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May 2008 
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Summer is nearly upon us again, and while millions of women will be finding their way to the beach in the months ahead, many of them aren't as confident as they'd like to be about donning that new bikini.

Women undergo breast augmentation surgery for many reasons, and during many seasons, but the interest in the procedure always seems highest this time of year, when bikini season can hinder summer fun for women who aren't as blessed in the breast department. There's no shame to be had in wanting to fill out your bikini or tank top, especially when breast augmentation operations offer minimal downtime and less invasive surgical methods than ever before. This isn't about becoming Pamela Anderson. Most women simply want a minor enhancement, a cup size or a little more, that will fit with the proportions of their body and provide greater confidence in their social and personal lives.

Breast Implant Types – Making a Decision That's Right for You

These days, you have a number of choices when it comes to breast surgery. First, there's the issue of the type of implant. Saline is very popular these days, but the FDA has also re-approved new silicone gel implants, which can work just as well for many women. A big advantage of the saline implants, however, is that they can be empty when positioned under the skin, meaning only a very tiny incision needs to be made. The saline solution is then administered into the implant through a small tube. Perhaps the newest advancement in breast implant products is known as the "gummy bear breast implant." These implants consist of a cohesive gel that is similar to that of a gummy bear. Many surgeons are moving towards this type of implant because they don't present the same problems of rupturing that are associated with saline and silicone implants. Gummy bear implants; however, are not yet approved by the FDA.

Breast Augmentation Surgical Techniques

Cosmetic surgeons have a number of entry points they may use to insert your implants, while keeping any scarring to an absolute minimum. These include the armpit (axillary incision), underneath the breast tissue (inframammary crease incision), the areola (peri-areola incision), and the belly button (transumbilical incision). There are benefits to each type of incision, so you'll need to talk with your plastic surgeon about which method he or she prefers, and which you feel would be best for you.

Breast Implant Shapes

You'll also want to discuss the shape of the implant with your cosmetic surgeon. You may have your own idea of a round or teardrop shape, but the doctor has the experience to assess your appearance and determine what sort of breast shape would typically best suit someone of your physical build.

Breast Augmentation Consultations – Complimentary Personal Assessments

If it hasn't already become clear by now, your most important decision could be the one you make when you choose the surgeon who will perform your breast enlargement surgery. It's always wise to get consultations with multiple specialists, to get a better sense of your overall options. We can help with you with that effort here at Signature Forum, by locating experienced breast surgeons in your area, and scheduling you an insightful consultations with any of the surgeons you choose.

Remember, it may take more than six weeks for the healing process to run its course after breast augmentation, so always be thinking ahead of time. Even if you're still unsure about the surgery, plastic surgeons are happy to meet with you and answer your questions.

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