Ready for Plastic Surgery? 5 Questions you Should Ask Yourself

by April Maguire

Ready for Plastic Surgery? 5 Questions you Should Ask Yourself

Bothered by that bump on your nose or extra few pounds around your midsection? Thanks to plastic surgery, all those minor imperfections can be a thing of the past. Still, making permanent alterations to your appearance is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. If you’re thinking of going under the knife in the near future, ask yourself the following five questions to make sure you’re truly ready:

1. What alternatives exist, if any?

There’s no sense in undergoing a full facelift if a simple chemical peel will yield similar results. Before scheduling that surgical procedure, take the time to research alternative treatments for the issue in question. You should also speak to multiple doctors before making any decisions. Remember, plastic surgery is permanent and you don’t want to wind up with regrets.

2. Is the surgery risky?

Every surgery includes some degree of risk and cosmetic procedures are no exception to the rule. From blood loss to infection and botched surgeries, simple cosmetic enhancements can have a host of negative effects that vary from one individual to the next. Before you book a procedure, you should ask your doctor to list all the possible side effects. Weigh the benefits of the treatment against all potential consequences before making your final decision.

3. Why now?

Almost as important as the choice to pursue plastic surgery is the decision of when to do so. Before scheduling a procedure, make sure you have plenty of time to rest and recuperate after it’s over. Additionally, you should avoid opting for surgery because of a special offer or incentive at the treatment center. Wait until the time is truly right for you to make this life-altering decision.

4. Are my expectations realistic?

Plastic surgery results vary from person to person and there’s a good chance your nose job will look completely different from your friend’s. In addition to viewing before-and-after photos from past patients, ask your doctor how your specific body will look post surgery. Having realistic expectations is the best way to avoid disappointment and regret after the fact.

5. Am I doing this for me or for someone else?

Although plastic surgery can have a significant effect on your self esteem, it’s a mistake to expect your life to change dramatically post op. Ask yourself why you’re seeking surgery, and if it’s for someone else’s sake, consider reconsidering. If you’re pursuing surgery for the wrong reasons, you’ll likely end up regretting the choice in the long run.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a serious one. Do your research and consider all the ramifications before opting to go under the knife.

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