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June 2008 
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Last month, the Signature Forum Plastic Surgery Newsletter explored the benefits of Breast Augmentation surgery. This time, we're looking at the flip side of the coin: breast reduction and lift through Liposculpture.

Today’s Non-Invasive Breast Reduction: Breast Liposculpture

While summer time brings up a lot of discussion of the pros and cons of breast enhancement, some women are actually far more interested in dropping a cup size or two. It might seem illogical in this breast obsessed society we live in, but the fact is, oversized breasts, particularly with women of smaller stature, can be quite uncomfortable, and even a health risk. Back strain is common among women with large breasts, and over the years, breast reduction may be necessary to compensate for this condition. Of course, not every breast reduction case is a medical one. Sometimes, a woman simply feels that a smaller cup size will create a more streamlined, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whatever the motivation, there is now a whole new option available to women looking to minimize their bust line.

What Exactly is Breast Liposcultpure?

Breast Liposculpture is not like traditional breast reduction surgery. There are no large incisions or noticeable scarring, no loss of nipple sensation, and no need for an extended recovery time of two weeks or more. Instead, Breast Liposculpture offers a simplified, minimally invasive, highly effective alternative in breast reduction for any woman who is happy with the shape of her breasts, and merely hopes to go smaller. The procedure is similar to modern tumescent liposuction, using a small cannula (suction tube) to carefully remove extra fat from the breast tissue. This cannula is so small, that the doctor's incisions only need to be about 1-2 mm in diameter, virtually eliminating the creation of visible scars. Depending on the patient, Breast Liposculpture can successfully reduce breast volume anywhere from 30 to 50 percent! Plus, the roughly two hour procedure can be performed with the patient under a local anesthetic, rather than general anesthesia.

While breast reduction surgery may keep a woman home from work for two weeks or more, Breast Liposculpture patients only need 2-3 days, and they can return to normal physical activities of all kinds within weeks.

It's easy to understand why so many women, and even many men, have decided to try Breast Liposculpture for themselves. It's a low stress, affordable procedure that can reap great benefits for anyone dreaming of a smaller bikini or a summer free of back and neck strain. As always, the first step in exploring your breast reduction options is setting up a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon. SignatureForum and our sister site PlasticSurgeryPortal make this process simple, finding professionals specializing in Breast Liposculpture at a clinic near you. Contact us today, and one of our friendly customer service liaisons can schedule one or more local consultations for you today.

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Thanks for reading this month's Signature Forum Plastic Surgery Newsletter. If you are interested in learning more about Breast Liposculpture, please feel free to Contact Us or call 888.517.4187 for personalized assistance. You may also want to visit Plastic Surgery Portal for more details. And be sure to visit us in July for more on the latest trends in modern cosmetic surgery.

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