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Featured Testimonial:

"They were excellent. Very warm and friendly. I see improvement and they are starting to feel better."
LYNDA B. - Bensalem, PA

"The office staff worked hard to accommodate appointments scheduled around my work hours. The U/S technicians were excellent and explained all procedures very well."
MARGARET D. - Langhorne, PA

"Excellent staff. Excellent doctor. I see improvement and they are starting to feel better."
FRAN B. - Bensalem, PA

"Very positive experience. I was not kept waiting. I was sent home when the doctor had a problem that would delay my appointment for 30-40 minutes."
LOUISE M. - Langhorne, PA

"The staff was extremely friendly and professional. It was explained to me at each visit what to expect and how long the procedures take. I highly recommend this office."
LINDA B. - Philadelphia, PA

"The staff was very professional and friendly. I felt at ease throughout all the procedures. I received a prompt call back when I had a concern. I would definitely recommend this location to friends and family."
LINDA B. - Philadelphia, PA

"The doctor was very through!"
SCOTT K. - Richboro, PA

"I am very happy about my consultation experience."
EDUARDO S. - Trenton, NJ

"Nicole, the U/S tech was very knowledgeable and reassuring. Mimi, the office tech and Kim the office manager were also very informative, helpful and friendly!"
MARGARET D. - Langhorne, PA

"Doctor was very professional. I am afraid of needles and the doctor put me at ease. The techs were very good also. I am no longer in pain!"
MARILYN K. - Newtown, PA

"The doctor is wonderful, very calming. The staff are all wonderful as well , friendly, they answer your questions. Everything is great with the procedure."
LINDA S. - Philadelphia, PA

"The staff members were great. They were all very knowledgeable and pleasant. The numbing process prior to the thermal procedure was slightly painful. There was no down time. I worked the next day 9 hours on my feet with no issues. I was very pleased with the results. "
DIANA F. - Horsham, PA

"I was very satisfied with everything; including the ladies at the front desk. Very warm and caring. Everyone was awesome!"
KAREN W. - Morrisville, PA

"My consultation was very educational and fascinating to learn about."
JOANNE F. - Newtown, PA

"Scheduling with office staff was easy and efficient."
MEGAN D. - Warrington, PA

"Everyone was very helpful and very nice."
ELIZABETH W. - Philadelphia, PA

"The staff members are very courteous. They make you feel very comfortable."
JUDY C. - Southampton, PA

"Personnel was very concerned and helpful! Throughout procedures, they resolved the perforation I had."
JOHN S. - Fort Washington, PA

"I was relieved to hear that most of my treatment will be covered by insurance. All the staff was helpful and pleasant, but the person who I am the most grateful for her time and dedication is Kim, who scheduled all my follow up appointments. She was very informative!"
DONNA G. - Southampton, PA

"Doctor Fried was very kind and mild mannered! Kim was very thorough in answering my questions and scheduling my appointments! "
JENNIFER T. - Langhorne, PA

"In the initial survey that I completed, I mentioned the name of the nurse who handled my procedure. I have since forgotten her name, but not how she made me feel! She was bright, friendly and engaging. She explained what was about to happen and how it might feel! She endeavored to make me comfortable and the procedure as painless as possible. I would recommend the procedure and this practice!"
CARLA S. - Philadelphia, PA

"Everything went very good! I saw the results and it's a big difference! The staff was friendly and nice! Great location!"
LADA S. - Philadelphia, PA

"All of the staff made me feel comfortable."
FAITH F. - Bensalem, PA

"The doctor's phone number was given to me if I needed anything after my treatments. Comfort level during procedure was fine."
PATRICIA R. - Lansdale, PA

"The office and staff were an important factor on my decision on which office to go to!!"
MICHELLE A. - Mount Laurel, NJ

"Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly."
GERALDINE H. - Southampton, PA

"The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They made a great first impression."
MI K. - Moorestown, NJ

"Everyone was very professional and respectful. Also the office extremely clean."
MARIA G. - Abington, PA

"Kim at the front desk is a gem! She is professional,kind always pleasant and so helpful. I am so lucky I've met her. I am so excited for my results, they will great!!"
ELIZABETH T. - Philadelphia, PA

"The assistant who saw me before the doctor was fantastic, sorry I cannot remember her name. She made me feel comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. Everyone was friendly, kind and courteous. I can’t wait to start my journey to pain free and pretty legs again!"
JEANETTE M. - Levittown, PA

"Comfort was the primary goal. I felt I was in very good hands and was very comfortable with asking questions.The physician was extremely accommodating during my procedure and very accommodating to my comfort."
NICOLE A. - Upper Black Eddy, PA

"Best experience on taking my pain away, couldn’t be more pleased. Fantastic job from all the office !!"
FRANK M. - Langhorne, PA

"Everybody was wonderful. I was a client in 2011-2012 and they all made me feel as though I had not been away that long. Also they worked with me to assist with services that were not covered by my insurance!"
NANCY L. - Bensalem, PA

"The receptionists, the tech, and the wonderful Doctor Gay Fried were personable, caring and professional. My experience was pure perfection and my legs feel better than ever."
MICHELE B. - Feasterville Trevose, PA

"Really nice staff!!"
FRAN B. - Bensalem, PA

"The entire staff is professional, helpful and friendly!"

"The staff really works as a team, very professional and efficient. Every step of the process I felt well informed. Dr. Fried and the technicians were meticulous and thorough. My legs feel so much better and look great too!"

"My experience with Vein Clinics of America at Trevose was more than great. Everyone was really friendly from the staff to the doctor. I felt welcomed and comfortable."
SONYA M. - Philadelphia, PA

"I am very excited about the treatment. The specialist seemed like he is very experienced on what he is doing."

"I was very surprised to walk right out of the office after the first procedure. Going in the first time I was a bit nervous, but the staff put me at ease by explaining the procedures and making sure that I was feeling relaxed.They are very knowledgeable and have great people skills"
HECTOR L. - Trenton, NJ

"It was a pleasant experience."
JENNIFER T. - Langhorne, PA

"Staff explained procedure and told me what to expect, they were very courteous and professional. Relatively comfortable procedure. So far, results look positive. I would recommend to others."
CAROLYN B. - Bensalem, PA

"Entire staff welcomed myself and my 5 year old daughter as if we were part of their family."
SHIRLEY M. - Bristol, PA

"The staff are friendly, accommodating, professional and always had time to answer all of my questions. My legs feel much better than they did before the procedure."

"I would recommend Vein Clinics of America to friends and family. The office staff were professional, treatment was quick and easy. Doctor Fried was very nice and I had a pleasant experience. The staff was very knowledgeable and could explain what was going on."
KARYN C. - Levittown, PA

"Yes, I would definitely recommend it. There was no pain during the procedure, just a little discomfort. The procedure itself was very fast. The staff were friendly and professional, made me feel comfortable, they answered all my questions."
ELINA R. - Philadelphia, PA

"Pleasant office."
PATRICA K. - North Wales, PA

"It was a pleasure visiting the office and am looking forward to the ultrascan. "

"Staff friendly and the appointments always on time."

"Everyone was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. "
ALENA M. - Philadelphia, PA

"The results have been good. The pain level of the procedures are minimal. The office staff are helpful and do their jobs with confidence and they are always pleasant. "

"All the staff in this clinic were very helpful and informative."

"I am very happy. Everything was really good..The staff are excellent.They know what they are doing..The doctor is very thorough and caring. She takes great pride in her work "

"The staff were very pleasant."
DONNA W. - Newtown, PA

"Everyone was friendly, helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Unfortunately I did not recall everyones name, but the service was great from everyone I dealt with. I am very excited, look forward to my scheduled visit."

"I have been a nurse for 57 years. This was a great experience and I would highly recommend it.The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone was very pleasant and efficient."
DOLORES A. - Dresher, PA

"Everyone was super helpful and kind.I am not experiencing the pain and discomfort like I did before and that is wonderful!"

"The entire staff provided a family like atmosphere,which made me feel very comfortable. They answered all my questions promptly..Very thorough and very professional throughout. "

"They were all very caring and understanding. I am happy with my results. It's been a year since my last appointment and I need to come in and have my left leg finished. "

"The staff was amazing! Everybody is very friendly and knowledgeable."

"I had a very great experience. I love the staff!!!"

"Everyone of the staff is extremely friendly and sensitive to your needs. A very caring atmosphere. The Doctor and ultrasound technician are very sensitive to your comfort during the procedure. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fried to anyone who is looking into this type of treatment."
NANCY H. - Levittown, PA

"Wonderful staff they went over and above. The entire staff made sure I was comfortable at all times and followed up to make sure everything was a success."
ELIZABETH T. - Philadelphia, PA

"Staff was pleasant and professional."
KATHLEEN H. - Warminster, PA

"The staff were very nice and helpful."

"Dr. Fried was wonderful, as were the front desk staff, the scanner technicians and the medical assistants. Everyone was so professional, courteous and friendly! I found everyone so accommodating and willing to be flexible. Can not say enough good things about my experience! I am very happy with the results of the procedures! Thanks!"

"The staff were awesome, professional, and friendly! They took the time to answer all my questions."

"My consultation experience has made me very happy!"
GARY G. - Hatboro, PA

"Both the doctor and the staff members, who I interacted with during my appointment, were pleasant and professional. "

"The MD was very gentle with the numbing pre-laser, and it was a lot less painful than I thought. It made my large varicosity disappear and the majority of the bruising has also gone. The ultrasound technician was particularly helpful and knowledgeable!"

"The staff and the doctor were very friendly!"

"Kim and Barbara were very helpful and friendly."
MARGARET H. - Philadelphia, PA

"All the staff are very professional and quick about the procedure. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to be pain free and vein bulging free legs in 6 months :). "

"The staff was great and made sure I was comfortable. "

"Staff was helpful and very professional."

"Everybody was really friendly. The nurse was really nice and supportive. "

"I am happy with the treatment offer that I received at the consultation. "

"Great consultation, everyone was very professional. "
SUSAN S. - Perkasie, PA

"Staff and the Doctor were nice."
KRISTINA R. - Levittown, PA

"Everyone from the staff was friendly and helpful. Office is very clean also."

"Every staff member was personable, professional and knowledgeable. A very positive experience!"
MICHELE B. - Feasterville Trevose, PA

"The staff is wonderful. They put you at ease and they are very helpful. My discomfort level was much less than I expected. "

"They even offered water and to watch my mother that has dementia while I went in for an ultrasound. .. talk about going above and beyond. I loved how they all talked about how awesome their co-workers were. They truly are a family and make you feel like your part of it all."

"Staff was very professional and friendly!"

"Excellent staff!"

"Wonderful staff and excellent results. "

"Doctor Fried was very nice and helpful."
RUTH E. - Croydon, PA

"Again the staff and service provider were amazing. I was made aware of how the procedure was going to be performed, made sure I was comfortable and home instructions along with followup appt were easy and great. Felt like a friend instead of like a patient. "

"My experience and thoughts through out the procedure were amazing. Comfort level during the procedure was amazing as well thanks to nurse Jennifer Maxwell. Very pleased with the professionalism and kindeness of the staff. I'm pretty sure that the results of my procedure will have a great turn out. I have already talked to my best friend about so that she can at least consider a consultation. Thanks. "

"Very friendly and helpful made you feel welcomed. "

"Very friendly and professional staff."

"Staff was very polite. Appointments quick. Office was nice and clean. "

"Every member of the staff is competent and friendly"

"Great staff and I would recommend the procedure"

"All staff were very professional, pleasant, and created a very welcoming atmosphere."

"I would recommend to everyone with vein problems. they are very professional, always explaining the procedure before hand, makes sure you are confrontable and always referring you by your name. makes you feel at home and important. Thank you"

"The medical assistant was very kind and friendly. She explained everything she was doing in length. I found the appointment to be time well spent. "

"Very knowledgeable and friendly."

"Loved the staff!! They made me feel so welcome, and it was sincere. Will refer anyone I know with same issues to them."

"Treated with much respect, staff was outstanding, felt very comfortable, doctor was very informative and caring."

"The staff was amazing and extremely informative."

"The staff was very helpful and friendly. The results are great."

"Helpful staff at Vein Clinics of America's Trevose location."

"I am so happy that you sent this survey to me because everyone at this office was wonderful. They are all friendly, nice and very qualified at their jobs. Even though some of my procedures were a bit painful, them being so nice and walking me through all of the procedure steps really helped. I would recommend this office to anyone. They really do a great job!"

"Everyone was spectacular. Dr. Freid and his staff at Trevose, Pa made me feel comfortable. I had the impression that they were willing to answer any question at any time. Highly recommend this office!"

"They took care of everything and were the nicest people to deal with. Before coming here, I was seeing a vascular surgeon. The guy was a jerk and his staff oozed indifference. They cancelled two of my appointments in a row. When I told my primary care doctor, he recommended Vein Clinics of America. The employees here were like family. They took the time to help with insurance and scheduling. My medical assistants were really good at their job, and my doctor was relaxed and did her job with no problems. She was great, too. Not only were they professional, they made me comfortable and explained everything."

"Everything went great at the Trevose clinic. So far, everyone has been pleasant to be around."

"I can't think of anything that I would like done differently. Office staff, Doctor, technicians were friendly and professional."

"Painless. Awesome experience. Nicest staff I have ever met in a medical environment."

"The procedure was fast and efficient. The staff are professional and have great patient care skills. The results were pretty much immediate. Overall, the staff and provider are courteous, professional and aim to help people with vein diseases that some vascular surgeons turn away."

"I give the doctors a 10. The staff a 10. The Results a 10. What else can I say?"

"I recommend not waiting to have veins treated. The friendly staff greatly contributed to my life-changing experience."

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