On-Q Painbuster System: Post-Surgical Relief?

by Wendy Travis

On-Q Painbuster System: Post-Surgical Relief?

Plastic surgery patients will soon enjoy the same positive results without the need for an extended recovery time, thanks to the new On-Q PainBuster system that has recently been introduced for a range of surgical patients. This device uses a narrow catheter to administer a local anesthesia directly to the surgical site, so patients see a significant reduction of post-operative discomfort without the need for narcotics. Plastic Surgery Portal has the lowdown on the new On-Q PainBuster system that is making its debut at surgical centers across the country.

What is it?
The On-Q PainBuster System features a small balloon-lone pump attached to a narrow catheter. The catheter is placed into the surgical site during the original procedure to administer a local anesthetic for a period of time after surgery. The medication is slowly pumped to the surgical site to provide pain relief for a number of days after your procedure. When the pump is emptied of the medication, the catheter can easily be removed by your doctor.

The On-Q PainBuster pump is small and very portable, so the patient can get up and around much more quickly after surgery. The pump can either be attached to an article of clothing or carried about in a small pouch. The catheter administers anesthetic through a number of exit points, so medication can be given to a larger area. Since the medication is going directly to the surgical site, there is less risk of breakthrough pain after surgery. Many patients do not require any sort of narcotic in addition to the On-Q medication, although additional pain medicine is an option for patients having more difficulty managing pain sufficiently.

What are the Benefits?
There are numerous benefits of using the On-Q PainBuster instead of narcotics to manage post-operative pain, including:

  • The infusion of the local anesthetic is continuous, ensuring the patient does not experience any discomfort for the first few days after surgery
  • The local anesthetic replaces the need for narcotics, speeding patient recovery and decreasing the potential for breakthrough pain
  • The small size makes the On-Q completely portable, so patients get back on their feet more quickly after surgery
  • The soaker catheter provides the infusion of local anesthetic and multiple exit points, allowing for the administration of medication over a larger surgical site
  • Allows for a more comfortable recovery overall

What is it Used For?
Currently, the On-Q PainBuster is used to enhance patient comfort after a number of procedures, including:

As the On-Q PainBuster continues to gain popularity among doctors and patients alike, there is no doubt this device will be used for many other procedures in the not so distant future.

Patients who have been hesitant to pursue cosmetic procedures due to the discomfort and extended recovery time may have a new option available soon. The On-Q PainBuster is proving itself as a valuable post-operative tool that is being used by more doctors and hospitals across the country every day. This handy device speeds recovery so patients can get back on their feet and back to life much quicker and easier than ever before.

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