Calf Implant Costs

Calf Implant Costs

Calf augmentation procedures have become a popular method for enhancing the appearance of the lower leg. The treatment involves the implantation of a silicone prosthetic device over muscle tissue through an incision made behind the knee. The result is a shapelier leg that was not attainable through tradition diet and exercise processes. The cost of calf implants varies greatly depending on any number of factors, which we will discuss here.

Average Calf Implant Costs
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average physician's fee for calf augmentation was just over $3,200. This price only covers the doctor's services, and does not include hospital fees, anesthesia or the implants themselves. These additional costs may raise the price of a calf implant to $6,000 or more. Factors that might affect the cost of calf implants include the experience of the surgeon, the area in which the procedure is performed and the type of implant used.

Type of Calf Implants
Implants used for calf augmentation can vary in terms of size, shape and material used. The type of implant will affect the total cost of the procedure. In some cases, the quoted cost at the doctor's office will not include the price of the implants themselves. Make sure to ask the doctor if the fee you are given includes the actual cost of the implants.

Experience of the Plastic Surgeon
A doctor who has performed numerous calf implants will probably charge more than a doctor who is relatively new to calf augmentation procedures. While it may be tempting to go with the smaller fee, there is no price you can place on experience in terms of the outcome of a procedure. It is much more beneficial to choose a surgeon based on the number of procedures he has done and before and after photos of his patients, rather than on how much he charges for the procedure.

Extent of Procedure
The extent of the calf augmentation will also affect the final price of the surgery. Some doctors will be able to complete the procedure with a local anesthetic and sedation. Others will use a general anesthesia. The use of a general requires the assistance of an anesthesiologist and additional monitoring equipment, which raises the cost of a procedure considerably. In some cases, calf augmentation may be done at the same time as other cosmetic procedures. While this may raise the cost of the entire procedure, it may provide a savings in the long run, if payment for anesthesiology and hospital time can be paid once for more than one treatment.

Location of Procedure
The area of the country in which you have your procedure will also affect the cost of calf implants. For example, those who have the procedure on the east or west coast will typically pay more than patients seeking treatment in the mid-sections of the country. By the same token, individuals in large cities will probably pay more than those living in rural areas.

Financing Calf Implants
In rare cases where calf implants will be used to correct a congenital defect like spina bifida or clubfoot, insurance may cover the cost of the procedure. However, most calf implants are done for cosmetic reasons, so insurance coverage does not apply. In these situations, doctors often provide financing options for patients to make the surgery more affordable. Some finance companies also offer loans specifically for cosmetic procedures.

To find out more about calf augmentation costs or to schedule a consultation with a local plastic surgeon who performs calf implant procedures, contact us today!

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