Breast Augmentation Costs: Boobs on a Budget

Breast Augmentation Costs: Boobs on a Budget

There are many factors that impact the cost of breast augmentation surgery. While the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery calculated the average surgeon's fee for silicone breast augmentation at $3,860 in 2009, many other variables will partially determine the final price tag.

The skill and experience of the surgeon, the location where the procedure is performed, and the specific surgical techniques used will all affect breast augmentation prices. Even the type of implant used will change the price tag of the procedure—the average cost of silicone breast implant surgery is $3,860, and the average cost of saline breast implant surgery is $3,541. It is important to weigh each of these factors carefully to ensure you get the treatment you need for a price you can afford.

Choosing a Surgeon:
The doctor you choose for your procedure will directly factor into the overall cost of breast augmentation. Doctors who are more experienced and skilled in the procedure will generally charge more for their services. However, this additional cost is worth the peace of mind in knowing that the doctor performing your surgery is one of the best in this particular procedure. The surgeon should also be board-certified, because this shows the doctor has been through a rigorous educational and training process. Certification with a board designated by the American Board of Medical Specialties is a plus.

Selecting a Procedure:
The type of procedure used for the breast augmentation will also affect the cost. More extensive procedures involve a general anesthetic and may include an overnight in the hospital, which will raise the breast augmentation price. If the procedure is performed in a hospital, it will probably cost more than procedures performed in a clinic or outpatient facility. It is very important to choose the procedure based on what works best for you and not on one with the lower price tag. You and your doctor should partner together to determine which surgical procedure will best meet your needs and be safest for you.

Type of Implants:
Both silicone and saline breast implants are available, and each will vary slightly in terms of cost. There are advantages and disadvantages with each type of implant, and it is up to a patient and doctor to determine which will provide the best fit in each situation. Some doctors do not offer a silicone implant option, because a former FDA ban on the implants left many doctors with limited experience in this type of breast augmentation procedure. While the type of implant will not be chosen with price as a factor, this determination will give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of breast augmentation.

Other Procedures:
In some cases, breast augmentation may be combined with other cosmetic procedures. For example, some doctors will perform breast augmentation with a breast lift at the same time, raising the cost of the procedure. The advantage to this approach is that the patient receives two surgical procedures with only one dose of anesthesia. Because of the risks associated with general anesthesia, many doctors prefer to combine procedures into a single surgery. However, the additional time and resources involved will make for a higher breast augmentation price overall.

Where you live will also affect the cost of breast augmentation. It is important to compare prices within your immediate area to ensure you are getting the best idea of how your doctor's costs stack up. Cost varies from state to state, and urban areas may typically cost a bit more, while the price in rural areas may be lower.

Financing Breast Augmentation:
Once all the factors have been weighed and a final cost of breast augmentation has been estimated, it is time to determine how to pay for your procedure. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of breast augmentation, because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. This means the bills are paid out of the patient's pocket. However, many cosmetic surgeons offer financing plans to make procedures more affordable. Some financial institutions also provide loans specifically for cosmetic procedures, with reasonable rates and terms.

To learn more about breast augmentation costs in your area, contact us today and arrange for your own private consultation with a reputable breast enlargement surgeon near you.

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