Makeup Contouring to Replace a Nose Job?

by Marisa Amorasak

Makeup Contouring to Replace a Nose Job?

So you’ve always hated your nose. It has a ghastly bump, it’s too wide, or maybe it’s even asymmetrical. Although you may be dead set on a rhinoplasty to permanently alter the shape of your schnozz, exhausting all of your options before turning to plastic surgery is never a bad idea. Contouring is a makeup technique that sounds complicated, but can actually be replicated by anyone with the right products and directions. You may find that a little shading here and a bit of highlighting cream there can make your natural nose a bit more tolerable. Read on to learn more about contouring makeup to slim your nose.

Nose Contouring Basics: Shadows and Highlights

In drawing, the purpose of line contouring is to emphasis the shape and size of subjects rather than their detail. Makeup contouring has a similar purpose: its purpose is to play with the concepts of light and dark. Adding light (in the form of highlighting creams, light-colored eyeshadow, and iridescence) to a feature brings it out into the foreground. Shading with darkness causes features to fade into the background, and can be achieved using matte bronzer and darker foundation colors. You don’t have to be an artist to make contouring look natural—but you do have to remember to blend.

Nose Contouring How-To

You’ll need the following tools and products:

  1. Highlighting cream or powder
  2. Shading cream or powder
  3. A foundation sponge, small powder brush, or your fingertips
  4. Setting powder

Start with your shading product first. While there are plenty of “contouring” products, most of them are just a darker version of traditional foundation or powder. You’ll want to look for a product that’s about 3-5 shades darker than your skin tone. Try neutral eyeshadows or your favorite bronzer—just make sure that they’re totally matte, as shimmery products counteract the hiding effect. Apply the product to the sides of your nose (or the areas you wish to be the sides) using your chosen application tool. Keep the color most concentrated in this area, and then blend out towards the bridge of the nose and toward the inner cheek. If you wish to downplay the appearance of a bulbous nose, make sure to apply the product there.

Use your highlighting powder to draw a line down your bridge. Start between your eyes, and draw it all the way down to where you would like your nose to protrude the most. For most people, that’s in the middle of their bulb. If you’re looking to slim your nose you’ll want to draw quite a thin line, but make sure it’s believable. A line between one-half inch and one-quarter inch will do the trick. Blend the outline of the highlighted line very carefully, just enough to blur any sign of demarcation. Blending too much will result in distorting the straight and narrow line.

A quick dusting of setting powder will keep your contoured makeup in place for the day.

When All Else Fails, Use The Art of Distraction

Contouring can dramatically change the appearance of your nose. If you want to draw eyes even further away from your beak, emphasize other features. Sport winged eyeliner, a pop of bright blush, or a daring red lip. It’s surprising how much making dramatic statements elsewhere will keep the eyes busy.

Unfortunately, makeup can’t fix everything. There are some cases in which a surgical rhinoplasty may be the best option:

  • You don’t want to wear makeup everyday. Low-maintenance ladies and most men don’t want to spend much time in front of the mirror on a daily basis, making contouring makeup implausible for their lifestyle.
  • Large bumps and hooks can’t be hidden. Contouring makeup is best at changing the width and shape of your nose bridge. Shape abnormalities aren’t as easily distorted. Some people are uncomfortable with the way their nose looks from the side, which makeup can’t change.
  • Your nose has other problems. Many people who want to undergo rhinoplasty do it for more than aesthetic reasons—they may suffer from a deviated septum, snoring, sinus problems, and more. In this case, a nose job may be a smart move.

Scheduling Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

When it comes to getting a good nose job, finding the perfect doctor is key. Our extensive network of board-certified plastic surgeons and skincare specialists is hand-picked for extensive training, reputation, and certification. Contact our representatives now to schedule a consultation!

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