More Young Adults Are Getting Plastic Surgery

by Jane Meggitt

More Young Adults Are Getting Plastic Surgery

Millennials are going under the knife in record numbers. Blame social media, selfies, certain celebrities – especially those whose last name begins with K – and societal pressure to look perfect. The Baby Boomer mantra was once “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” Their children’s motto might be “Don’t ever look over 30.”

Tattoo Removal

The tattoo generation is having second thoughts. Tattoo removal is high on the list of millennial plastic surgery. A design that seemed like the height of self-expression at 18 appears juvenile ten years later. Millennials are also learning a simple karmic fact – inking the name of your significant other on your body almost certainly dooms the relationship. It also annoys future partners.

Acne Scars

It makes sense that young people want to eradicate acne scars via plastic surgery. This type of treatment is the primary reason millennial males visit a plastic surgeon.


Millennial men make up the bulk of patients undergoing this surgery, which eliminates “man boobs.”


Rhinoplasty, or nasal surgery, has been the bread and butter of plastic surgeons for generations. A new nose can radically alter a person’s appearance, turning a frog into a prince or princess.

Stretch Marks

Millennial women are having babies, and they don’t like the stretch marks that accompany pregnancy. A tummy tuck gets the body back into bikini shape.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A millennial favorite, this surgery involves removing fat from another part of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. Plastic surgeons refer to the procedure as “the Kardashian effect.”

Wrinkle Treatment

Young people are trying to head off those initial wrinkles, and that’s a plan that may backfire. Physicians warn that receiving cosmetic surgery injections of Botox and other common wrinkle treatments before they are needed may actually cause skin to age more quickly.

Proactive Anti-Aging Measures

It’s wise to be proactive when it comes to skin care. The best advice for young people still holds true:

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