Zeltiq: The Latest Liposuction Alternative

Zeltiq: The Latest Liposuction Alternative

Liposuction alternatives like Zerona have really been taking off in today's cosmetic industry—largely due to increased interest in non-surgical body contouring. Now, a breakthrough treatment called Zeltiq™ is putting yet another spin on body contouring with its one-of-a-kind, "cool" approach to fat removal!

Zeltiq™ is different from laser fat removal treatments because it utilizes Cryolipolysis™ to eliminate fat cells, as opposed to heat energy or ultrasound technology. But what exactly are cryolipolysis and Zeltiq? How effective is Zeltiq at producing real fat loss results? How does it compare to other non-surgical fat removal treatments? Read on to learn more!

Zeltiq™ Basics

Zeltiq, a non-surgical fat reduction procedure, is mainly recommended for treating fatty tissue on the abdomen and the lower back, or "love handles". The Zeltiq device's FDA approval is currently pending for fat lipolysis, although it's received FDA clearance for dermatologic uses and has earned the European CE certification for non-invasive fat reduction. Zeltiq was created by Zeltiq Aesthetics, a medical device company founded in 2005, and it's presently available for use in Canada and Europe.

Because Zeltiq treatments are non-invasive, they don't have a high projected risk of side effects. The treatment device itself uses a suction applicator with "cooling" plates on areas where fat reduction is desired. Overall, the treatment is alleged to be effective, but also fairly unobtrusive to the body's system when compared with other fat removal procedures.

What is Cryolipolysis?

The mechanism behind Zeltiq's fat reduction treatments, called cryolipolysis, is a method patented by professionals at the Harvard Medical-affiliated Wellman Center for Photomedicine. Cryolipolysis is fueled by evidence that fatty tissue is very susceptible to the effects of cold temperatures, and can be manipulated thusly to cause fat cell reduction and elimination on certain body areas. Essentially, Zeltiq's cryolipolysis cools fat cells until they solidify and experience a natural cell death. Afterwards, these dead fat cells are gradually removed via the body's natural metabolic processes.

At the 2009 annual conference for the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), findings from the first U.S. human study of cryolipolysis treatments were revealed and discussed. Lead investigators, Drs. Dover and Tanzi, stated their study of cryolipolysis for fat layer reduction is the first to show the treatment is "well-tolerated and produces a visible contour change in the majority of subjects". Dr. Dover added that, unlike other surgical fat removal procedures, "cryolipolysis is performed without needles, incisions, anesthesia or pain medication, plus there is no recovery time".

How are Zeltiq Treatments Performed?

During a Zeltiq treatment session, the device's suction applicator is placed on a targeted area like the abdomen or love handles. The skin and fatty tissue is sucked into the device and held between two chilling plates for about an hour. Most patients will feel the suction sensation, but shouldn't experience pain or even moderate discomfort. At the half hour mark, the device may be removed and the treated tissue briefly massaged before the procedure is continued. Post Zeltiq, patients reported that treated skin areas were temporarily cold to the touch and sometimes red. Occasionally, patients would also exhibit brief swelling or tenderness on treated areas.

How Effective is Zeltiq at Fat Removal?

Since this is a fairly new procedure, there haven't been extensive studies on the efficacy of Zeltiq for inch loss and fat reduction. However, according to the Zeltiq and cryolipolysis study data presented at the ASLMS conference, the result of treatment is "a flattening of fat bulges that is visible in most patients over three to four months". The level of Zeltiq results achieved will likely differ from patient to patient. Additionally, the Zeltiq-cryolipolysis study's researchers found that subjects who received ultrasound measurements four months post treatment exhibited an average fat layer reduction of 22.4 percent.

Other Fat Removal Treatment Options

Many patients are choosing fat reduction procedures to achieve the results they couldn't with diet and exercise. Between surgical and non-surgical fat removal treatments, there are many options to choose from, so how do you decide which one is best for you?

Surgical Fat Removal

Surgical methods for fat removal, like liposuction, are only recommended for obese or heavily overweight individuals. On the other hand, if you are struggling with a few pounds at the edge of your healthy weight plateau, weight loss surgery isn't for you.

Liposuction is by far the most popular and trusted form of fat removal surgery, and today it is performed using various effective techniques. One of the more recent, and less invasive, types of liposuction surgery to be developed is SmartLipo, a form of laser liposuction. Ultrasound-assisted forms of liposuction are also reliable choices, such as Vaser Liposuction or LipoSelection.

Non-Surgical Fat Removal

Non-surgical fat removal treatments like Zeltiq are suggested for patients within their ideal weight range. These non-invasive methods are designed to help individuals tone or trim trouble-spot areas, typically around the midsection.

Zeltiq is currently the only non-invasive fat reduction treatment to use the cryoliploysis method. Other liposuction surgery alternatives include Zerona laser treatments and VelaShape for body contouring.

Is Zeltiq Right for Me?

To truly know if Zeltiq/cryolipolysis, or SmartLipo for that matter, is the right fat removal solution for you, it's best to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon or licensed cosmetic provider near you.

Only a qualified medical professional will be able to accurately assess your weight condition and make appropriate treatment recommendations. During your fat removal consultation appointment, you can also learn more details about Zeltiq costs, Zeltiq side effects and risks, and other information that could help you make an educated treatment decision. For assistance locating an experienced fat removal surgeon in your area, or to schedule a consultation appointment with a trusted body contouring specialist, contact our representatives!

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