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Hair Club - Nashville

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278 Franklin Road
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
DISTANCE: 10.3 miles

Nearby Neighborhoods & Landmarks: Edmondson - Cloverland, Granny White, Southeast , The Mall at Green Hills

Hair Transplant Surgery Specialists in Nashville

You’ve reached Plastic Surgery Portal’s network of Hair Transplant Surgery experts in Nashville. Above, you’ll find a list of certified Hair Transplant Surgery doctors located in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Hair Transplant Surgery is a permanent solution for hair loss that involves an advanced grafting technique that allows real hair to grow from your scalp again. Call or click a Nashville Hair Transplant name from the list above to schedule a consultation.


Non Signature Certified Plastic Surgeons in Nashville

The following providers are not currently members of the Plastic Surgery Portal national network. We can not confirm that they offer the procedure you are looking for.
Brian P. Tierney, MD
552 Close Lane
Nashville, TN 37205
Bryan D. Oslin, MD
4230 Harding Rd, Suite 101
Nashville, TN 37205
Caroline H. Chester, MD
2201 Murphy Avenue, Suite 409
Nashville, TN 37203
David E. McKee, MD
3443 Dickerson Pike, Suite 740
Nashville, TN 37207
Donald W. Griffin, MD
250 25th Avenue N., Suite 316
Nashville, TN 37203
Drew A. Kreegel, MD FACS
2309 Crestmoor Road, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37215
G Patrick Maxwell, MD
Baptist Medical Pl. II/806
Nashville, TN 37203
J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
2103 Crestmoor Road
Nashville, TN 37215
Jack Fisher, MD
310 23rd Avenue North, Suite 101
Nashville, TN 37203
James J. Madden, Jr., MD
4535 Harding Road, Suite 304
Nashville, TN 37205
Joseph B. DeLozier, III, MD
209 23rd Avenue N.
Nashville, TN 37203
Kevin F. Hagan, MD
2100 Pierce Avenue 230 MCS
Nashville, TN 37232
Kevin J. Kelly, MD, DDS
2100 Pierce Avenue 230 MCS
Nashville, TN 37232
Lois Wagstrom, MD
250 25th Avenue North, Suite 301
Nashville, TN 37203
Mary K. Gingrass, MD
1915 State Street
Nashville, TN 37203
Michael Stephanides, MD
310 23rd Avenue N.
Nashville, TN 37203
Nicholas Sieveking, MD
310 23rd Avenue North, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37203
R. Bruce Shack, MD
2100 Pierce Ave. 230 MCS
Nashville, TN 37232
Roosevelt Peebles, Jr., MD
1916 Patterson Street, Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37203
4515 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205
Stephen M. Davis, MD, FACS
2400 Patterson Street, Suite 516
Nashville, TN 37203
Ted A. Behar, MD
397 Wallace Road, Suite 101
Nashville, TN 37211
Thomas W. Orcutt, MD
310 23rd Avenue N, Suite 401
Nashville, TN 37203

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