Sono Bello - Portland
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Sono Bello - Portland

Location: 5100 SW Macadam Ave, Ste 180 Portland, OR 97239

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In Portland, Oregon, even the most active people sometimes struggle with unwanted, unsightly fat deposits. In these cases, a professional solution may be needed to achieve your desired look, and Sono Bello Body Contouring Centers of Portland is the place to turn.

Part of a national network of acclaimed laser liposuction providers, Sono Bello implements the latest and greatest technology and proven procedures (from SmartLipo to Vaser Liposelection) to help give you incredible results with out the risks or invasive instruments of old fashioned liposuction surgery. Best of all, patients at Sono Bello of Portland can have their laser lipo treatment conducted by an on-staff, board-certified physician in Sono Bello's own surgical suites. That means no off-site travel or over night stays. You get a first class body contouring procedure and get on your way all in the same day.

Over a hundred patients undergo body sculpting treatments at Sono Bello each month. To schedule your own free consultation in Portland, Oregon, contact us today! Sono Bello serves residents of Portland, Vancouver, WA and more.

About the staff:

Sono Bello of Portland employs board-certified physicians to conduct your body contouring procedure and ensure your safety and satisfaction.

At Your Consultation:

Patients can meet up to three times before their procedure with Sono Bello of Portland's patient coordinator and expert staff.