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Angela L. Heitman at Allure Hair Restoration of Warren

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If you are looking for hair restoration in the metropolitan Detroit area, Allure Hair Restoration of Warren is the perfect place for you! With five locations across metropolitan Detroit, Allure Hair Restoration provides NeoGraft hair transplants to hair restoration patients.

NeoGraft is a follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedure that extracts individual follicles from a donor area without scarring. The least invasive hair transplant procedure available on the market, NeoGraft allows for shorter recovery times, little to no discomfort, fewer post procedure activity restrictions, no staples or stitches, no linear scar and no numbness where donor hair is harvested. Patients are typically able to go back to work the next day. The procedure transplants about twice as many hair grafts and offers up to a 50 percent cost savings as manual follicular unit extraction.

Angela L. Heitman and her professional team of cosmetic surgeons and providers offer a patient-centered approach in a safe and private environment. Allure Hair Restoration of Warren is focused on providing high quality patient care.

If you are interested in hair restoration treatments in the metropolitan Detroit area, try Allure Hair Restoration of Warren! Schedule a free consultation at Allure Hair Restoration of Warren today.