SmartLipo Costs and Financing

by Trudi Schrieber

SmartLipo Costs and Financing

SmartLipo improves upon traditional forms of liposuction by significantly tightening the skin while removing fat from the problem area of the body in a much less invasive fashion. SmartLipo costs vary significantly based on factors such as the size of the area being treated, the market in the city in which you live, and your specialist’s fees. For those selecting to have a larger area of the body treated, such as hips and thighs, the procedure will run, on average, about $7,000, whereas an area like the chin would cost closer to $3,000. SmartLipo on most areas of the body will run approximately $4,500. If you elect to have more than one area treated at one time, it will cost more than a typical, focused procedure, but you will save money by avoiding multiple, separately scheduled clinical visits.

Surgeon’s fees will vary based on your geographical location, as well as the experience of your doctor. However, unlike traditional surgeries performed in a hospital, SmartLipo is less invasive, and cosmetic surgeons typically perform the procedure in the office. This means that the patient does not pay hospital or anesthesia fees, which are normally associated with plastic surgery. Additionally, SmartLipo requires far less downtime than many other liposuction procedures, with patients typically back to normal activities within 24 hours, so the fewer recovery days may also play into cost estimates when you are figuring out the overall price for the treatment.

It is most important to remember that quality SmartLipo specialists will often cost more than surgeons with less experience. Plastic Surgery Portal provides you with the resources to find a trusted SmartLipo surgeon who is right for you. Scheduling a consultation is the first step to learning more about the costs of SmartLipo in your area— as you can not only compare surgical fees, but financing plans, as well. To get your questions on SmartLipo costs answered by leading experts, contact us today to set up your consult with a SmartLipo provider in your area!

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