The Appeal of Pec Implants

by Carrie Aker

The Appeal of Pec Implants

The idea of getting pectoral implants is still relatively new, but it is gaining in popularity. Pec implants are popular for men, particularly men who have had trouble building muscle in their chest, but desire a more muscular physique. Sometimes jokingly referred to as breast implants for men, pec implants provide the patient with greater self-esteem by creating the sculpted toned pectoral appearance that only years of weight training could duplicate.

In some cases, patients seek out pec implants due to congenital or physical defects, such as Spina Bifida, Pectus Carinatum or Pectus Excavatum. However, the majority of pec implant cases seen by plastic surgeons are based on cosmetic concerns rather than medical ones.

As people continue to seek out advanced new alternatives in cosmetic enhancement, women are not the only ones looking to upgrade their chest size. The male pectoral implant procedure is not entirely unlike that of a breast augmentation for women. The surgery requires an incision in the armpit and then the surgeon creates a pocket so the soft, solid silicone implant can be placed in the area of the pectoral muscle. The surgeon must sculpt the pectoral implant during surgery into the proper shape. Making sure that the pec implant has the desired aesthetic outcome requires a skilled surgeon for the procedure.

Recovery time for a pectoral implants procedure is also similar to that of a woman’s breast augmentation procedure. Patients must take it easy and avoid lifting their arms for the first few days. They’re then given a light exercise program to follow for the next few weeks. It takes about one month to fully recover from pectoral implant surgery.

Pec implants for men are becoming more and more common, but if you’re considering the procedure, finding a knowledgeable, experienced cosmetic surgeon is critical. Not all plastic surgeons will offer this specialized surgery, and the last thing you want is to put your procedure in inexperienced hands. Scheduling consultations with several pec implant surgeons is recommended. It is also important to view each doctor’s before and after photos to see how past patients have benefited from a pectoral augmentation procedure. If you like what you see, you can expect that you will have similar results with your pec implant procedure.

Pec implants are not just about vanity. Self-esteem is important to a person’s quality of life. Plastic surgery is a way of enhancing someone’s appearance in an effort to boost their self-confidence and a successful pec implant surgery can do just that for the patient.

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