Can Breast Implants Boost Your Career?

by Wendy Travis

Can Breast Implants Boost Your Career?

Breast implants can go far in improving your body image and your self-confidence. But can implants actually boost your climb up the career ladder? In most cases, the answer to this question is probably “no,” at least on the most basic level. However, the benefits of breast augmentation can be far-reaching enough to reach to your professional life, offering you a career boost you may not necessarily expect from a single cosmetic surgery procedure.

Careers Where Appearance Counts

Many make the mistake of thinking breast implants are a must if you are pursuing a high profile career like acting or modeling. While augmentation procedures have appeared to boost the career of many sex symbols, including Pamela Anderson, Heidi Montag, and Carmen Electra, the decision could actually be a detriment in some areas of these industries. For example, runway models, who are usually chosen according to a tall, willowy frame that fits well with the fashions, may find a bigger bosom actually impedes their career progress.

On the other hand, models that typically pose for men’s publications may enhance their career options with enhanced breast size. Consider Anna Nicole Smith, the late model who was named Playmate of the Year in 1993, became a high profile Guess model and launched her own reality show on E! after increasing her voluptuous curves with breast implants. Other performers that skyrocketed to stardom after breast implants include Victoria Beckham, Lil’ Kim and Janet Jackson. Would they have needed a large cup size to enjoy wildly successful careers and marry a sexy pro soccer star? No one will ever know for sure.

Keeping it Real

Even those considering breast implants to improve careers where appearance counts may want to exercise caution in selecting their implant and surgical procedure. Whether the career of choice is modeling, acting or singing, the natural look is almost always preferred. This means the standard high profile breast implant that adds plenty of volume and projection may not be the best choice for these industries. Instead, the preferred look is usually a natural one that incorporates low or moderate profile implants with a wider base and lower projection for an enhanced look that doesn’t appear “done.”

The location of the incision for breast augmentation is also an important consideration for women who are in careers where they may be asked to “bare all” for the cameras. Large incisions under the breasts may detract from the enhanced breast contour, while smaller incisions inside the arm pit allow a woman to enjoy the results of implants without worry over scarring. Women seeking this procedure to open career doors will need to talk frankly with their doctors about the best procedure and implant choice for their specific needs.

The Corporate World and Breast Implants

For those that do not work in careers that rely on cup size for success, the question of breast implants becomes even more complex. When appearance is not a factor in your profession, the decision to enhance your breast size becomes intensely personal. However, there are a few factors involving breast augmentation that could impact your professional climb, so consider these variables when choosing a breast implant procedure:

  • Cost – The cost of breast implants can be extensive, and insurance does not cover the expense for purely cosmetic reasons. It is important to have a financial plan in place for funding your breast augmentation, so the stress of the obligation does not impact your job performance.
  • Recovery Time – Most breast augmentation procedures require a recovery period of one to two weeks, and some patients need even more time to get back to their regular schedules. In addition, if complications or the need for additional procedures arise, women may have to take more time off work to complete the augmentation process. Some corporations may frown on excessive time off, particularly for elective surgery.
  • Dress Code – If you work in a conservative office environment, you may find that you need to cover up your enhanced bosom more carefully than before. Consider whether your current wardrobe will be able to adapt to the larger cup size and still fit within your corporate dress code.

Breast Implants and the Self Confidence Factor

The final factor to consider when making the decision to get breast implants is the effect the procedure will have on your self-confidence level. For women who are unhappy with this particular feature of their anatomy, breast augmentation may make all the difference in a woman’s satisfaction with her appearance. This satisfaction can lead to a higher level of self-confidence, which could extend right into her day job. Increased confidence can play a key role in job performance and even promotion opportunities.

While a larger cup size might open doors in a few select industries, breast augmentation is a separate decision that must be made on a very personal level, rather than a professional one. While this procedure may not actually boost your climb up the career ladder, the increased confidence and satisfaction that stems from a breast enlargement procedure can enhance your quality of life on many different levels, including your career path.

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