Pregnancy and Breast Implants

Pregnancy and Breast Implants

Pregnancy and Brest Implants

Pregnant women will routinely notice considerable changes in their breasts, but for women with breast implants, there is the additional question of how or if their implants will affect their pregancy. Recognizing the risks in relation to breast feeding, preparing for changes to your figure, and knowing your options for after your pregnancy will optimize your experience. Once informed, you can actively plan to keep yourself feeling great about your body, while also making sure you have a safe and satisfying pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Breast Implants: Breast Feeding

The issue of breast feeding is one worth considering when planning your breast-augmentation surgery. When the surgery is performed with incisions in the armpit or under the fold of the breast, most women have no trouble with breast feeding. The more common method of cutting around the areola, however, oftentimes results in nerve damage and the inability to nurse. If the nerves are not cut or damaged, you may retain the ability partially or even fully. To figure out the extent of the problem, just try nursing your child. You should also make sure to inform your baby's doctor about your implants so he/she can monitor the baby's weight (insuring the baby is getting enough to eat).

Pregnancy and Breast Implants: Your Changing Body

If you have or are considering getting implants and have yet to finish having children, you should understand the effects that your pregnancy will have on the results of your breast augmentation. First, it is important to realize that pregnancy will not ruin your implants altogether; the implants themselves will not even change in shape or volume. The additional looseness and laxity in the skin and tissue that occurs after the extreme change of being pregnant will solely cause the implant-breast relationship to change. Simply stated, pregnancy changes breasts; there is no exception for those that have had implants. And just as pregnancy affects natural breasts differently for different women, the exact transformation that your augmented breasts will undergo cannot be predicted. Some people will encounter little change after pregnancy, but the majority will find the position of the implant after pregnancy to be less harmonious or natural than before. Commonly, patients will have Upper Pole Deflation (“Ski-jump Shape”) and Severe Ptosis (“Droopy Breasts”). Regardless of the severity of the change to your breasts, there are many options for restoring your pre-baby body.

Pregnancy and Breast Implants: Post-Pregnancy Options

Since the body changes so drastically during pregnancy, it's only logical that your body does not return exactly to its pre-baby form. Whether or not you've had implants before, a mommy makeover type of plastic surgery can easily reverse the stubborn changes that a healthy lifestyle isn't capable of fixing. Breast augmentation will restore youthfulness to sagging breasts or breasts that have become smaller. A breast lift or a larger implant will reverse changes in women who had implants before their pregnancy. So that your body has completely finished changing, you should wait six months after the time you finish feeding your baby naturally before getting any such surgery. This will insure that your results are natural looking and long-lasting. Planning your surgery until after you are finished populating your family will help you avoid unnecessary surgeries.

If you are considering having a surgery, you should talk extensively with a plastic surgeon before committing. To find the best doctor for you, schedule a consultation today.

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