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Bosley Hair Restoration - Salt Lake City


Location: 4001 South 700 East Suite 500 Salt Lake City, UT 84107

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There are permanent hair loss solutions that are both effective and simple to obtain. Bosley Medical in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides information on incredible hair loss treatments at their free consultations. For the procedure itself, Salt Lake City patients can undergo their follicular unit transplantations at any of the Bosley surgical facilities. A micro-graft uses your follicular units as they naturally occur, if you preserve their natural composition then your grafts will look and grow more natural.

Bosley hair transplant experts in Salt Lake City have over ten years of experience and continue to educate themselves on new methods of hair restoration. It’s this commitment to building their skills that makes Bosley's hair transplant surgeons some of the best in the country.

At a free consultation in Utah, one of Bosley's hair loss specialists will evaluate your hair with a magnified scalp analysis. By using a video-microscope, these hair loss specialists are able to inspect every detail of your thinning areas and donor area. When you’re ready to see a hair transplant surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT, come to Bosley!