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15255 South 94th Ave.
Suite 111
Orland Park, IL 60462

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The residents of Orland Park want to look their best at all times. That's why the Orland Park American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) is dedicated to providing top notch laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation options to its patients. The Orland Park American Laser Skincare is conveniently located near Tinley Park and Oak Lawn.

American Laser Skincare offers the best in injectables to the South Chicago suburbs. BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvederm, and Radiesse are all available at affordable prices. Plus, you can trust that your injectables will be administered by a highly trained specialist at American Laser Skincare of Orland Park .

In addition to injectables, American Laser Skincare also maintains an updated knowledge in a number of skincare procedures. They specialize in the IPL Photofacial, Microdermabrasion, Velashape™, and Laser Skin Rejuvenation.

Skin Rejuvenation with American Laser’s eMatrix
American Laser Skincare is proud to introduce eMatrix to Orland Park. eMatrix is the latest way to get smooth, beautiful, young-looking skin. Using sublative rejuvenation™ collagen and elastin are restored and your skin's tone and texture are improved. Contact our representatives to learn more about the benefits of eMatrix or to schedule a free consultation.

American Laser Skincare proudly serves Orland Park and nearby Homewood, Tinley Park and Homer Glen. Let American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) meet all of your skincare and laser hair removal needs today!

Patient Testimonials:

November 7, 2014
"Angelica was very thorough. I hope she can continue to give me helpful beauty tips."
LANESIA H. - Chicago, IL
Customer Rating.... 5.0

March 3, 2013
"I'm excited to try this procedures with a satisfactory ending result. Should these procedures live up to my standards I will recommend and refer to family members and friends."
CARLA M. - Tinley Park, IL
Customer Rating.... 5.0

August 15, 2012
"Everyone that I dealt with was very helpful and explained the procedure in detail. I am looking forward to seeing the results."
KELLY G. - Orland Park, IL
Customer Rating.... 5.0

August 15, 2012
"I was satisfied with everything. I was only concerned that if I decide not to do the treatment about not getting the deposit I paid back. I was pleased with the staff and did not have to wait at all before my consultation."
MARY LOU W. - Oak Forest, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.6

July 24, 2012
"It was a very comfortable session and I enjoyed all the staff members attitudes and greetings while I was there."
KRISTIN M. - Orland Park, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.8

April 2, 2012
"People were extremely nice and friendly and made me feel comfortable."
TRACY C. - Beecher, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.9

March 24, 2012
"This is a Medical procedure, it would have been nice to have a doctor to speak with or one on sight(i thought there was one there) but the specialist was both knowledgeable and confident. With her schooling and experience in the field she seemed competent & qualified to do the procedure. She offered me 3 different procedures bundled into one somewhat affordable package (it was above what i hoped to spend) if i signed with her @ that time. So, with all 3 procedures included, i was satisfied with the purchase & i proceeded forward. She told me i needed to have my scar-type verified by a Dr. I did but in retrospect, i wish i had gone to a dermatologist first for advice. My Dr. gave me her consent and she & her staff are eager to see my results. So i do feel somewhat reassured having her monitor me should i need. i will see her following the procedures. I am hopeful that ALC is reputable and conscientious and that my experience ends as well as it began. We're going to do an everyday picture to see the process actually happening, I'll be excited to see it in the end. Thank you for YOUR follow up work as it gives me a better level of confidence in your company."
KATE M. - Matteson, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.8

December 26, 2011
"Nice staff. Entrance a bit secluded hard to find at first. Very accommodating and warm staff."
MAUREEN G. - Orland Park, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.1

October 13, 2011
"Was happy with my appointment. Had procedure and scheduled the next one. At some time I may have a procedure for other services mentioned to me."
MELISSA C. - Richton Park, IL
Customer Rating.... 5.0

October 11, 2011
"I didn't know that the office door was a separate entrance from the main building. When I asked a secretary from a company occupied there, she redirected me easily. But it would have been nice to know before hand. Parking was easily accessible. The staff was friendly and engaging. I think the consultant could have been more clear and specific in the explanations of financing/payment options. Also I believe she could have better explained what the discounts were for. She wrote them down on the sheet but never really explained "this is the original price and with this discount you would pay this amount." She wrote everything down and gave me the final total, so everything was in front of me, but it could have been explained better and slower. She tended to speak quickly like I did this kind of thing every day. (Maybe I was not focused due to a lack of sleep. LOL!) Still it would have helped if she slowed down the explanation of payment options after she could see I wasn't completely understanding what she was talking about. Overall, I had a very good first session, the consultant was very friendly by offering me something to drink at the start and did her best to make sure I understood everything. The technician was very professional and made sure I was comfortable before, during and after the procedure. Although the procedure is expensive, I will look forward to seeing this staff during my sessions."
HEIDI B. - Tinley Park, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.2

October 4, 2011
"I felt very comfortable with the people there, very nice and caring."
SUSIE M. - Oak Lawn, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.8

September 22, 2011
"Technicians constantly try to sell other services. I understand that it part of the job but they need to stop asking after they hear the first "no, thank you.""
MARY R. - Tinley Park, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.1

August 8, 2011
"I found this facility very easy to find and there was no problem finding parking. The facility was VERY clean and organized, and it was located adjacent to a medical facility which honestly gave me a better feel for the location compared to other facilities I have been to before for other consultations. Amber the specialist was EXTREMELY nice and EXTREMELY helpful in answering my questions regarding laser hair removal of my full back and shoulders. Her professionalism and demeanor was first class and made me feel comfortable and at-ease. She told me about her credentials within the medical field, and she showed me a portfolio of before and after pictures of previous clients to give me a better visual understanding of what to expect if I chose this facility to perform my procedure. I was notified of the various locations they have throughout Chicagoland, and I was given a price quote and payment options. After having consultations with other specialists I wish that I would have been given more information regarding the laser used and how it differs from other types of lasers used to perform the same procedure in other facilities. I also discovered that this facility has a two-year maintenance plan, but after consulting with other facilities I would have liked to have a better detail of why this maintenance plan would be necessary because other facilities say a plan like this is not needed. Also, pricing was very high compared to others with the same amount of treatments offered and performed. Overall, I loved the location and I can't say anything negative about my consultation with Amber. The facility does have payment options, but due to pricing amount I would have to do major thinking about having my procedure performed here."
DANIEL L. - Chicago, IL
Customer Rating.... 5.0

July 6, 2011
"Michelle is very pleasant and patient."
MARIA E A. - Chicago, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.1

June 22, 2011
"with some of the treatments I felt as if she was rushing and did not take the time to get all the affected areas. I'm paying too much $ for this to be rushed out the door."
GINA S. - Midlothian, IL
Customer Rating.... 3.6

March 1, 2011
"The lady that I spoke with on the phone was extremely nice. I had a phone call right after I submitted the info on-line. She was very professional. The specialist that I saw at American Laser was Corrine. She was also very nice and professional, and helped me with the right treatment. I have already had the procedure done. I would definitely recommend both of these women to anybody."
MEGHAN S. - Frankfort, IL
Customer Rating.... 5.0

September 28, 2010
"American Laser Center gave me a whopping bacterial infection the likes I have never been diagnosed with before--so says my doctor who had to prescribe oral and topical medications to combat the problem. American Laser Center cost me over $500 in doctor bills. I am afraid to go back for anything. The infection is a result of unclean equipment."
Customer Rating.... 1.2

August 29, 2010
"Person I met with put me at ease and answered all my questions (no matter how many times I asked the same question). She was clear about the necessary commitment and my treatments so far have been great. I have only had three treatments on my face and will have treatments on my feet soon. My answers and comments are based on the results so far."
ANNA G. - Hazel Crest, IL
Customer Rating.... 3.9

June 22, 2010
"My situation was a bit different. Because I live out of town, I needed to have a consultation over the phone and have the procedure done while I was there, especially since I have had this done before. I also wanted to know the cost up-front. I emailed the scheduler to let her know I wanted to know about the cost. She told me she would have someone contact me, but I did not hear from anyone. Once I called the laser center, it took a while for this information to be communicated and understood, but once we were all on the same page, I was able to find out the cost for the treatment ahead of time. The treatment went very well and when I return to town I plan to call the center again."
BETH G. - Orland Park, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.0

January 24, 2010
"The entire staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. They answered all my questions. I have since had my first treatment and I have decided to have other areas of my body treated after I complete my first areas being treated."
KEVIN W. - Chicago, IL
Customer Rating.... 3.6

December 6, 2009
"The specialist was wonderful, procedure went fabulous and I am glad I chose them to continue my laser hair removal I had started with HTGT."
JANE T. - Monee, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.8

October 2, 2009
"The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable about having laser hair removal."
COURTNEY D. - Schererville, IN
Customer Rating.... 5.0

August 4, 2009
"Pleasant atmosphere, easy pay options, a bit difficult to find."
KATHLEEN R. - Homer Glen, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.7

December 7, 2007
KATIE G. - Lansing, IL
Customer Rating.... 4.6


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