Bosley Hair Restoration - Nashua
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Bosley Hair Restoration - Nashua


Location: 20 Trafalgar Square Suite 438 Nashua, NH 03063

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*This Bosley Medical location only performs consultations. Nashua Hair Transplant patients will be referred to the Boston office for surgery.

In Nashua, NH, hair transplant and hair loss patients often seek out Bosley Medical for professional hair restoration help. As a leading hair loss resource in New Hampshire and across the country, Bosley Hair Restoration has the experience and the modern technology to treat a majority of patients in various stages of hair loss!

Aside from consultations for hair transplant surgery, Nashua patients also visit Bosley for effective hair loss medication, laser hair therapy, and topical hair loss products.

For more information about hair restoration in New Hampshire, or to schedule your free hair transplant consultation in Nashua, NH, with Bosley, contact our representatives!