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Featured Testimonial:

"All the staff are very friendly and made me feel comfortable and not rushed. "
CLARISSA P. - Alexandria, VA

"All is very good. Everyone was very polite and I am looking forward to more information after the ultra sound. "
MARY T. - Alexandria, VA

"I would recommend this procedure to everyone to enhance your appearance and health of your legs. They made me feel at ease because this was my first experience with this type of procedure."
TAMMY L. - Woodbridge, VA

"Amazing people, everybody knew there jobs, everybody was absolutely great! Still having treatment, better than it was before."
CHRISTINE K. - Falls Church, VA

"Service provider and the staff have been very good. Everything with the procedure is good."
JAMES H. - Springfield, VA

"The specialist who did the procedures was very helpful and always followed up after!"
KAREN K. - Alexandria, VA

"Great office, very professional staff; and Dr. Gursky was wonderful. Everyone is helpful and informative. They worked with me and my very difficult insurance. Thank you!"
DENISE P. - Alexandria, VA

"The doctor and the staff were very helpful, friendly and supportive. I am pretty happy with the procedure and results so far, still healing."
AVA S. - Woodbridge, VA

"I am very happy with the treatment so far! "
MARIA T. - Alexandria, VA

"Dr. explained all procedures in advance. Staff are very professional and very pleasant."
CYNTHIA G. - Alexandria, VA

"Staff has always been very friendly and helpful. The Doctor explained the procedure thoroughly prior to the beginning. I have experienced minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. Each time I've been to this office, I have been seen at my scheduled time, no delays - very much appreciate this!"
TYLA C. - Alexandria, VA

"The young lady who did the ultrasound mapping was awesome! I had a little problem where I got light headed and she was very attentive and professional. She provided me with drinks/ food to help with the dizziness. I had to come back and finish the mapping and she was equally, as attentive and professional! "
BARBARA C. - Clinton, MD

"Great Team! All sessions went well and quick. Very professional staff all around."
EARL D. - Arlington, VA

"The doctor and his assistant explained the procedure and what I should expect. It went as they said and the follow ups were thorough. I am very satisfied."
GAYLE E. - Alexandria, VA

"From my first visit, I didn’t need a recommendation, I knew this is where I need to be. The atmosphere, the staff including the Doctor made me feel like I’ve been visiting for a long time. I am very comfortable with the treatments given so far. Even though it’s the beginning I know it would be well done job. "
MELAINE F. - Capitol Heights, MD

"I would recommend Vein clinics of America to all my friends and family. It is easy and painless. The staff is very professional and polite. I don't have to pay anything because of my insurance. If you have insurance please stop in and get a quote. My legs are coming along and the shots do not hurt. Love them!!!!"
ELIZABETH M. - Stafford, VA

"This office does a great job informing the patient of all options and recommendations!"
LETITIA S. - Arlington, VA

"I am extremely happy. My legs feel better and that is great! The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Great with follow up and very engaging."
LAURA B. - Arlington, VA

"It was a very pleasant experience. Everything was explained clearly. "
LUZ R. - Washington, DC

"All the staff members are excellent and take time to explain all aspects of the procedure. They take time to answer any questions you may have including billing questions. All demonstrate a high-degree of professionalism at all times. This was periodic check-up for a procedure I had completed earlier. I am VERY happy I opted to have this done. I've noticed a big difference in the look and feel of my leg. "
JAMES V. - Waldorf, MD

"Staff was very reassuring, friendly and knowledgeable. "
PEARL M. - Springfield, VA

"The staff were very friendly and engaged. I am very satisfied with the procedure and It has changed the appearance of my legs."
JAMES S. - Alexandria, VA

"I have had a nice experience and I feel they are my friends. I love the personnel and the doctor. Everyone treats me very good and taking good care of me, and I feel so comfortable!"
ALBA R. - Falls Church, VA

"I am very impressed with the Doctor!"
RUTH D. - Woodbridge, VA

"Dr. Gursky and his staff are most professional. They explain the process thoroughly. Dr. Gursky walks you through everything and telling you when you will feel a pinch. I think that is terrific because it eases you. Dr. Gursky and his PA, Dr. Gill, are knowledgeable and helpful. Overall it has been an exceptional experience."

"Before I had this done, my legs were in so much pain. The pain I was having is gone! The staff were very warm and professional and their bedside manner is great!"

"My procedure was handled in a very professional manner and the nurse was very pleasant!"

"I am so happy I had my veins done about 5 years ago. My legs look and feel so much better. "
JAMES V. - Waldorf, MD

"The entire staff is personable and extremely knowledgeable!"

"In truth, I can't wait to see the results, it was a little painful but I know that's normal. They made me fully understand the procedure."
SALAMATU K. - Alexandria, VA

"I found the entire staff to be very nice and helpful."

"I wish all doctors offices were like yours. The staff covered all of my concerns thoroughly. "

"The staff were fantastic, loved all of them. After the procedure my veins were the best they have ever looked."

"Was very pleased with my consultation appointment!"
RUTH R. - Alexandria, VA

"I found the procedure to be quick and relatively painless. "
PATRICIA P. - Alexandria, VA

"Yes, I would highly recommend the service and the provider to anyone. My leg feels much better now and the longstanding pain has disappeared. The provider site is easily accessible and the team of staff are very professional. My time spent in the office was just under 1 hour for each visit."
LISA J. - Huntingtown, MD

"Doctor Gursky and his staff were very adept and pleasant. They allayed any minor anxiety I felt. All very positive interactions."
CAROLE P. - Alexandria, VA

"I would definitely recommend the procedure."
MARY R. - Falls Church, VA

"All the staff are very nice!"
HUEY T. - Alexandria, VA

"I am very happy with the results! All the staff is so friendly and were very thorough in their explanation of services and response to my questions! "

"Still in the process of procedures. Looking like the area of treatment improved a lot!"
DAWN P. - Annandale, VA

"They made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I felt, I was talking with friends. "

"Very professional and kind staff. Cynthia, the office manager was particularly helpful and caring. She even took time to walk me to the garage."

"I am very impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the doctor!"

"Everyone is so personable and friendly. I am very happy with my results."

"Doctor Gursky and his staff were outstanding. They made sure I was informed and understood everything on each procedure and my comfort was uppermost in everyone's mind. I have recommended this location and Dr. Gursky at least twice already. "
KAREN B. - Alexandria, VA

"I think they are all awesome. I know all of them on a first name basis, that's how friendly they are. I am definitely happy with my results!"

"I would recommend to any of my friends and family!"
FELICIA C. - Arlington, VA

"The staff are awesome at the Alexandria office. They were exemplary! The doctor is impeccable!!!"
JACQUELINE D. - Washington, DC

"The staff, always have been very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional! I've done several different kinds of treatments over the past two decades and in Vein Clinics of America is the most comprehensive approach and has given me the best results! I feel a lot more comfortable about my legs!"

"All the staff are professional, caring and pleasant. As a whole, I feel great and that they are taking good care of my vein problems. "

"Every person from the staff that I met that morning was pleasant, courteous and did all they could do to make me comfortable. Looking forward to continue with the treatment!"
KAREN B. - Alexandria, VA

"Great staff, caring, attentive and helpful. The procedure is absolutely painless and not uncomfortable."
ABEL ANDREW A. - Alexandria, VA

"All of the staff were very professional and knowledgeable. I am amazed at how quickly my varicose veins disappeared. Excellent results!"
JAMES S. - Alexandria, VA

"The doctor was very good at explaining the procedure and then checking to make sure everything was going well after the procedures. All the staff were very good, friendly and caring!"
MICHAEL S. - Alexandria, VA

"All the staff are very helpful and professional! The office is clean and nice."
STEPHANIE C. - Waldorf, MD

"Everyone was extremely professional and very concerned about my well being. A lovely group of people. I really appreciate the compassion and the quality of time given to help assured me the process had to take it's course and they were there whenever I needed them."

"All were very professional and had a good bedside manner. My worse veins were taken care of and they look great. I still have some smaller veins that need attention."

"The doctor and the staff are excellent. I highly recommend Vein Clinics of America in Alexandria."

"The staff were all helpful, very friendly and professional. Both the initial visit and the ultrasound exam were very good experiences. "

"All of the staff, including the Tech's and Doctor was extremely professional and informative."

"Helpful staff at Vein Clinics of America in Alexandria!"

"Friendly staff and pleasant experience."

"I am satisfied. They followed up after the procedure and never any wait times to get in for my appointments. "

"Great people all the way around. They always tried to make sure I was comfortable. "

"Everyone was professional and very helpful."

"Consultants very professional and clearly explained my problem and treatment options. "

"I felt very comfortable."

"Great people and great attention given to me. "

"Office staff was very helpful!"

"I thought the consultation experience was great. I am looking forward to the mapping in two weeks."
ABEL ANDREW A. - Alexandria, VA

"Very professional staff at the Alexandria Vein Clinics of America office. "

"Extremely pleasant visit during my consultation! "
MINERVA D. - Fort Worth, TX

"Very friendly staff there. Glad I attended a Wellness event at my job because there was a representative from Vein Clinics of American there. The rest is history. Yes I would recommend the procedure to others."

"Everyone was great and especially Doctor Gursky and his PA Elizabeth Gill. The procedure went great and was much easier than I thought possible."

"Both the laser surgery and Sclerotherapy were relatively pain-free and quick procedures!"

"The doctor and staff who handled everything from consultation to scheduling to the procedures. They were all very professional and took the time to explain every step of the process. They answered all my questions and also stated that they were available 24/7 should I have any problems or questions after each procedure. They have excellent 'bed side' manner. "

"Staff was extremely kind."

"They made me comfortable!"

"Comfortable during Procedure and relatively low discomfort following.. "

"Everyone did an excellent job."

"Pain experience was very minimal."

"Everyone so far was very helpful and educated. They were able to answer all my questions. "

"The staff were excellent "

"Pleased with details provided and all questions answered during consult."

"All of my questions were answered fully and in detail. My experience was wonderful!!"

"I would highly recommend this location because of the staff, experience, how they were very pleasant before, during and after the procedure. I start noticing a difference in my legs right away. None of the procedures were painful just a little discomfort which was expected."

"They are the only provider that offers facial treatments"

"I have found all the staff to be helpful, considerate and very competent!"

"I've done other procedures before and I did find these procedures to be more comfortable. The recovery time was minimal. "

"The staff was wonderful, very nice and friendly."

"Dr. Andrei Gursky was very helpful and informative."

"Dr. Gursky was very good."

"Front desk receptionist was perfect! Everyone had positive energy, which I really like."

"Staff was very friendly and professional. I have recommended them to two of my friends. They explained everything about the procedure and made sure I understood the procedure"

"The discomfort level during and after the treatment was minimum and I would strongly recommend to anyone who is suffering with varicose veins. The service provide and staff were very pleasant, helpful, and informative. You cannot find a better group of people to take care of you thru the procedures."

"I have had a positive experience and good results. The entire staff has been very friendly and accommodating."

"Very impressed with staff and Dr. Gursky. I am not a candidate for any procedure there or else I would not hesitate to have Dr. Gursky do the work. "

"The procedures have been painful, but productive. The staff members and surgeon have been very personable and compassionate."

"The front office staff lady was so amazingly helpful and nice. She was moving to a new location the day I went there! The whole office staff stayed open an extra hour to complete my appointment and schedule follow ups with the procedures. I was totally surprised of the extra time they dedicated to me!"

"Comfort level was excellent; no pain was experienced. I would recommend VCA because the service provider and staff were all well-informed, pleasant, and professional."

"Service provider and staff were all well-informed, and were pleasant and professional in manner. "

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