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You can restore your hair in as little as four weeks with Hair Club's Bio-Matrix Strand-by-Strand hair replacement procedure. An expert hair replacement specialist will conduct a microscopic analysis of your scalp's spiraling crown area and other balding or thinning areas.

A licensed and certified Hair Club specialist will add real human hair one strand at a time, duplicating the unique organic pattern of hair growth on your head, using a method of crisscrossing transparent fibers. In just one session, you can do a full replacement for a dramatic immediate change. You can also choose a more gradual option that restores your hair over several less noticeable stages.

BioMatrix Testimonials:

January 16, 2015
"The staff was great, the stylist was so funny and friendly as well as doing her job."
BETTY Y. - Bessemer, AL
Customer Rating.... 5.0

January 16, 2015
"Hair is a woman's pride and joy, so it would be nice for better additional financing."
JOYCE S. - Lawnside, NJ
Customer Rating.... 5.0

August 3, 2014
"Excellent Service"
GAJALAKSHMI R. - Buffalo Grove, IL
Customer Rating.... 3.6


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