor was awesome."

"Totally happy about everything. Has changed things a lot."

"I feel like I'm in good hands with Dr. Aragoni. He knows his stuff and his long experience really conveys itself to me and his staff. This is my second procedure at Bosley and the process was even smoother than the first time. I would not have come back if I wasn't happy with the first procedures' results."

"The process was easy and made me a little more confident in work and my social life. I can finally go out without wearing a hat!"
ALVIN P. - 111111 Fake, CA

"The whole staff was excellent, helpful and fun. It was a very pleasant experience."

"I had two procedures with the same doctor and nurse. I rate all experiences outstanding including the office decor. Every aspect of patients care and privacy were considered. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and am very thankful I am now comfortable with my appearance again. As a woman the hair loss experience was even more traumatic and I never felt right wearing wigs. Thanks again."

"I'm quite happy with the FUE hair transplant results. It made a big difference."

"My experience with the Account Rep, nurses and doctors were all great. They all provided me with the confidence that I could rely that the procedure would be successful at least satisfaction guaranteed and that I would get quality results"

" I am happy with the results. I am more confident is my appearance."

"The people were awesome--very friendly and helpful. All my questions were answered and I enjoyed my experience."

"As a nurse I was very impressed with the entire staff from the receptionist when greeted me to the assistants in the procedure room. Everyone was nice and very attentive to my needs. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Dr Aragoni, Kathy, Svetlana, and Marianna. Can't wait to see you all in October."
BRENDEN M. - Sparks, NV

"The physician and staff gave a full detailed explanation of how the procedure works and what to expect over the full year. The fact they removed too many hairs but still transplanted all of them at the same price was a really pleasant surprise. Watching tv and videos during the process made the day go by faster. As Christopher Knight said, "It's my hair!" And it is nice to have it back. Thank you!"

"Dr Aragoni is the BEST!"
ZAKARY M. - Washoe Valley, NV

"The procedure experience and the shorter than expected duration of the surgery completely exceeded my expectations. The entire staff was ridiculously friendly and accommodating and the level of professionalism is commendable! I extremely appreciated minuscule levels of pain I felt only from injection of local anesthesia and nothing but comfort afterwards. A major plus for not experiencing any nausea whatsoever after the surgery. Also, big pluses for the movie and lunch menus! I was somewhat disappointed that the number of grafts ended up being smaller than I had hoped, especially considering the size of the scar, which I did not realize would be as large as it is. I'm hoping the results will be a complete success and offset these disappointing aspects. However, all in all it has been a pretty pleasant experience...crossing my fingers for the best results possible :)"

"My physician was very informative throughout the day answering various questions I raised from expectations of the day to what was happening throughout the procedure. This was my third procedure (the other two were not with Bosley). The entire experience far exceeded my expectations. Every step of the day and post operative information was fully explained. I couldn't be happier after 3 days with my experience!"

"I really hadn't spent much time thinking what to do about my loss of hair until a friend of mine had the Bosley procedure done. I just figured "it is what it is" and let nature take its course. Then again, I thought why not, I'm 55 and fairly frugal, why not treat myself to something I will enjoy the rest of my life? After my initial interview/appointment I did some research online about other options and decided that the Bosley method would be my preferred choice. I traveled to your SF office and met with the physician (whose confidence in my prospective outcome showed in his comments/explanation/suggestions) and confirmed my decision to move forward with Bosley. Your staff also helped me acquire 24 month interest free financing, which was icing on the cake! On the day of the procedure I was greeted with smiles, warmth and confidence by everyone associated with what was about to transpire. Each step of the process was explained along the way with constant "gentle" reminders of what to do with my aftercare. (even though I would soon have all of the instructions in a written format). Overall I cant think of anything I would suggest changing about the process and look forward to my 8 month visit and the results of everyone's efforts. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas in July."

"The Dr Aragoni called me the next morning to check on me also the nurses made me feel at ease. I feel he did such a great job that I haven't needed to any pain pills or sleeping aid and am very happy with the results."

"From the moment I walked in to the time I left, I received first cabin care and treatment. My surgeon was simply amazing! He is a perfectionist with a great bedside manner. The surgical team performed efficiently and effectively. Everyone was consistently personable and professional. I could not be happier if I were twins! I recommend the San Francisco Bosley hair center without reservation."

"Very nice Doctor and staff. Facility and procedure flawless. Nothing but positive comments."

"I am extremely happy with the entire process from initial consultation to post procedures. The process was very easy and the staff were very friendly considering all my personal preferences on time, day and style..etc. Dr, Aragoni and entire staff was very professional and seems to be very experienced. I am thrilled and waiting for my hair to grow and cannot wait to see my self after 6 months. Appreciate your great job and keep up the good work making every one happy and having the smile with confidence on patients' face. I love it."

"I appreciated the fact that my physician listened carefully and understood my vision for a very minimal approach to my hair restoration and I never felt pressured to do more than I wanted to meet my goals. The doctor and the staff were very professional, friendly and accommodating and it made for a very easy and comfortable experience. Also, my wife accompanied me and it was wonderful that the office provided a private room for her to use while she waited during the procedure."
LYDA H. - Roseville, CA

"I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved. I feel and look years younger. The procedure was virtually painless. I can honestly say that when I look in the mirror these days, I like what I see much better than before the procedure was done. Boy what a different this has made with my sense of self."

"Your staff was extremely professional. The procedure was virtually painless and the results I have are simply spectacular. My appearance and confidence have improved dramatically."

"This was my second procedure with Dr. Aragoni and I couldn't be more pleased! Although He was unable to procure the hoped for number of grafts, his overall distribution and coverage was superb. In addition, his superior skill at crafting an appropriate hairline based on age consideration has left me feeling I achieved the absolute most for my time and money. Anyone even remotely considering a hair transplant should schedule a consultation."

"Both staff and physician were very good. From the being of my procedure to the very end I was kept informed of every step that was coming up next. The staff was very professional and curteous threw. out my procedure . I had a procedure done by a different company prior to Bosley, 600 grafts, and there just was no comparison to the quality of the staff or to the physician. My Bosley physician Terrance Aragoni was as good as they get and knew his job inside and out. I have had numerous positive comments on the results of my procedure and am very pleased. Bosley has been doing this for a long time and it shows in their quality. I am 60yrs. old and have been told many times since my procedure that I do not look 60 so if anyone might be thinking of a hair procedure I would not recommend any other than Bosley."

"My experience with both staff and physician was very good. Bosley Team are well organized and simply as professional as they get. From the being of the procedure to the very end I was kept informed of each and every step,communication was constant. I had a procedure done prior to Bosley by a different company with 600 grafts and there was no comparison at all to the professionalism of the doctor and staff. Bosley has been doing hair procedure for a long time and I can honestly say it is very obvious to anyone who might decide to go with one. Doctor Terrence Aragoni was my physician and I thought he was as good as they come in this business. I am 60yrs. old and the positive comments on the end results of my hair procedure have been numerous. If someone is serious about wanting to go with a hair procedure then Bosley are the people you want to give a call too."

"I am very happy, and my wife is very happy as well. I've already referred a bunch of guys as well, and these guys are sure-thing Bosley."

"Dr. Aragoni is the doctor I started with and I made sure that he would be the only doctor I work with again. I have tremendous confidence in him. His staff is skilled and friendly. You have to go through an uncomfortable day but they make you as comfortable as possible. Cathy, the nurse was wonderful and everyone else was fantastic."
DANNY S. - Monterey, CA

"Dr. Deutsch is an artist and highly skilled surgeon. His idea of what I needed was an effective refinement of what I expected and, I can see at 96 hours post procedure, the results are extremely satisfactory."
KATRINA Q. - Petaluma, CA

"I'm glad I went in I have been very impressed with the results, so are my friends and family."

"Dr. Aragoni - an excellent professional. Don't know how anyone could be any better. Amy / NA - is the best, and very knowledgeable. Procedure moved along smoothly and on schedule / finished and out a little early."

"My procedure was great. I am glad that I did it. The Dr. and the team were great as well. The only bad thing was the heat was on during my procedure but the team did everything to keep me cool including giving me ice packs and ice water. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking to have this procedure done. Thank you so much to the wonderful staff for everything and making me feel like part of the family."

"The staff was very professional and experienced. They made me very comfortable. I could tell that they knew what they were doing and the results were fantastic."

"Very happy. Process made me feel like I was the only person they were concerned with. I'm very happy with the results and the price was affordable. I would do it again if necessary."

"Everybody was fun and professional. Everyone worked quickly and efficiently and had fun doing it. I got the feeling that everyone enjoyed their work. I drove home 3 hours after the procedure with no problem. I left the procedure rested, drove home, re-read my material, took my pills including an Ambien and slept through the night 8+ hours which is better than I usually do. I awoke with puffy eyes on the 3rd thru the 6th days. I took all of my pain medication and worked from home for the entire week. I got all my work done yet I wasn't stressed at all as I worked from bed. I could have gone back to the office earlier but I felt the low stress would help the healing process. I can hardly wait to see what my head will look like in 6 months. I looks better now."

"These was the first procedure that I ever had done in my life, so I was very scared about it but the Bosley staff made me feel secure and comfortable through the whole process and explain everything that was happening. It was really helpful for me."

"I gained more confidence, I was able to dye my hair black. before I was afraid that my scalp was too noticeable and people stared at it."

"The doctor that performed the procedures, the consultant that helped me to make the decision to get the procedure and the whole staff were helpful, kind and knowledgeable, I'm planning to do another procedure in the near future."

"All of the staff from receptionist to nurses and doctor are all outstanding. I have raved about my results and the procedure to many friends. I would not hesitate to recommend Bosley to anyone. My hair dresser is very impressed. I gave her some Bosley information to share with her clients. Thank you."

"My whole experience was a first class experience. And my interaction with the physician was great! "

"From the moment I walked in for my procedure, I felt completely relaxed and confident that I was going to be well cared for during the day. The RN Kathy was so kind and helpful in answering my questions, explaining the way the day was going to be progressing, and concerned that I was comfortable. Dr. Aragoni explained clearly what he was going to do and I had complete confidence that he would do the best job possible for my particular hair loss. The medical assistants all worked so professionally, and calmly together it felt like I was part of their "family" for the day. The lunch provided for me and my husband was perfect. My husband really appreciated the care he was given by being in a comfortable room while he waited for me during the full day procedure. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Aragoni and his professional, caring team to anyone interested in hair transplant."
CLEO P. - Cloverdale, CA

"I had my hair transplant surgery at the San Francisco office. Dr. Aragoni, nurses, and all staff were extremely friendly and caring. I really felt comfortable for the entire period of staying. It has been a week so far and everything seems to be going well. I have not experienced any severe pain to the suture area. No swelling occurred. I can see my hair growing in the next several months."

"I am very pleased with the results."

"Staff very friendly and professional. Entire staff, including physician, made me feel very comforted, and kept my advised of what was happening during the entire procedure."

"The physician and the surgical team are professional and warm."

"The Doctor and staff were very professional and I did not hesitate to put all of my trust in them working on me."

"I am happy with how the hair turned out. I don't think it came out exactly the way I wanted but I think I had unrealistic expectations. I've had no issues at all with my recovery and it looks great, I would go back immediately if I didn't have any other financial burdens."

"I initially spoke with Keith in San Jose but had my surgery in San Francisco. I thought the staff there was really good. They were friendly and considerate and didn't make me feel like I was under pressure for the day. I felt the doctor was straight up with me and I really appreciate that."

"I love my hair now!"

"The dr was great! Very friendly and skillful."

"Very happy with my results. This was my 2nd procedure and I now have very good coverage over all of my scalp. It's made me look better, increase my confidence, made me look younger which is helpful in the business world and getting new jobs, etc."

"Very helpful. Dr really cares and follows up."

"We were very pleased, everyone was so pleasant! Made us feel comfortable from the consultation thru the end of the procedure. Thank you so much for taking care of us! "

"Everyone at this Bosley office was very helpful! I will be returning for a second procedure. The physician was very good, everything was done the way I wanted. The wait was very short, it was done in a fast time manner."

"I thought the Bosley office and staff were fantastic! I would give them a ten all the way. I was in contact with Phil at this SF office. He was fabulous, answered all my questions and made me feel relaxed. Phil is a great asset to the company and office! The nurses were super sweet and professional. The reception desk and Dr. Argoni were wonderful!"

"My personal experience with the Bosley office and staff was good! Everyone was friendly and professional, which I liked. They really know what they are doing."

"From the first moment I walked in the door at 07:30, the entire staff bent over backwards to be warm, friendly, professional, and accommodating to my every whim. Just terrific!! Wish your crew could give lessons to so many other lame customer service lacking businesses out there. I spent a full 9 plus hours in your facility, and despite the long day and my inability to sit still for more than an hour at a time, the nurses worked quickly and efficiently. Reminded me of a Dale Earnhardt Jr. pit crew!! They were beyond patient with me. Last but not least, Dr. Aragoni is a master, a magician, and an artist of a surgeon. Entirely impressed. My standing SALUTES to the entire S.F. Bosley staff! Please leave them all a special bonus in their Christmas stockings this next month. You folks SET the standards.... & are not the followers."

"Dr. Aragoni and his team in San Francisco made all the difference. Professional and knowledgeable and very kind. I was skeptical and after meeting with Dr. Aragoni, I realized he was incredible and a Pro at what he does. I had no doubt that I could put my head in his hands and know it would be worth it. His years of experience in this field and this site made the decision right for me."

"Despite being delayed by heavy traffic and arriving late for my appointment I was able to proceed with my surgery. I had 500-600 more grafts than my last procedure and I was surprised that it took less time than it did 3 years ago. I spoke with the doctor before we began at length. First we reviewed what we had outlined when I had the consultation with him months ago. We discussed what we could accomplish and what my expectations were. I also spoke about my specific expectations in terms of hairline position and the specifics of why I wanted it that way. He then traced the outline of the new hairline on my scalp and we talked some more about that. Finally, we reached an agreement that was congruent with my wishes and reality. From that point on I was impressed with how professional, courteous, and attentive the doctor and the entire staff were toward me during the entire time I was there. Since this was my second experience I knew what to expect. And, if anything, the experience has improved markedly. Also, the procedure itself seems to have been streamlined because it took less time than before."

"I have used Bosley in the past, about 18 years ago and I am contemplating additional grafts or the non-surgical methodology. I will decide in the next week or so and the follow up with the consultant. "
JASON V. - San Francisco, CA

"This was my second surgery with Bosley and I have to say this was the nicest experience I have ever had in my entire life. My girlfriend came with me and told me that the people at the office were amazing and so nice to her. It did not feel like going to a doctor at all. The staff was nothing but fantastic."

"I had a great experience with Bosley. All the staff was very professional and knowledgeable. I have no complaints about the procedure and the results. I am happy I came here."

"When I was looking for another provider, I chose bosley because my previous doctor did his training here. He retired and I needed another provider. I am very happy that I had my procedure here. Everyone was very professional. I love the results of my hair restoration. I also got a very good deal."

"First treatment worked great, just finished my second and have recommended it to my family. Now my brother is going for his first!"

"I am very happy with the overall result of my procedure. I have already refereed a friend to this same office and will probably have another procedure in the future. The overall procedure was kind of painful but it was well worth the results. I am not as self conscious as I was before, I look in the mirror and am very happy that I had my surgery."

"Staff did a great job of taking care of me and doctor was reassuring and experienced."

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