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Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment that removes superficially damaged skin. The process involves a controlled spray of fine aluminum oxide, which is applied to the skin to smoothe fine wrinkles & help erase acne blemishes, superficial age spots & large pores. Sun spot and scar removal can also be accomplished with microdermabrasion.

Often referred to as intense exfoliation for the skin, microdermabrasion isn't the best method for treating deep wrinkles, but can remove fine lines and superficial blemishes with minimal risk or downtime. Patients can request microdermabrasion treatments at most cosmetic clinics, as well as a majority of medical spas and day spas.

Typical Minimum Cost of Microdermabrasion (based on national averages):
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Typical Maximum Cost of Microdermabrasion (based on national averages):
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National Average Cost of Microdermabrasion:
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Time Required for Microdermabrasion:
Microdermabrasion is usually performed in about 30-60 minutes.
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Is Microdermabrasion an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
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What are the Side Effects of Microdermabrasion?
Patients usually see slight flaking for several days following the treatment.
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How Long do Microdermabrasion results last?
The duration of results can depend on the severity of the skin damage. Follow-up treatments should be pursued according to patient preference, though many professionals suggest a package of 5-12 treatments, spaced at least 2 weeks apart. It is said that the more treatments you have, the less they'll be needed in the future.
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What is the recovery time for Microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion requires no downtime. Patients can comfortably resume normal activities after a treatment.
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Will my insurance company cover Microdermabrasion?
Because of the cosmetic nature of microdermabrasion, insurance usually does not apply.
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Is there much discomfort for Microdermabrasion?
This is a gentle process involving little to no discomfort.
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What types of anesthesia is necessary for Microdermabrasion?
None required.
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What else can I combine Microdermabrasion with?
Microdermabrasion can be quite effective on its own, but for enhanced results, some doctors combine it with:
* gentle chemical peels

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What else is Microdermabrasion referred to as?
Intense exfoliation, power peel, dermabrasion, skin rejuvenation.
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Microdermabrasion Testimonials:

November 12, 2014
"I love it, it's great."
Customer Rating.... 5.0

September 28, 2014
"Great equipment and even better people. Your staff is excellent at making the appointments as comfortable as possible."
MICHAEL K. - Farmington, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.7

September 27, 2014
"I was given excellent deal that i had to negotiate. 10 sessions for $300, 5 micro, 5 peels. Excellent results even though extraction services are provided with peels (with visible acne). I wish make up removal was a little more professional vs. Baby wipes. Overall, i am very satisfied with American Laser centers. This was my first visit to 14 union sq location. Loved the 50% discount on Vivite products! I hope to receive an even better deal on future services. I have not received any emails lately from the Center. I miss the "open house events, with wine and complimentary services. Overall i am satisfied with professional staff and quality services provided."
JUSTYNA J. - Staten Island, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.3

September 15, 2014
"happy with everything"
ANNIE R. - Floral Park, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.8

September 15, 2014
"My tech was Cassandra, she was great, gentle, has a great personality"
ANNIE R. - Floral Park, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.8

August 8, 2014
"treatment was thorough and thoughtful (focus on problem areas)"
SUSAN R. - New York, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

July 29, 2014
"used the new type of microderm and was pleased. It did not leave the sandy feel on my face and my face was much brighter."
CINDY P. - Albany, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.9

July 22, 2014
"New version of microdermabrasion without use of crystals is much more thorough, less messy. Nutrients infused into skin. See results already after one session."
RHONDA R. - Spencerport, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.6

June 19, 2014
"While 'bare bones', no change of clothes, nor protection for clothing against grit from microdermabrasion, the aesthetician was totally lovely, caring, and did a thorough and fine procedure."
JUDY P. - Bayside, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.2

June 10, 2014
"I like everything no need to wait, excellent machines, amazing results."
SIMPLE B. - New Hyde Park, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

June 8, 2014
"Love how smooth my skin feels after microdermabrasion treatment. I'm very happy to have Melissa as my consultant/technician, she answered all my questions and concerns and made me feel very much at ease."
FRANCES B. - Staten Island, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.0

May 8, 2014
"I was very pleased with the results of my treatment. My skin feels soft and smooth and there are no dry patches. The acne scarring has reduced by a lot. I had a little redness for a day and my skin felt irritated for a few hours but I had no major problems. The staff was very nice and made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and even made suggestions of products and other treatments."
RUBY R. - Rochester, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.7

March 25, 2014
"first time i had a microdermabrasion, it was awesome, staff explained everything and were great"
JEAN F. - Nassau, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

March 24, 2014
"My results were better than I had expected. I had a lot of sun damage on my sides. I was happy that the sun damaged was completely gone with less than 15 treatments."
STACEY B. - Farmingdale, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

March 21, 2014
"All expectations are met love the staff I would continue my services at this location."
BEATRIZ V. - Bronx, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.4

March 19, 2014
"Everything went well. The results are as expected."
HILLARY R. - Suffern, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.0

March 11, 2014
"Inna was entirely professional and gentle."
VANESSA B. - New York, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.1

March 11, 2014
"The treatment was very brief in time. The aesthetician was a lovely woman named Inna."
VANESSA B. - New York, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.1

February 27, 2014
"The treatment improved my skin"
RHONDA R. - Spencerport, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

January 15, 2014
"I have only had one treatment so I am not really sure yet, the hair on my legs seems the same, but I did handle the treatment well. Bobbi has reassured me that when I am done I will be hairless for good, so I have great expectations."
KATHY M. - Schoharie, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.2

October 17, 2013
"I am very satisfied on starting to finally see the results of the treatment, i was told when i started, that it was going to take me awhile for me to see results, and they were right! But now that I'm beginning to see results, i cannot tell you enough how happy i am! My face was horrible, i was embarrassed to get close to people, and now, i don't even wear makeup anymore, only on Sundays to go to church! I'm only half way there, cant wait to see the end result! I also have acne scarring on my back, i have started treatment on that also, haven't seen any difference yet, but i know its just a matter of time until i see the same results as on my face! Thanks staff at American Skin Laser, & specially to the girl doing my treatments!!"
DIANA S. - Wyoming, MI
Customer Rating.... 5.0

July 10, 2013
"I'm looking forward to my appointment :) The consultation experience was very pleasant and exciting. I can't to see my results. I would definitely recommend this place of business to anyone. I've already bought the Vivite facial wash, hydrating cream, and sunscreen. I've been using this product for almost a week which will be Friday. Since using the facial care products my skin is more smooth and my hyper pigmentation has changed to look better. I thought that when i started using this product that I was just hallucinating. I'm very excited for this appointment and future appointment for my results!!!! Thank you! ^_^"
WILLAMENA C. - Chicago, IL
Customer Rating.... 5.0

February 18, 2013
"VelaShape did not work at all on me and was a waste of money. Skin tightening has helped some. Not sure what the botox did. Microdermabrasion was nice. Laser hair removal on my back was a pain, but in the end the result was excellent. "
DOUG F. - Rochester, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.5

November 16, 2012
"Had the consult, and three procedures on the spot. The Price however, after being at home, reviewing my receipt, I was charged a higher price for the Botox than quoted in the office, and the Lip treatment only being the next day... if off kilter... top left side of lip is larger that right side, and the lower lip does not seem to have any injectable, so not sure what can be done now?"
BEA K. - West Chicago, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.6

January 24, 2006
"Although the price was a bit high, I'm looking forward to a good, perhaps even amazing result. I wish the procedure could be done a little faster."
TED P. - Chicago, IL
Customer Rating.... 3.8

February 18, 2005
"Jamie was exceptional in explaining everything to us (myself and my fiance) from beginning to end. Jamie is very caring and understanding. She influenced my decision to have this procedure done because she was thorough, knowledgeable and very patient. I had a million questions and she answered all of them!! I am looking forward to this procedure!"
CHERYL I. - Streamwood, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.2


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