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eMatrix An innovative Syneron skin care device, the eMatrix™ system takes a non-invasive, non-laser approach to treating facial wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin tone, and skin laxity for a wide variety of patients.

The eMatrix system uses Sublative Rejuvenation™ technology, which is considered much safer and gentler than traditional fractional laser skin treatments. The eMatrix system delivers sublative rejuvenation with fractionated bipolar RF energy, harmlessly penetrating surface skin to correct existing imperfections in the deeper, dermis skin layer.

Since the eMatrix system doesn't utilize strong lasers and is completely non-invasive, patients of various skin tones and skin sensitivities can be successfully treated. eMatrix skin rejuvenation treatments can even be customized to the patient's ideal dermal heating intensity and depth. eMatrix treatment program options include:

  • Program A: Shallow impact, mild ablation
  • Program B: Mid-level impact, moderate ablation
  • Program C: Deepest impact, intense ablation
For the best skin rejuvenation results, eMatrix patients are advised to undergo a minimum of 3 treatments at 4-6 week intervals.

Typical Minimum Cost of eMatrix (based on national averages):
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Typical Maximum Cost of eMatrix (based on national averages):
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National Average Cost of eMatrix:
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Time Required for eMatrix:
eMatrix treatments can typically be performed in 10-20 minutes.
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Is eMatrix an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
eMatrix is an outpatient procedure.
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What are the Side Effects of eMatrix?
At this time there are no known major side effects for eMatrix.
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How Long do eMatrix results last?
After completing an initial eMatrix treatment package, skin rejuvenation results can be experienced long-term. Some patients may need occasional eMatrix touch-up sessions to maintain their best results.

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What is the recovery time for eMatrix?
No recovery time is needed following eMatrix treatments.
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Will my insurance company cover eMatrix?
Since eMatrix mainly corrects cosmetic skin issues, eMatrix treatments typically aren't covered by insurance.
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Is there much discomfort for eMatrix?
Patients shouldn't experience pain or major discomfort during eMatrix treatment sessions. If an eMatrix treatment is too uncomfortable, ask your provider to adjust to a lower intensity setting.
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What types of anesthesia is necessary for eMatrix?
No anesthesia is required with eMatrix treatments. A topical numbing cream may be used upon patient request or by provider recommendation.
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What else can I combine eMatrix with?
Depending on what your provider recommends, eMatrix treatments may be combined with other skin rejuvenation treatments like Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, IPL Photofacial or filler injections.

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What else is eMatrix referred to as?
ematrix skin rejuvenation system, ematrix sublative rejuvenation, ematrix skin tightening, etc.
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eMatrix Testimonials:

October 22, 2014
"Ematrix has shown the best results of any treatment have purchased from American Laser. I am not crazy about the how swollen my face looked for about 6 days after, but it was worth it for the result."
JUDITH H. - Rochester, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.8

July 30, 2014
"so far I am very happy with the services I have received."
Customer Rating.... 5.0

July 21, 2014
"Good treatment - see a visible difference"
JAYASHREE B. - Valley Stream, NY
Customer Rating.... 3.9

May 14, 2014
"I find the staff knowledgeable and professional. The clinic bright and clean. The services just as described. I've had the right results for each treatment."
MAGGIE H. - Saint James, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

August 15, 2013
"Ms. Maria did a great job... She's very pleasant and nice to me... I like her very much :) she explained the procedure to me and answered all my questions. She gave me hope :)"
SANDY BELLE V. - Virginia Beach, VA
Customer Rating.... 4.0

March 26, 2013
"Nurse was very nice and kind, cooperating completely with my needs and wishes and fulfilled my expectations. So far, I am very happy with treatment, it didn't hurt at all, and it's not burning --at all- the next day-today...and I am not even close red-skin like my girlfriend was after treatment, and like people are on online eMatrix reviews. I guess I am very lucky, and of course, the nurse's professional skills are evident. : ) Also, maybe I responded so well, cause last 3 weeks I'm on detoxes, full body cleanses, high quality organic vitamin C and multivitamins... My skin respond to procedure, and day after; really excellent. I hope it will continue to be that way, and outgrow my scars with new collagen. I'm 'feeding' it with a lot of moisturizer. Thank you."
MARIJA B. - Astoria, NY
Customer Rating.... 5.0

September 18, 2012
"Good experience so far. As promised by the consultant I want to get rid of at least 75% scars from my face. I appreciate if the specialist handles my case with lot of care as I have my wedding due in the next three months. Based on the results I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends too."
JAGAN N. - Webster, NY
Customer Rating.... 4.8

June 7, 2012
"Love Nicole, Cheryl, everyone so nice and always accommodating to all my needs, questions, whatever. They are GREAT. E-matrix OK, not quite sure if the the pain during treatments and burning afterwards are worth the result, or the $, however. I have had some results, but nothing like the pictures that i was presented... price is really an issue, the charges are really too much for me."
WENDE W. - Downers Grove, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.4

March 24, 2012
"This is a Medical procedure, it would have been nice to have a doctor to speak with or one on sight(i thought there was one there) but the specialist was both knowledgeable and confident. With her schooling and experience in the field she seemed competent & qualified to do the procedure. She offered me 3 different procedures bundled into one somewhat affordable package (it was above what i hoped to spend) if i signed with her @ that time. So, with all 3 procedures included, i was satisfied with the purchase & i proceeded forward. She told me i needed to have my scar-type verified by a Dr. I did but in retrospect, i wish i had gone to a dermatologist first for advice. My Dr. gave me her consent and she & her staff are eager to see my results. So i do feel somewhat reassured having her monitor me should i need. i will see her following the procedures. I am hopeful that ALC is reputable and conscientious and that my experience ends as well as it began. We're going to do an everyday picture to see the process actually happening, I'll be excited to see it in the end. Thank you for YOUR follow up work as it gives me a better level of confidence in your company."
KATE M. - Matteson, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.8


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