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VelaShape™ VelaShape™ is an FDA-approved, non-surgical body contouring treatment.  VelaShape uses elos technology to help tone and shape your body.  Elos technology involves the combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage.  The infrared light and RF energy evenly heats and stimulates the deepest layers of tissue, while the vacuum skin rollers smoothes out skin.  VelaShape basically increases the metabolism of stored energy, which allows this body shaping treatment to shrink or reduce the size of fat cells and fat chambers. 

VelaShape offers a great non-invasive alternative to Liposuction and plastic surgery.  VelaShape, while not marketed to this degree, can alsohelp with cellulite as an alternative to Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve.  VelaShape uses no drugs and has no side effects.  VelaShape can help shape the thighs, buttocks, love handles, and abdomen.

Typical Minimum Cost of VelaShape™ (based on national averages):
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Typical Maximum Cost of VelaShape™ (based on national averages):
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National Average Cost of VelaShape™:
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Time Required for VelaShape™:
VelaShape consists of series of treatments, each lasting 30-40 minutes
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Is VelaShape™ an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
Out Patient
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What are the Side Effects of VelaShape™?
Most people experience no serious side effects although minor redness is common.
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How Long do VelaShape™ results last?
Results are visible in as little as 4 treatments, treatments will need to be continued to maintain long lasting results.
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What is the recovery time for VelaShape™?
VelaShape requires no downtime.
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What types of anesthesia is necessary for VelaShape™?
Some patients describe it as a pinching sensation, but most find it to be similar to deep tissue massage.
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VelaShape™ Testimonials:

June 4, 2016
"The procedure can be a little uncomfortable at times, but the technician is quick to adjust things to make it more comfortable. I've had four treatments so far and am satisfied with the results I'm already seeing."
Customer Rating.... 5.0

November 4, 2015
"Thought it was going to be like all the rest. The business made me feel comfortable and the staff was very friendly. My procedure wasn't to painful."
Customer Rating.... 5.0

August 5, 2015
"Carly was informative, explained every detail and made me feel at ease from the start. She was as excited about my results as I was- her energy, enthusiasm and belief in the procedure made the experience great! "
Customer Rating.... 5.0

June 15, 2015
"I'm real pleased with results so far. My only concern is it seems like my right side of stomach is a bit smaller then my left side so I would like to even the left side to match the right side. I just don't know what it would take to do this, however, I do have one more treatment left. I would like to talk to the doctor for additional treatments on other areas (arms). We will see what things look like 6 months down the chosen path of this procedure."
Customer Rating.... 4.7

March 22, 2014
"It is a painful treatment. I am given different advice every time I go as to whether or not to exercise before I have the treatment or afterwards. I see a small amount of results each time. I am hopeful that the one to two hour long treatments will work."
LINDA H. - Fort Washington, PA
Customer Rating.... 4.1

February 13, 2014
"All 3 girls who have given me treatments have been wonderful. They answered questions, made me comfortable. The only critique I have would be that they each perform the Vela part of my treatment differently. The length of time is different and the amount of pressure. Sometimes I feel satisfied with it and other times I do not."
CHERYL B. - Rochester, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

February 13, 2014
"Everything seems to be going well so far. My final results are not visible yet. So I'm hoping to improve them at this point."
CHERYL B. - Rochester, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

September 7, 2013
"I was a great experience over all! I think after this procedure, I might look into doing more procedures with this company."
ASHTON W. - Collierville, TN
Customer Rating.... 4.3

November 4, 2012
"I feel that everyone was nice and positive. I feel good about the procedure I am having and glad that it is noninvasive."
KAY R. - San Mateo, CA
Customer Rating.... 4.3

October 18, 2012
"This better work, for the money. I'm giving this 110%. i don't have a lot of money, but i like what i heard and saw. I'm praying that the money that i spent and invest will prove it self out. I'm a single parent."
KATHY C. - Chicago, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.0

June 19, 2012
"My tech that did my treatments, Jaimeann at the Temecula Calif office was wonderful! She was very knowledgeable in the Velashape & was very friendly."
STEPHANIE W. - Fallbrook, CA
Customer Rating.... 4.6

June 11, 2012
"After my complimentary visit, I had bruising and even developed a burn blister from the heat from the Velashape machine. Due to this, I decided not to purchase any further sessions."
DARLENE L. - Ann Arbor, MI
Customer Rating.... 1.0

May 15, 2012
"I do not feel that I achieved the results of the velashape I purchased. Especially, after so many treatments. I am not overweight, so this should not have been an impossible feat. I feel that I should be given the additional treatments needed to obtain my very achievable results. Otherwise, I am just spending more money and still don't know if I will get the results. I could have had lipo or cool sculpting, be finished and spent the same amount of money. I think, especially in my case at 120 lbs., that I should be given the extra treatments to reduce my stomach area. I wear a size 4, so something is wrong, if I can't get rid of several inches in my belly area!"
PAT C. - Virgina Beach, VA
Customer Rating.... 4.4

November 1, 2011
"I am really looking forward to seeing results. I am excited and hope this really works. If I am satisfied with the results I will definitely recommend this place to many people I know who will take advantage of getting their body or procedure done. Thank u if this does show a satisfactory improvement on my body you would truly be a blessing to me and I would try and get many people to get laser surgery done. I would be a walking testimony of proof."
CYNTHIA S. - Delafield, WI
Customer Rating.... 4.8

May 17, 2011
"The consultant and office staff made me feel really comfortable in my decision. I can't wait to see my results!"
NICOLE F. - Brooklyn, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

May 13, 2011
"it was great. everyone is nice and even though money is tight i liked the choice i made."
ASHLEY D. - Joliet, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.6

April 26, 2009
"After I met with the consultant and put a down payment for the treatment, I knew I made a mistake. I thought about how she couldn't answer my main question about the difference of the mesotheropy and the velashape. I am actually interested in the mesotheropy,but she didn't know anything about it. The service for mesotheropy is not available there. So, I thought I was doing the velashape, but on the form she wrote velasmooth. I am not sure what the difference of the two, but from the sound of it, I should be getting the velashape instead. Unless they are both the same treatment. I will not have the treatment done. I do not feel comfortable about how the outcome will be. The pictures that I saw ended up being pictures that are from the website,and not from real people that had the treatments there. She also stated that I would be paying for 10 treatments,but if I had results before the 10 treatments that I could do a different kind of treatment,or save the rest for another time. I honestly think I should be paying for the treatments that I am receiving. NOT EXTRA!"
CATPHUONG D. - Houston, TX
Customer Rating.... 2.3


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