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August 2008 
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Hello again and welcome to the August edition of SignatureForum’s Cosmetic Surgery Newsletter. This month, we’re looking at one of the most exciting recent developments in the field of surgical fat reduction: SmartLipo™.

Manufactured by Cynosure and FDA approved in 2006, SmartLipo™ has been widely celebrated as a both an alternative and complement to traditional Liposuction procedures. The difference with SmartLipo™ is laser technology; the same kind routinely used for lasik eye surgery and various cosmetic skin care treatments. During the procedure, a tiny medical laser is attached to the end of a very thin cannula (or suction tube), which is inserted beneath the skin’s surface. The cannulas needed for SmartLipo™ are smaller than those in tumescent Liposuction surgeries, meaning the surgeon’s incision point will be smaller, and there will be less subsequent bleeding or bruising. Once inserted, the laser can precisely target excess fat deposits, liquefying fat cells and quickly draining them out via the cannula. This laser technology is so advanced that plastic surgeons are able to work with far greater care and accuracy than most traditional Liposuction methods would allow.

SmartLipo™ operations are quick and often relatively painless with the help of a local anesthetic, and many patients recover quickly enough to return to work within 24 hours! It’s no wonder then that SmartLipo™ has become the latest standard bearer in the arena of laser body sculpting. The only question is, Is SmartLipo Right for You?

In the end, that’s a question that could only be answered during a consultation with a SmartLipo™ doctor. However, it’s important to remember, first and foremost, that SmartLipo™ doesn’t market itself as a weight loss treatment. Instead, the goal with this procedure is body shaping or body sculpting, which involves the reduction of excess fat deposits. The best candidates for SmartLipo™ are not severely obese individuals, but rather those who are within 25 pounds of their target weight, and are struggling to eliminate excess fat through diet and exercise alone. If that sounds like you, then SmartLipo™ could be the ideal solution you’ve been waiting for.

To learn more about the ins and outs of SmartLipo™ surgery, check out our resources on Plastic Surgery Portal.We can also schedule you consultations with leading plastic surgeons offering SmartLipo™ near you. So feel free to Contact Us today!

Thanks for reading this month's Signature Forum Plastic Surgery Newsletter, and be sure to check back in September for more on the latest trends in modern cosmetic surgery.

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