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Featured Testimonial:

"my visit to the office was of great importance for me cause I got new ways of maintaining my hair. She advised me to use a tube because my hair was in the beginning stage of hair loss "

"The consultant was very compassionate, knowledgeable, and cheery.I felt at ease immediately with her, like I was talking with a friend, not a salesperson.She ROCKS!"
YOSHIKO G. - Salem, MA

"Prior to my consult, I was a mess. I left there with a burden off my back. I believe I chose a good doctor."
HARMON L. - Granby, MA

"I was made to feel very comfortable about the upcoming procedure and all my questions were answered in an intelligent and professional manner. Can't wait to have the restoration begin. I have not met with a physician yet, but I'm confident that it will meet with my approval. Thank You!"
DEDRIC S. - Acushnet, MA

"Considering my age, I had thought that was not possible to have this surgical procedure, but when I got in contact with the consultant and then Dr. Philips, they gave me confidence the possibility for the procedure, and the assurance of success, because they have expressed a very competent and professional evaluation. And I'm very happy to have met people who are very specialized to do the JOB!!. I wish to have met people like them in many area of working during my past life. This a place that people have to try and see the result. "

"From the beginning, Mark Yameen, explained the process and set realistic expectations. I truly appreciated that. Dr. Leonard (not to be confused with the other hair restoration company) and his team were EXCELLENT!!!!! I have never had any surgery in the past, so this was my first experience. The nurse was great and the team was so friendly and accommodating. I couldn't believe how great I felt once the procedure was over. I allowed myself a few days to recover, which I was glad I did as I experienced the normal swelling that occurs, but I followed instructions on how to properly take care of myself, and everything so far has gone very smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bosley to anyone considering hair restoration. Thanks so much. I know it will take months before I see results, but I'm looking forward to the months ahead."

"they were all fantastic, honestly. friendly, did their job and brought me lunch!"

"Everyone has been fantastic as long as I've been going "

"The "bosley" experience was better than expected---great physician (comfortable, explained what he was going to do every step of the procedure) ---staff was friendly, yet professional---all I can do now is wait to see the results in a few months!"

"I am very happy with the results and honestly it is better than I anticipated. It's so nice and personally life changing to have hair on the "TOP" of my head :)"

"I think it makes me look ten years younger than I actually am. People are surprised when they hear my age. And I think that's the biggest thing: It makes me feel feel better about myself. I also love how most people didn't even realize that I had it done."

"Confident in Dr. Phillips' expertise and experience, I scheduled a third procedure at Bosley. Previously I had been told by another physician at Bosley that I had insufficient donor area for a third procedure. I was happy when Dr. Phillips informed me that he could perform another procedure and have put my trust in him for an outcome that will be as rewarding as that of the previous two procedures he has done. The entire staff at Bosley, from Mark Yameen's courteous consultations to the follow up visit with other Bosley professionals the day after the procedure, is to be commended for its quality patient care and professionalism. I was pleased that Dr. Washenik took the time to introduce himself to me. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts Paige made on my personal behalf following the procedure. It has been one week since my procedure. During this time I have experienced no bleeding because the Bosley technicians are highly skilled in doing what is necessary and in taking the time to prevent this from happening. I am pleased that I can report to a job tomorrow able to conceal the 1200 new transplanted grafts."

"It's looking really good. I still use Rogaine as well. It's great, I get compliments all the time. I can cut my hair short and the scar isn't even visible then, and all my barbers insist that my hair looks completely natural."

"Certainly added to my confidence level, it is higher. It has effected me in such a positive way that I am looking to do it again."

"Everybody was great. Dr. Phillips did my surgery every time, I really do miss him. The Bosley office treats you well, and makes you feel like a king. My experience has been really good. I would say top notch!"

"There are times I question, if some fell out or if I should go back for more. It is a big deal with lighting, it depends how the light shines on it. Sometimes I can see through it, and it doesn't look as full. I think I might come back for more. Ideally for a person like me I would come in 4-5 times. It meant a lot to me, I use to cry in front of the mirror. Many people didn't even notice, it is really great. People forget I was bald. I have to look at old pictures to remember how bald I was. Bosley has asked me to speak with other patients."

"Everyone was great and wonderful to deal with. I am extremely happy with the results."
DOMENICA M. - Rochester, NH

"Dominick was a huge help! He did a good job with giving me anesthesia. My physician was excellent too. Just a great experience."

"My results are just fantastic. I was surprised it worked. I have good growth and I have no complaints."

"Very pleased with the whole experience"

"The team hear at Bosley made me feel like I was not just a client but someone they really cared about."

"Was a good visit. Thank you. I ended up not doing the surgical and went with non surgical for a while to see my results. The surgery was going to just be too much money then I was willing to spend. Maybe down the line."
ZACH C. - Jamaica Plain, MA

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