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Featured Testimonial:

"They were all excellent. Happy with my results. "
- Santa Monica, CA

"They were awesome! 5 star service. "
JIMMY K. - Redondo Beach, CA

"Great staff, great customer service, excellent doctor. Very pleased with my visit. "
LIAM R. - Van Nuys, CA

"After my consultation, I feel confident about Bosley."

"My hair just recently started falling out. They were very helpful."
NETTIE C. - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"It's been great, really great. Everything has been fantastic. They were great."

"Awesome surgeon and staff at Beverly Hills Bosley."
HAILEY H. - Newport Beach, CA

"Very professional and kind hair loss specialists."
HUGH F. - Simi Valley, CA

"Dr. Campisi and the staff made my procedure experience very pleasant. Everybody was superb and commendable, taking their time to make sure the job was done right. I was so comfortable that we were just telling jokes the whole time. "
TREVION A. - Lake Havasu City, AZ

"Everyone was great. All of my questions were answered. They were very helpful. I just did the financial stuff last night so I'm planning on having the procedure done very soon. "
CHRISTOP O. - Lawndale, CA

"My counselor was helpful and answered all of my questions."
GUSTAVE G. - Montebello, CA

"Everybody was great. I like my new combing and not wearing a hat."
- Santa Monica, CA

"It was an easy process and it was very easy to set up a consultation."

"I have eyebrows again! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am. It is amazing. 10+ He was amazing. Sr Suttleton was awesome, hilarious but so knowledgeable."
CARLOS K. - Studio City, CA

"The assistant was so comforting and Dr. Dutch was great as well as for the rest of the staff they were so great and attending to any need or request. "
ALYCIA S. - Santa Monica, CA

"As expected, I was treated to the best care by the best. Dr. Deutsch is a professional in every sense, and the girls on staff were terrific."
NICHOLAS C. - Glendora, CA

"Doctor and staff were amazing! Would highly recommend it to any friend or family member considering the procedure. "
LILYAN W. - Beverly Hills, CA

"Dr. Andrews and Dr. Deutsch are the best! Very fortunate to have them as my surgeons. My procedures changed my whole outlook. I'm very glad I made the decision to seek hair replacement at Bosley, I'm quite sure if I hadn't, I would have missed out on a lot of very positive things in life."
ELENOR S. - Ventura, CA

"For me, i feel a little better but everything else is the same. The DR and everything was ok."
ANGELICA H. - Placentia, CA

"I had a wonderful experience with all of Bosley's office & staff. Everyone was courteous & professional. My Sr. Counselor was extremely helpful & informative. He was able to get the physician Dr. Ken Washenik to see me & we scheduled my procedure for the following week. My physician was informative, kind, patient with me, & skilled at his craft. His assistance were also kind, courteous, friendly & caring. I loved that they shampooed my hair for me for five days after the procedure. The staff the shampooed my hair each day were kind, gentle & fun to talk to. Thanks Bosley office in Beverly Hills, California!!! I am extremely happy with my results!!! The healing process was painful. I'd never experienced white heads or black heads, so I didn't grasp the Doctors explanation of how it would feel. He told me that the hair follicles would erupt into black heads or white heads & to just let them. Wow, those things really hurt! They erupted over the course of several months. Every time I thought about coloring my hair, I'd get another eruption. You shouldn't have a break in the skin on your scalp, if you are going to dye/color it. I've decided to keep my hair gray. It has been so liberating not to have to color my hair every month. The results of how my hair looks is wonderful!!! I no longer have the bald spots at my temples. I can swim now without being embarrassed about how my hair/scalp looks. Now it takes seconds to get my hair looking presentable. Love, Love, Love my results!!!! Thanks Bosley!!!"

"I'm pleased to say that my hair transplant procedure went very smoothly. Great work, Bosley!"
SYDNIE K. - La Crescenta, CA

"The staff at Bosley's Beverly Hills office were very helpful. All pros."
WENDELL K. - Duarte, CA

"Personnel at Bosley consistently demonstrated professionalism, knowledge and honesty throughout the process. Couldn't have felt more comfortable divulging my situation to them."

"My physician met all of my expectations. The team treated me with professionalism, answering all of my questions. I like how the doctor called that same night to see how I was doing. This showed me that they care for the patient's well-being. I was pleased by the initial testing and the quick hair mapping."
EVELYN H. - Duarte, CA

"I had a great experience with the surgery and the expertise of the staff. I asked a bunch of questions and even asked to see what they were doing while they were working on me and they obliged. It looked so cool!"

"The consultation at Bosley's Beverly Hills location was super straightforward."
JAYME G. - Beverly Hills, CA

"I was surprised to see how well it works based off of the consultation and I'm eager to see how it is going to work."

"Dr. Deutsch was professional, friendly and accommodating. The surgical staff members were also both friendly and fun."
REYES H. - Long Beach, CA

"Dr. Deutsch is very professional; he took time to address my needs and is a very efficient doctor who can be trusted to do a good job. I have my hairline restored! I can actually comb hair on the front. No one ever asked if I had a hair procedure, nor can anyone tell if I have had one, except for people whom I only see once a year, but they only say, "Oh, you grew your hair out." I can finally use hair product to style my hair."

"I took FUE. The procedure was done very, very well by the excellent team. The following are two examples (aside from the procedure itself) that made me comfortable: 1. I was lying on my face on the flat surgical bed at the beginning when my hair follicles on the back of head was extracted. After a while, I started feeling oppressed on my cheek. My cheek turned red and was numb, so the doctor offered to let me move over to the surgical chair. It made me comfortable as I did not feel oppressed on my cheek. It was good to have a combination of a surgical bed and surgical chair during the procedure, depending on the length. 2. I brought a few pictures of my hairstyle as my hair was trimmed short for the doner area. The MA did an excellent job to trim my hair per the pictures that I brought. I would guess that patients would love to have options in how to trim the hair to look cool even if it is for surgery."
CATHRINE M. - Beverly Hills, CA

"Dr. Deutsch is a technician in what he does and I have experienced great results from his work in the past. He is personable and does a fantastic job, overall."
KAREEM K. - Mission Viejo, CA

"I spent two days there and everyone was very helpful and attentive. The all went beyond the doctor-client relationship."

"Service was excellent right from the get-go, beginning at the receptionist until the moment I left the clinic! The staff makes you feel like a superstar. In my case, the surgery went really well. The doctor was professional and friendly. The staff making sure I was comfortable during the procedure at all times. I really can't compare! "
- Monrovia, CA

"Dr. Deutsch is very friendly and professional. He clearly explained the procedure, the post-operative care, and usual time frame for results. Again thank you so much!"
MEGANE R. - Montebello, CA

"My whole experience was totally professional and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend anyone thinking about doing this procedure to go to Bosley."
HELGA K. - Manhattan Beach, CA

"I had an amazingly comfortable experience. Everyone was so kind and more then willing to divulge answers to my many questions. Dr. Deutsch was kind and very helpful in easing my concerns, making me feel like I was in the best hands. The assistant was great. She was so informative and went above and beyond to explain the science of the hair extractions. The nurses were a joy to be around, acting professional, yet warm. The overall process was a lot more comfortable than I could of imagined. If the hair graphs take and grow, then the whole experience will have been nothing short of the best investment of my life. Thank you!"
ANDRES H. - San Jose, CA

"I gotta give it to your whole staff; they were really great and attentive. They did everything in the room right there. The cutting of the grafts went well. I don't remember their names, but everyone that was in there was great. The procedure took a while, but it was very easy. Being able to watch movies helped to make me feel comfortable. After checking around, it was clear that the price was reasonable. "
ROY M. - Moreno Valley, CA

"I'm very happy with the hair transplant surgery. I would have put more grafts in the front; they put about 500 in the back in the crown, where I could have used a hair restoration product. This procedure provided great value to me and I'm happy with it. A friend came to my place one day, and I got in a hot tub. After dunking my hair under and pushing my hair back, he made a comment saying "Dude, your hair looks great." That's a great compliment coming from another guy. Honestly, I wish you guys had a location here in Nevada because driving to California isn't worth a couple hundred dollars, but if it was closer I'd do further procedures. I thought the physician was great, everyone seemed to be very knowledgeable and caring. They wanted to make sure I was comfortable and that I felt no pain. Actually, if I was going into the hospital for an operation, I'd want to have your staff with me. That's how impressed I was. I guess that's the best way to say it. And the fact that you have movies I can watch was definitely a nice touch and added to the positive experience."

"Everything has been beautiful. I love the results and my hair looks good. Dr. Deutsch. was great!"

"The staff exceeded my expectations. The staff and doctor were extremely friendly and comforting. I felt like I was around family. They demonstrated true professionalism. Everyone involved was likable, contributing to the great experience. Only time will tell if the results match the payment. I'm extremely happy with the service. So far, I strongly recommend this procedure. I didn't experience that much pain and the discomfort was very minimal."
SHAYNA K. - Los Angeles, CA

"It all went very well. The physicians, assistants, and remaining staff all performed in a professional manner. The results were as I was expecting and I'm very happy that I did it. I'm also happy that I did not read online Yelp reviews prior to doing it because there were many negative reviews and I might have been dissuaded. I don't know what they were all so negative about. The experience was as expected and the results the same. All good."
MICAELA B. - Beverly Hills, CA

"Everyone has been super helpful and accommodating."
MALACHI R. - Los Angeles, CA

"No one knew I was going to get this done. When I returned from the procedure, no one could believe I had it done. Bosley emailed to let me know how things should be going and they were right on."

"Steve was a great salesman. The physician that did the procedure was fantastic."

"I was happy, I was definitely happy with doctor and staff. I was happy."

"You just have to be patient. It takes time, but is worth it."

"Everyone was very, very personable and pleasant."

"Everything is good. Obviously we all have hopes for walking out like Brad Pitt. My barber has said great things about it also. Scars really good compared to what the barber has seen. I am happy now that things are leveling out."

"Wrote a letter to the doctor to thank him. I couldn't thank them enough for talking me off the bridge. The other doctor that was so nice when I walked it and help calm me down. Everyone was lined up waiting for me to come in. They were a great group of people. I couldn't thank them enough. I appreciate their time and effort. They have a ton of experience and they were great."

"I give them a 10. Very satisfied."

"Very happy with results, especially the second procedure after a year. I am very satisfied its perfect."

"Everything was great. The staff members were excellent and the doctor was great. I like the way he care about his patients and staff members."

"All the staff was helpful and made me feel comfortable. They acknowledged me every few minutes and made sure I was okay the whole time."

"I was more then pleased with the result. It went beyond what I was expecting."

"My physician and the entire team for the procedure were absolutely wonderful. I felt at ease and my questions were completely answered. It isn't the easiest procedure to wrap your mind around but the day went quickly and very smoothly. I felt pampered!"

"Everyone was really amazing. A lot of information given at once but also given in writing. Was a little overwhelmed with instructions at time, but having them in the take home package took care of that."

"I think it's worth every penny of it. I would rather spend on this than a car."

"Growing up, I had heard stories about "Monday Fords", that cars produced on Mondays were a little off the ideal standard, because people are grouchy about coming back to work off their weekend, so I had some trepidation about a Monday procedure, but I am just a worrier. Everybody was positive and upbeat, and seemed happy to see me, albeit for the very first time in their lives. My first consultation had been a couple of years back and had been with Dr. Deutsch, and I wanted him, and he was the doctor I got, so I felt fortunate in that also. In addition to his smarts, he is friendly and good humored (with great hair). As it so happened, my attending staff was all female, and all beautiful. Oh yes! Youthful, with soulful eyes and glowing skin and an authentic sense of welcoming professionalism--like a dream! I was a dumpy, balding, middle aged man when I walked in--and now, thanks to Bosley, I'm just dumpy and middle aged. But I can truly say I spent a day in a Beverly Hills penthouse with people you usually only see on screens--beautiful, knowledgeable, concerned people who make you feel welcome (like Star Trek with blue smocks). Sometimes in life you get that sensation of having received an instant affirmative reply to a fragile wish, and for me, this was one of those times. I was fully satisfied except for the Captain America DVD I picked to watch during the procedure; I thought the film was a little uneven. They should let customers light a candle under the bust of Mr.Bosley in the lobby, maybe upon entering, if for nothing else just to help us pick the right movies. But as for the actual Bosley experience: two thumbs way up. Thank you Dr. Deutsch, staff, and Bosley."
MADELYNN L. - North Hollywood, CA

"Dr Suddleson is amazing at what he does he is an artist. Very satisfied with his work. The staff was very friendly and professional. made sure I was comfortable at all times."
JOSE H. - Long Beach, CA

"Since my hair restoration, I have more confidence and want to be in more pictures. I am not self conscious anymore. I want to go out more and like that I can come and style my hair different ways. Very satisfied with the results. I wish I would have done it sooner."
JOSE H. - Long Beach, CA

"I had the FUE procedure done and I have to say it was one of the toughest things I have ever had done to myself. BUT because of the staff and the fact that they were all very comforting and always made me feel like they had my best interest at heart that I was able to push through. The odds of me having a repeat procedure in the future is very high and I am recommending this Bosley to my close friend who is also in the market for this same type of procedure. I would like to thank the team that spent a long day with me and I appreciated all of their hard work. "

"All the staff members were friendly and accommodating. I felt very comfortable during the procedure."

"I am very happy. I think people should get to this early on and not be afraid."

"The doctor was really nice. I really liked the doctor. The office was clean and the experience was good overall."

"I found everyone to be professional, helpful, and pleasant. "
CHANELLE K. - New York, NY

"I was so anxious and sometimes scared and just relied on reviews until my appointment date came. All of this changed when i met Dr. Deutsch who explained everything and examined my case. The surgical team RN Jennifer, and MA's valeria, Janet and sorry i cant remember the third one but they all made me feel comfortable with the entire procedure. I felt like a VIP with them asking me every time if I'm ok and patiently walking me to the restroom. Thank you very much. I left that day satisfied about their service and i just hope and pray that it is going to work on my part and will end all my worries and gain back my self confidence.Thanks again to bosley team. God bless!"

"I'm very satisfied with my procedure. I went from having no hair to a lot of hair. I have no regrets."

"It went well and the staff were very friendly and did their best to make it go by quickly and painlessly. So far I'm very pleased with the way the procedure went."

"It has helped with my looks and I feel much better"

"The staff was all really good. Would rank them a 10+!"

"The physician and surgical staff were really amazing. They met all my needs to make sure I was comfortable and they made sure they communicated everything that was going on. Thank you!"

"The team in charge of my procedure was extremely professional and very caring. My experience was very positive, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a patient at Bosley of Beverly Hills."
CASIMIR S. - Sylmar, CA

"Positive environment. Good working relationship within team and team with Doctor. Overall good experience. "

"I had a 2nd hair restoration procedure because the 1st procedure was not even close to achieving the results that I expected. Everyone at Bosley made the 2nd procedure very comfortable just like the 1st one and I am very appreciative of them. I would recommend Bosley to anyone who asked for my opinion because everyone at Bosley take great pride in their work and are very professional. Thank you at Bosley for everyone who took part in my hair restoration procedures."
JOCELYN D. - West Hills, CA

"The FUE procedure I had was painless afterwards and the extraction sites seemed to be healing up already the day after the procedure. Very happy with the early results. Dr. Deutsch did an excellent job. And the medical assistant even gave me a very nice haircut in preparation for the procedure."

"Worth every cent :-)"
OTHA B. - Long Beach, CA

"The doctor and his staff were exceptionally attentive to my needs."

"Dr. Deutsch was great and I'd recommend him to anyone! Thanks!"

"I'm really happy. It's changed my life. It's changed the way that I feel, I'm really confident now. I just had one raised follicle that bothers me when I touch it. "

"They were all great, especially the techs. The doctor was perfect. I would recommend him to anybody."

"I am a second time patient this time around. Six years ago was my first experience and I have only amazing wonderful things to say about the entire process. Within 6 to 7 months I had beautiful hair that I have kept ever since. I wanted a thicker hairline to restore some of the lost native hairs since the last procedure and had just a good experience this time around."

"They were great. At both locations they were very caring, accommodating and skilled. They work very hard. The doctor called me too which I thought was nice."

"Fantastic Dr. and staff. Had some work done about 30 years ago and it was horrific, not so here! You won't find a better organization for this procedure. My thanks to all involved. If you're considering a Hair Transplant, this is the place to go."
ALIYAH O. - Biloxi, MS

"Dr. Deutsch was very professional and personable. He explained the procedure thoroughly and made me feel comfortable through out the whole process. I know that the outcome of the procedure will fulfill all of my expectations... I can not thank him enough. As for the staff, they were marvelous. Renee (RN), and the rest of the team made what would have been a long day very pleasant and I like to extend a big thank you to all of them. As for myself I would also like to thank everyone at the Bosley Medical Center for helping me with this lie changing transition."
MEGANE R. - Montebello, CA

"They were professional and friendly. They really helped me out and listened attentively. I can see they're trying to meet my goals."

"Everyone was really friendly and accommodating. The doctor was super nice."

"Very professional staff which made my experience an excellent one. Definitely will recommend Bosley."

"I really appreciate all the efforts involved in making me feel comfortable. The staff and doctor was very professional. I am looking forward to the results."

"Dr. Andrews and team were the best. I couldn't have asked for better people to take care of me. Thank you to them for their professionalism. It helped relieve the stress and anxiety associated with such procedure. When things got a little tough for me they stepped right in and took control."

"Staff was awesome. The nurse was great and I would definitely recommend them."

"Don't change a thing, the staff was great and Dr Suddleson did exactly what I thought should be done to fit what I wanted, great experience couldn't have been better, just wish I didn't have to drive so far was the only thing I didn't like but this my second trip! "
LIAM N. - Rosamond, CA

"the team that worked on me was very good. they kept me involved every step of the way so i would know what was going on and always asked if i was comfortable before starting on the next step. i was regularly checked in on by my RN as well. i have very little pain in the areas where i had the procedure done. i haven't even needed to take any of the pain meds i was given. all in all it was a very pleasant experience indeed."

"I am 110% satisfied with my procedure and Dr Suddleson is the best. He really listened to what I wanted to achieve and I felt he truly cared about me as a patient and explained how it all would work and was very detailed. He is truly an artist at what he does and is the best - I could not have asked for a better doctor. He was super friendly and very kind from the beginning of the procedure to the end. The staff was very friendly and always made sure I was comfortable and checked on me throughout the procedure. I had plenty of fluids and snacks and I felt as if I was just hanging out with friends, that is how comfortable they made me feel and the day went by fast. So thank you ladies - Brenda, Heidi and Desiree. Also Esther the RN was constantly checking on me to make sure i was comfortable and was not feeling any pain at all, the whole procedure was painless and the staff and Dr Suddleson were all awesome. This was my second procedure and I am extremely pleased. I have nothing but great thoughts about bosley and the bosley team. Thanks a bunch!!"
JOSE H. - Long Beach, CA

"My procedure at Bosley on January 5th 2015 was very comfortable. Dr. Suddleson, Jennifer & Erica went above and beyond. Dr. Suddleson answered all my questions; he even gave me some of his Caesar dressing for my salad at lunch time (Laughing). Jennifer was professional. Erica made me feel at ease. She was with me the most during the procedure. Erica answered all my questions (A lot). Erica explained everything that was taken place and what to expect afterwards. I am very happy that I was teamed up with Dr. Suddleson, Jennifer & Erica for the eyebrow procedure. (Smile)"

"Timely scheduling, reasonable pricing and an excellent surgical team."

"The whole team was very professional and courteous, i wanna personally thank all of them for making my hair transplant a positive experience. i am very pleased with the results thus far."

"The staff was incredibly nice and made me feel at ease. They also helped revise the scar from my last procedure, which was something I had expressed interest in but did not necessarily expect to go through with. In the end I am very happy I did at the doctor's recommendation."

"Everyone on the staff was thoroughly professional -- accessible, courteous, dedicated, and willing to answer any and all questions. Dr. Andrews displays great skill and technique, and is a true master of this procedure. The experience exceeded my expectations."

"The Dr was very nice to his staff and the nurse and tech were caring and attentive."
ROEL R. - Whittier, CA

"Dr. Deutsch is a great doctor--very knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable the entire way through the surgery. Highly recommended. Really liked the team that worked with me--very friendly, down to earth, and were happy to do their jobs and answer my questions. First point of contact was Greg Sarkissian--left a very lasting impression with my first consultation. Probably would not have done surgery if it weren't for his professionalism and ease of talking to him about the procedure."

"Dr. Mark Andrews is a professional and a credit to the Bosley Corporation. He excelled in his expertise, artistic skills and attention to detail above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Andrews and his team of technicians Valeria, Lesly, Michael, Yese, Janet, Maddie and Beverly the nurse all provided a comfortable and seamless transition from all the steps involved in my process of my hair restoration. I am grateful to Steven Guri for his knowledge, experience and patience during my consultation that resulted in my decision to choose Bosley for my hair restoration procedure."

"Dr. David Deutsch is an amazing MD. He made me feel at ease, show compassion and care to my needs and wants. He was very professional and ensured that the whole procedure went as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend him to any friend that is thinking of having the procedure done. The medical team was amazing as well, Brenda and Carmen made me feel as comfortable as possible. Overall the experience of the procedure with the help of medical staff and Dr. was excellent. I have no complaints and very much anticipating the end results."
VERDIE S. - Fresno, CA

"Dr. Deutsch was very professional however he was very kind and good-natured. This is very important, especially to women as feelings and comfort zone are of great value."

"Dr. Andrews is fantastic.... very professional and assuring. I felt comfortable and in good hands. I was very anxious in the ensuing moments and Dr. Andrews was very calming. After the procedure everyone was very helpful and answered my questions to my satisfaction. All I have to do now is wait and see how it turns out. I feel confident that the procedure will be successful and I'll have a little more hair on my head."

"Everyone from Kathleen to Steve and Dr Andrews and the whole team, Laura, Janet and Erika were so awesome. Even the gal who was in reception was super! I am so authentically happy that every single person at Bosley work as the most incredible team of professionals. It was amazing. I'm not even In pain and didn't need any of the sleep aides or pain pills. This was so easy and I thought i would be in a lot of pain. This is nothing! Thank you so much and now for the healing!"

"Everyone was friendly and concerned about if I was comfortable and if I needed anything to please let them know. The lunch was nice and so was the movie offered. Made time go by much faster. Everyone including Dr. Deutch was very pleasant and professional."

"Very professional group of care personnel. I was made to feel very comfortable without too much fuss. The nurse, Jennifer, was excellent with the local injection (I did like the vibrating device to reduce discomfort), and Dr. Andrews was excellent with his obvious comfort and skill with what he was doing. As a health professional whose job closely mimics what I went through, I give you 2 thumbs up. Well Done!"
THOMAS R. - Springfield, IL

"Well, working in medical field for more than 25 years gives me the chance of knowing who is an expert and professional in their specific field or specialty and Bosley medical team are all that and more, they are all professional, friendly, explain and clarify all questions, Bosley is the only place I will recommend to friends and family."

"The Bosley team made it all so easy! They were all concerned about my health and well being - everyone was wonderful. The only thing is I wish I'd done it sooner! Bosley is the best!"

"I feel more confident and everyone says I look a bit younger."

"A GREAT experience! Dr. Deutsch and the clinical team of Jennifer, Cyndy, Carmen, Tony, Mauricio and Vicki were extremely professional, comforting and experienced. I have had no pain from the procedure whatsoever and give a big thumbs up for the whole experience. Thank you, thank you!"
BETTYE R. - Beverly Hills, CA

"Everyone involved in the process was amazing. They treat you like a celebrity or something. Well, that's how I felt anyway. All aspects of the procedure were explained to me, in detail. The staff were very attentive to my needs and took great care of me."

"Immediately after the procedure I started feeling more confident and once the hair really started to grow in (about 6 months) I felt ready to start meeting new people. I wouldn't have had the confidence to meet my wife if it wasn't for Bosley. Now I'm happily married and expecting my first child any day now."

"A 10. Everything was excellent, anyone considering the treatment should definitely give it a try."

"The first visit was a bit overwhelming, but by the 2nd and 3rd visit, I was ready to go, let's start cutting and transplanting. The team Dr. Deutsch has the process down pat. He's great at the three "Cs" of hair transplants: Consult,Create & Cut. I was always involved in the process of what was going on with the procedure. The ladies were very friendly and hard working. The nurses made sure I was always comfortable and had no pain. Loved the process!"

"Dr. Andrews exhibited excellent professionalism that gave me trust in his abilities to perform the procedure. The surgical team were very welcoming and helped put me at ease despite my fear of undergoing the procedure and eliminated any regrets I had with deciding to undergo the procedure. The customer service during the actual procedure was excellent and was beyond my expectations providing complimentary snacks and lunch along with watching movies to help make the procedure go by faster. Overall, the whole experience was great and I hope the results are just as good as the procedure experience."

"The experience was easy and comfortable. Everyone that I interacted with was very thorough and professional. Would definitely recommend the procedure to any of my follically challenged friends and family."

"I am highly impressed with the customer service and professionalism by the employees at Bosley. I am in the military and I directly supervise more than 20-people in an office and I'm also a pilot on a crew aircraft and the discipline and professionalism I witnessed & experienced outweighs what I see on a daily basis. That is a direct testament to the culture you foster in your workplace. I always pay very close attention to the way companies are run, the level customer service they provide, the level of knowledge they exhibit, and whether or not a military discount is offered as a way of acknowledging our troops with more than just a "Thank You" and Bosley has met and exceeded my high level of expectation in every area. Your employees knew when to talk with each other, how much to speak, at what volume (while I was watching movies), and when to be completely silent as, for example, five of them diligently worked in silence remaining totally focused as they separated the hairs at their workstations. I could not have been treated better by your staff members as a patient & customer!"
HUGH S. - Las Vegas, NV

"I was amazed of how friendly and comforting the atmosphere was from the front desk, to surgical staff and doctor. I have never experienced such wonderful customer service. They were all focused on me being comfortable throughout the procedure. The staff was great, Mya, Rene and Leslie were awesome made sure that I had all i needed and made my day go by fast. The nurse Diana was very friendly and kind. Dr. Suddleson is just the best, he made sure we went over in detail of what to expect and asked me to approve the areas he had drawn for my eyebrows and hair line. I am 110% satisfied with the overall experience. I will definitely encourage any friends to go to bosley and may even come back myself in the future."
JOSE H. - Long Beach, CA

"The happiness comes from being one of the few in my family to still have this much hair for my age."

"Great experience. Dr. Andrews and the while staff were great! Very professional while still able to keep it relaxed and enjoyable thru the process. "
- North Hollywood, CA

"Dr Deutsch was very comforting explaining his artistic make-up on what hairline and grafts would look best for me, surgical procedures, and results. He also made sure, I felt comfortable during pre/post surgery. I left the office with all my expectations being met!!"

"They were all helpful, courteous, nurturing, and efficient. They made me relax, it was positive. The physician was good, really good, and thorough. He answered all of my questions."
ANDRE L. - Monterey Park, CA

"Everything they told occurred the way they told me it would. Everything grew in. I am very happy I was able to stop it. I was able to reverse the process. I am very happy with it. It was not that bad. It was really an office visit and I did what they said."

"They were all extremely well informed. The services were great. It was not that complex and they reassured me of that."

"It was much easier than I thought, it was just about painless as it could be and I am very excited to see the results. I would recommend anyone thinking of this process not to wait and get it right away. My only regret was I waited 2 years before pulling the trigger."

"Everyone at the Beverly Hills office made my experience great, what a fantastic team of caring professionals. I feel in debt to my doctor and his great team, I hope to see them all again."
KRYSTEL S. - South Pasadena, CA

"My results after one year are great thanks to the expertise and sincere care of my doctor, who was absolutely fantastic, really an amazing person. My procedure was flawless, what a great team, thanks for making my life so much better."
KRYSTEL S. - South Pasadena, CA

"I love my new hair I feel and look younger. my wife says about 15 years younger people look at me now and say have you found a youth cream they never know I had this procedure performed.I WILL Do this again soon to get more hair."
DALE W. - Apple Valley, CA

"From the moment that I stepped into the medical area, the staff bent over backwards to make sure that I was comfortable. It was the ultimate client experience."

"My experience with Bosley from the day that I was first seen until the day of surgery far exceeded my expectations. The reception was very warm and very personalized. Dr Deutsch and his surgical team were likewise outstanding and made sure that I was comfortable until the time the procedure ended."

"This was my third procedure over an approximate 10 year period of time. This was the second procedure performed by Dr. Andrews. Those 2 procedures performed by Dr. Andrews and his staff deserve any awards bestowed by your industry in the acknowledgement of excellence. I would like to entertain my luck of having your best yet it is most likely that those are simply the standards Bosley provides to all their clients. Chances are a touch up and the inevitable receding are in my future. Putting aside the uncomfortable nature of recovery I do look forward to spending more time within your offices."

"Dr David Deutsch and your / his fine staff did an excellent job of explaining what was occurring during the operation, post operation procedures and the length of time when all the results would or should be seen. The medical team made my experience both humorous and built a sense of confidence in the procedure being done well and what the areas of discomfort would entail along with some potential side effects. Again, the team "put me at ease" and made the day go by rather effortlessly. Keep up the good work - and please do show some of your patients the great and very humorous TV clip from Saturday Night Live. (Enjoy!)"

"All of the staff members were very friendly, attentive and courteous. My doctor was also thorough with his work."

"Having the procedure done has had a positive effect on my life. It makes me feel younger and more confident!"

"The staff and the doctor were great. They were very professional and kept things very personal and discreet."

"My physician was warm, caring, included me in the discussion about where the boundary line for replacement would be, explained the procedure and during the procedure kept be abreast of how it was going. He later explained how it went and what I should expect. I was concerned about shampooing the implants so I asked to come in after the usual next day shampooing done by Bosley and was without hesitation encouraged to come in as often as I wanted. I would have come in 3 days straight but the third day was Sunday, so I started shampooing myself, which turned out to be much easier than I thought. I had an excellent transplant procedure experience at Bosley, now I'm waiting for the 3 months to pass to see what my new hairline will look like."
CHANELLE K. - New York, NY

"It has given me more confidence in my appearance."

"everything was excellent. the transplant team and doctor explained everything. as a team they worked very well together."

"I am very happy with the results of my hair restoration. I feel like I have a brand-new lease on life. I feel younger and I'm much happier in life. Quality-of-life has changed thank you very much."

"The entire Bosley team were very professional, kind and attentive to all my needs."

"I had Dr. Suddleson. He was great, I felt comfortable. The staff was great, professional and efficient. I had no problem with either procedures."
PAUL C. - Marina Del Rey, CA

"I liked the fact that it takes time to grown in. You don't want to show up with a full rug. The highest compliment is people not noticing. I didn't want to draw attention to myself."
PAUL C. - Marina Del Rey, CA

"I don't remember the names but they were very very nice. The two ladies in the room were very nice and talkative. They made my experience pleasurable. "

"Everyone from Dr. Andrews, the Nurse, and all of the attendants were most Professional. Everything went just like clockwork. I would recommend Bosley to anyone thinking about a Hair Transplant. The best part was when the anesthetic wore off there was ZERO Pain.... You can use me as a reference anytime."

"Dr. Andrews was great. I would have been a lot more nervous about the procedure if it wasn't for the care and advice from him and Steve Guri. The team was excellent. I was very impressed by the professionalism and care of everyone."

"This is the sec on procedure that have with Doctor Marc Andrews FANTASTIC, great doctor and human being, all the staff very helpful and nice, incredible professional, i am very happy and satisfied."

"The team was knowledgeable and professional, while easy-going and supportive. They made every effort to make sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed during the procedure. I have already recommended Dr. Suddleson to a friend at work. "

"I was very pleased with how the day went. I was very nervous and the whole team put my at ease. There really has been no pain throughout the procedure or during the recovery days. Thanks Bosley team. Excited to see my new hair."

"Everyone was great, people were welcoming, friendly. I couldn't have hoped for a better experience."

"All of the office and staff members did a good job! They worked really well together and hard on me. The physician was also great!"

"I feel like it has changed my life. I do not have to wear my hat as much now. It is a big confidence booster."

"I'm very happy with my new hair transplant, I'm excited to see my results for my new look. The team at bosley were really professional about their work and care, looking forward to having my visit at bosley again for future service. Until all my goals are reached, I will do this again for near future. 100% I recommend this to a friend or someone who needs hair restoration. Thanks again Bosley for all your effort."

"Doctor was knowledgeable, took the time to address my needs for placement of grafts, desired outcome, explained process thoroughly, staff was great and treated me well."

"I am completely satisfied with the office and staff members. They did an amazing job! My physician was excellent too. I definitely got what I paid for."

"The results have been great! I have had about 5 haircuts since then! My hair dresser can't even see the scar. It is unbelievable how fast it grows, it is a very nice growth. "

"Really liked that the physician made me a follow up call the night of the procedure! The team that worked on me were nice and comforting! "
DAIJA D. - Huntington Park, CA

"I was nearly completely bald, so I thought initially I would be given too much outlining of the hairline without bulk in the crown. I am glad to say this isn't the case, and I love the change. I can go with what I have or do more in the future, which is nice. I'm satisfied."

"My experience at Bosley was very positive. The staff was friendly and accommodating, doctors were very informative, and the results were far better than anticipated."

"I was (and am) incredibly happy with the experience I've had with Bosley staff... my two doctors (Dr. Deautch (spelling?) and Dr. Andrews were superb. The technicians for both procedures were not only professional, but kind and reassuring. I can't single out any particular technician, as I've had TWO procedures and six different technician/nurses... they were all fantastic!"

"It's been 11 months since my first procedure, and I had the second procedure done three weeks ago. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the results so far, and am anxiously awaiting this coming May when I'll begin to see the results of the second procedure. I was bald, now I have hair! It doesn't get any better than that! I'm 52 years old and started losing my hair when I was in my twenties. This experience has given me back my true self... who I really believe I am. I have missed my hair all of my adult life, and now I've given myself the greatest gift I could have ever imagined. I could not have done this without the professional expertise of Bosley and their fantastic staff! Thank you, thank you!"

"The technicians were outstanding! They were friendly and very helpful. The overall atmosphere was great, very informative."

"I really did not get to know any of the staff I really only dealt with Dr. Andrews and he was friendly and professional and answered all of my questions. If I had the procedure again I would go to Dr. Andrews and no one else."

"I am very satisfied, you rolled back the clock about 10 or 15 years just wish I had more donor hair."

"The staff members and Physician were all good! They were friendly and to the point which I liked."

"Brenda and Tenea were awesome! Very nice and knew what they were doing. Constantly checking to see if I was comfortable. "

"They treated me like royalty! My X wife should have been have that nice! Thanks so much for everything and cannot wait the 3 to 6 months to see the full benefits. If the end results are as good as the initial ones, then it will have been a major success! Thanks all for taking such good care of me and my hairs."

"The office and staff really knew how to make me feel at ease. The technicians were exceptional, friendly, and engaging. The interaction with the physician was short, but friendly and professional. He was great and I liked the level of confidence, it made me feel more comfortable."

"The whole hair restoration process is hassle free. The procedure made me feel more confident about myself. I now feel relaxed and in control with my hair. I was very young when I first started to lose my hair, it was a traumatic experience. I chose Bosley based on its delivery of natural looking results."

"The office and staff members at this office were extremely professional and helpful. There were no concerns or complaints. The level of care was sensational and the physician was just great!"

"The results were fantastic, even better than what I had expected. My wife is much happier too! I would have to say in tangible ways it improves the quality of life."

"I am overall satisfied with the results. I work on television often, so it was very important for me to have it done right, which this office did."

"I had a great experience with the Bosley office and staff! Dr. Deutsch was fantastic along with the rest of the staff, I had no issues."

"My situation was very mild compared to others. I am happy with the results but was hoping for a little more. It is possible that my expectations were too high. As I spoke to Dr. Deutsch again, I scheduled in another procedure about a month ago, to obtain the results I truly desired."

"My physician and team were exceptional. They made my experience very pleasant and were very accommodating. My physician is a true artist!"

"The only regret I have is that I should have had the hair and eyebrow procedure many years ago, I love my hair and eyebrows!"

"This has been my second procedure, Dr. Deutsch has performed the first and second. Dr. Deutsch, a very confident surgeon, corrected to my satisfaction a complaint I had after the first procedure. He listened carefully and addresses my concern without argument. The charge for the correction, which was considerable, amounted to zero. I give Dr. Deutsch 10 for his professionalism, skills, and integrity. Additionally I would like to thank everyone on his staff, for their efficiency, care, and kindness. A special mention goes to Steve (photographer ) for his sense of humor , and kindness. A special thanks also to the staff, for accommodating my wife( who kindly volunteered to be my driver) in a special room, during the procedure. If I could make a suggestion of small improvement, I would say don't be cheap, reinstate free parking for procedure day a nice touch for out of town people !"

"It was the best experience I could have imagined possible. The entire staff at Bosley made me feel extremely comfortable from start to finish. I will definitely recommend Bosley."

"I had a great experience with my eyebrow transplant procedure. Dr. Suddleson was very professional and honest he took his time and answered all my questions, which help me feel more confident in the decision I was making. The staff was really nice and friendly always making sure I was comfortable as possible for the procedure process. At this time I'm going through my healing process and have to wait for 6 to 8 months to see the final results, But I'm very confident that I will get great results, because after the surgery I had an idea on how they might look and I know Dr. Suddleson an his staff did the best they could to make me achieve the look I want on my eyebrows."

"This was my second procedure and it has changed my life for the better! I would recommend Bosley to anyone that could use your services. 100% happy."

"This was my third trip back and I think I was more ready to go that the staff. Shirt off and sign me up (even before the blood pressure test). Dr. Duestch (excuse the spelling) and his staff were very friend and helpful. (I'm the one with the frequent potty breaks). The cuts were clean, the staff was constantly working and the 1 hour notice to my driver was remembered. I always have fun telling people that a new cure is available for hair loss, as I show them what the results can be. I'm not sure where your company is in regard to income vs. expense for lowering the price for a regular guy to get the procedure done. I'm lucky to have the luxury to do it, but perhaps in the future if you didn't need to pay so much for TV advertisement, the price could come down for the normal "joe". Your company is the best and that's why I'm a return customer."

"The Bosley office and staff were pleasant and professional. I give them a 10. The doctor was nice as well. "

"The doctor was a very nice guy. When I went for my 2nd surgery the lady I met with was very nice and then the doctor came in and I felt like we were already friends. All of the nurses were extremely nice, I wish every store gave the customer service they gave me-- everyone should be recognized."
ASIA D. - Altadena, CA

"This was my second procedure and I have to say that the second procedure was by far much better than the first. The team in Beverly Hills were very professional and informative. My procedure was easy, seamless, comfortable, and so fast that before I knew it, the procedure was complete and I felt no discomfort throughout the whole experience!"

"The entire staff, from reception to the surgical staff to the doctor were so welcoming I felt like I was at home. They offered me movies, and food and entertainment. I never felt like I was in a hospital, I just felt so comfortable there I didn't worry about anything. I couldn't believe how easy it was!"

"Everyone at Bosley was just great! I met with a counselor in the Ontario office and decided to schedule an appointment immediately. Within 2 days I was sitting with Steven Costomiris, in the Beverly Hills office, getting all of my questions answered. Next, I met with Dr. Mark Andrews. His calm, confident approach instantly put me at ease. The staff was so professional and caring that I never once had any doubt of my decision. Results were exactly as Dr. Andrews described and are amazing! Thank you so much!"

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