Ziering Medical - Chicago
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Ziering Medical - Chicago

Location: 120 Oakbrook Center Dr. Suite 308 Oakbrook, IL 60523

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The art and science of hair restoration has gone up a few notches. For comprehensive hair restoration care and compassionate customer service, look no further than the Oak Brook clinic and surgical center of Ziering Medical.

Born from the innovative spirit of Dr. Craig Ziering, Ziering Medical knows that the highest quality care and technology provide the most natural looking hair transplant results. Patients interested in filling out that bald spot, bringing down that hairline, and adding thickness to light hair can feel complete confidence when they walk through the doors at Ziering Medical.

Using a wide range of the industry’s most current techniques and technologies, Ziering Medical offers several options for all different types of hair restoration patients. They were one of the first hair loss clinics to integrate follicular unit extraction robotic technology ARTAS. The ARTAS application uses state-of-the-art imaging and positioning capabilities to perfectly extract donor hair follicles from different places on the scalp and body as flawlessly and quickly as possible!

Take your hair back. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your level of hair loss or would like to research your options for hair transplant surgery, please contact one of our on-call representatives today! Your hair is within reach. Ziering Medical helps you bring it back one follicle at a time!