Chicago Breast Augmentation Options

by Monica Prata

Chicago Breast Augmentation Options Browse Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Chicago

In Chicago, Breast Augmentation is the most popular form of cosmetic surgery for women today, and there is no shortage of excellent plastic surgeons to turn to for a breast enhancement operation.

If you’re seeking a surgeon who specializes in beautiful and natural breast enhancements, you may want to see Dr. Vincent Makhlouf. Dr. Makhlouf is a well established Chicago plastic surgeon, Board Certified and practicing since 1987. He emphasizes realistic and natural looking results and is known to take the time to educate his patients fully on the process and outcome of the procedures. Dr. Makhlouf's patience and expertise give his patients the peace of mind in knowing that they have selected one of the Chicago area’s most reliable plastic surgeons.

If you’re interested in increasing your bust size to balance your figure and create a beautifully and contoured womanly look, Dr. Sami Bittar is certified in both plastic and reconstructive surgery and specializes in body contouring, resulting in appropriately balanced and natural looking enhancements. Dr. Bittar can be found in both his downtown Chicago and LaGrange offices. He is known for his keen attention to detail and for his focus on the overall well being of his patients. In addition to glowing patient reviews, Dr. Bittar's expertise and dedication have been professionally rewarded: he has been named "Top Doctor, Chicago Metro Area" several times by a peer-published review. He is certified in both plastic and reconstructive surgery and specializes in body contouring, resulting in appropriately balanced and natural looking enhancements.

Dr. Allen Parungao is also considered a leader in greater Chicago for aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery and has spoken of his techniques at various conferences around the world. Dr. Parungao serves the western suburbs and has offices in Hinsdale and Naperville. He received his medical degree from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, where he served a dual residency in both general surgery and plastic surgery.

Dr. Tal Raine is regarded as one of the finest cosmetic specialists in the country and has been practicing for over 25 years, perfecting his technique and helping thousands of patients to achieve their aesthetic goals. Dr. Raine is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has a 25 year record of truly impeccable work.

Having confidence in your surgeons abilities and understanding of your specific aesthetic goals is key to undergoing a safe and stress-free Chicago breast augmentation surgery. Scheduling consultations with a few different Chicago plastic surgeons prior to making your decision is an ideal way to get to know the surgeons and to broaden your knowledge and understanding of your upcoming procedure.

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