Laser Bra Surgery: Gimmick or Real Deal?

Laser Bra Surgery: Gimmick or Real Deal?

Currently, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the U.S. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported that in 2008, over 350,000 patients underwent breast augmentation surgery—so it comes as no surprise that new and innovative techniques for breast enhancement are exciting news for both plastic surgeons and patients. But are these hot new procedures actually safe, effective breast enhancement options? Or are they surgical fads that will disappear in time? Let's look at one such newly developed breast procedure, Laser Bra Surgery, and learn more about how it works, and if it's right for you.

What is Laser Bra Surgery?

Laser Bra Surgery, sometimes called Laser Breast Lift Surgery, was designed to give large and/or sagging breasts a firmer, better supported, more youthful shape. Touted as a helpful procedure for patients interested in breast lifts or breast reduction, Laser Bra Surgery creates an invisible, internal bra of sorts from excess skin tissue, which is meant to permanently lift and support the breasts.

How is Laser Bra Surgery Performed?

Laser Bra Surgery combines surgical techniques and laser skin technology to create a natural-looking lift to the breasts. It is sometimes confused with a Laser Breast Lift, which can be performed as a completely non-surgical treatment—however, this form of the procedure won't be as effective for patients with more pronounced sagging or larger breasts.

The Laser Bra Surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. The procedure requires that incisions be made at almost the same points as in breast augmentation surgery or breast reduction surgery. Then, excess skin is removed and, rather than being discarded, it's arranged underneath the breasts to form a type of internal bra. The CO2 laser is used to perform "pedicle deepithelialization," a process that removes the epidermis layer so that the underlying dermis can be removed and restructured as an internal bra.

Benefits of Laser Breast Enhancement

The use of CO2 lasers in Laser Bra Surgery, breast lifts and breast reduction surgery has been hailed by some plastic surgeons as a reliable and efficient way to deepithelialize surface breast tissue while also improving skin conditions and lessening tissue damage. Other traditional methods of deepithelialization include the standard scalpel technique, as well as electrocautery and dermatomes.

While the scalpel method is still incredibly popular, recent studies have shown that lasers used in breast reduction surgery can potentially minimize blood loss, improve skin firmness and elasticity, and lessen damage to the blood supply and nerve networks of the nipples and areolae. It has even been suggested that Laser Bra Surgery can minimize the appearance of scarring post surgery; possibly more so than traditional breast lift and breast reduction techniques can.

Is Laser Bra Surgery Right for You?

Laser Bra Surgery—while undoubtedly a more technologically advanced method of breast enhancement—is not necessarily a safer method compared to traditional breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reduction. These standard forms of breast enhancement surgery might be just as effective for you, if not more so.

Many online resources about Laser Bra Surgery claim that the procedure is faster than other breast surgeries, and that it can produce improved skin conditions post procedure. However, some plastic surgeons who weighed in on this technique voiced skepticism about performing a successful breast lift/reduction in under 2 hours, laser or no. On the other hand, most surgeons will agree that individual cosmetic surgery results can be more dependent on a specific surgeon's skills than on the procedure itself—so it's hard to completely discount the 2-hour claim.

It's also true that cosmetic laser technology has been successfully used to remove skin imperfections and to slightly tighten loose, sagging skin; but a laser might not make a huge difference when used in breast surgery. Of course, the best way to learn more about Laser Bra Surgery facts and possibilities is by consulting with a licensed plastic surgeon in your area. They can give you more information about what type of breast procedure is best for you, and discuss the potential risks and benefits in more detail.

Remember that with all cosmetic surgery procedures, not just with Laser Bra Surgery, it's wise to err on the cautious side and obtain plenty of information about a procedure before making any decisions.

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