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Zerona™ A rising procedure in the laser liposuction and laser fat removal category is Zerona™ Laser treatment. Reportedly simple and painless, Zerona is a non-invasive body contouring method that uses low level laser technology to emulsify fat cells without burning the skin.

Recommended for treating excess fat deposits on the thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach and abdomen, Zerona can reportedly produce inch loss results of 2-4 inches on treated areas—for some patients, results are even greater. Treatment usually consists of six Zerona laser sessions over the course of two weeks, but recommendations may vary from patient to patient.

Unlike other popular liposuction methods like tumescent liposuction, Vaser LipoSelection, or SmartLipo, the Zerona is a completely non-invasive treatment and is reportedly pain-free. Zerona also offers the benefit of zero recovery time post treatment. Patients can resume their normal routine immediately.

More about Zerona: Zerona Zeros in on Body Fat

Time Required for Zerona™:
A single Zerona session typically lasts from 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the area being treated. It's recommended that most patients undergo about six sessions to receive optimum results. 

Is Zerona™ an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
Out Patient 

What are the Side Effects of Zerona™?
Since Zerona is a non-surgical procedure, there are no major side effects currently associated with it. Additionally, most patients report that treatments are completely pain-free. 

How Long do Zerona™ results last?
Results should be visible in as little as two weeks. Most patients experience around 2-4 inches of fat loss on treated areas, if not more. Zerona laser results aren't permanent, but can be maintained with proper diet and exercise, and semi-frequent touch-up treatments. 

What is the recovery time for Zerona™?
Zerona requires no recovery time. 

What types of anesthesia is necessary for Zerona™?
Since Zerona is non-invasive, and most patients report that the treatment is completely painless, no anesthesia is used. 

Typical Minimum Cost of Zerona™ (based on national averages):
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Typical Maximum Cost of Zerona™ (based on national averages):
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National Average Cost of Zerona™:
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Zerona™ Testimonials:

October 9, 2014
MERCY T. - Ridgewood, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.5

July 22, 2014
"Everything was great "
MONICA A. - Ellenville, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

July 22, 2014
"Everything went phenomenally"
MONICA A. - Ellenville, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

June 23, 2014
"satisfied so far ..... only mid way done"
NONI K. - Bronx, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

May 8, 2014
"happy so far."
DAWN B. - Rexford, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

April 8, 2014
"The staff are sweet, friendly and do a very thorough job w/ treatments"
JUDITH H. - Rochester, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.6

March 19, 2014
"I think the length of sessions were good. The staff is excellent, they are very considerate. It was a relaxing session."
PHILLIPA W. - Rochester, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.5

March 19, 2014
"I had a few different things. I love Zerona, I am very very pleased with results."
CHERYL B. - Rochester, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

March 13, 2014
"Length was about an hour. The equipment was satisfactory. Measurements were up to date. I am so far pleased, with my results."
MATTHEW M. - Thiells, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

February 27, 2014
"I loved the procedure and so did my daughter"
JOSEPHINE M. - Bayside, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

October 2, 2013
"Hoping to see good results. don't see any yet after 4 treatments."
YOLANDA S. - New York, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.2

June 10, 2013
"It's better now that they have a new laser. It wasn't as good as it was now."
AIMEE R. - East Northport, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.6

June 10, 2013
"I am definitely satisfied. The results I am receiving now are more than I expected. The treatments are less painful than the old machine."
Customer Rating.... 5.0

June 10, 2013
"Really satisfied with results for lhr. I saw an improvement on all areas. I didn't see results I expected I thought it would be more powerful. I got some results. "
LORENA S. - Bronx, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.6

June 7, 2013
"It was pretty good. I don't have anything negative to say. "
OMID T. - Huntington, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.7

June 7, 2013
"My expectations are everything and more. The results were fantastic. The response time was pretty rapid as far as results. Very comfortable experience. The aestheticians are very pleasant especially the assistant manager- Vetvada David. She really explained the process as well as nutrition. It helped motivate me to look at it more as a process that will improve my health overall. "
POLLY S. - New York, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

June 7, 2013
"The laser hair removal was working perfectly. I still have a couple more sessions left. I got Zerona and I didn't do what I suppose to and I bet it would have worked. I can talk with Maria and she is always helpful. I like it better than the Rockville Center Office."
TALINE K. - Seaford, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

June 6, 2013
"Expectations were what I expected but not what I hoped. "
PATRICIA S. - Garrison, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.8

June 6, 2013
"I purchased the velashape along with the Zerona. I did six treatments. I lost an inch and a half on my waist. I also diet and exercise. I have six treatments left. I'm very happy with it. "
LORANN P. - Selden, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.6

June 6, 2013
"The results are better now from the new machine. The results were bad before with the older machine. "
DANA P. - Suffern, NY
Customer Rating.... 2.9

June 6, 2013
"I didn't see any results. My expectations were not met. "
CHENEE L. - New York, NY
Customer Rating.... 2.1

June 6, 2013
"I think mostly lived up to what I anticipated. I had laser hair removal and it's mostly gone. "
SARA B. - New York, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.3

June 6, 2013
"The people were really great. Zamina was great, she was wonderful. The treatments didn't do much. I was given extra treatments. I didn't see many results. "
FILOMENA A. - New York, NY
Customer Rating.... 2.9

June 4, 2013
"The treatment length is a little longer than expected but I am not complaining already see a change and lost 5 lbs after only 1 time. The appointment times for afternoon (after work) get book very quickly. I could not do it on lunch break. "
SORAYA C. - Port Chester, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

May 29, 2013
"My treatments are still ongoing but I feel a difference. It does take a little more time than I thought to actually see results, but I am happy so far. The woman there are wonderful, helpful. I enjoy seeing them each time. I can give you a better review when I am done with my treatments"
ROSE C. - Eastchester, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.8

April 30, 2013
"I have had different technicians each time and there is never consistency. I have not had any results from the velashape or zerona treatments, so far I have had 4 vela & 6 zerona, and I believe part of that is because no one ever does it the same way. I have consistently had bad experiences with the velashape treatments- on multiple occasions the techs only treated me for 10 minutes and part of the time there was no skin contact with the vela rollers."
JOANNA(VALLI) S. - West Chester, PA
Customer Rating.... 3.2

March 20, 2013
"quick and easy, actually relaxing"
CHRIS ANN S. - Mamaroneck, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

March 14, 2013
"I've had many treatments offered. Each one was just as described, with no surprises. I find the staff to be well trained & pleasant."
MAGGIE H. - Saint James, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

February 24, 2013
"So far it has been very easy and enjoyable. The staff is very friendly and encouraging. It also helps that they have also had the treatment. I look forward to the results."
MARTHA B. - Garden City, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.5

February 19, 2013
"i didn't get the results i thought it should of been. The people were very nice . Wouldn't do it again. Too much money for the 1% results."
DIANE F. - Oceanside, NY
Customer Rating.... 3.2

February 18, 2013
"Zerona had a great 2 day sale... 20 min session per area. Results were wonderful and exceeded my expectations."
EILEEN H. - Saratoga Springs, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

February 8, 2013
"I had bought the Zerona and Vela Shape originally. I was so displeased with the entire experience I called to ask for a refund on the Vela shape. I knew not to ask for Zerona. They offered to redo the Zerona but it takes two weeks and I do not have that much time as I travel for work. The December time-frame worked as I was off for the end of the year. VERY dissatisfied and spent so much money I had to finance part of it. It was the first time I had ever done anything for me and will be my last."
PATTY P. - Conroe, TX
Customer Rating.... 2.2

January 29, 2013
"I feel that the Zerona treatments are a total scam and I will not be happy or satisfied with a total refund for the Zerona. I think that the services at American Laser are applied in an assembly line fashion. It was better if the same person attended to me but some of the assistants made me feel as if they couldn't get on to the next patient fast enough. I was definitely disappointed in quality of service from some of the staff. I had horrible bruising and pain for the cheek filling from the first person but the second person did an excellent job. Again, I will feel satisfied for a total refund of the Zerona treatments even though I feel overall I did not receive nearly the quality of treatment for the other services I received. Who can I contact to receive a refund? I don't want to have to go online to complain but I haven't been so dissatisfied with a company ever before."
CYNDI K. - Greendale, WI
Customer Rating.... 2.0


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