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Featured Testimonial:

"Staff members are very competent, courteous and professional. They go above and beyond to insure satisfaction. Positive results!"
H C M. - Forest Hill, MD

"Doctor and her assistant was excellent. The office admin was awesome also."
DAVID D. - Street, MD

"Excellent staff. They are very kind and knowledgeable."
WILLIAM M. - Baltimore, MD

"They are all personable, friendly, and helpful. I like them all! My legs feel better."
SANDRA P. - Lutherville Timonium, MD

"Amazing staff! They were very informative and helpful in answering my questions."
DARLENE V. - Baltimore, MD

"Staff spent adequate time explaining about treatment and answering questions. "
JULIA O. - Perry Hall, MD

"Enjoyed my experience at the vein clinic, looking forward to the next appointment."
SUSAN K. - Baltimore, MD

"Christine, the office manager was wonderful! "
KAREN H. - Bel Air, MD

"The staff is always available to help, they answered my questions and made me feel comfortable with every visit. I would definitely recommend Vein Clinics of America to my friends and co-workers. "
LINDA M. - Bear, DE

"The staff was very personable and Doctor was very knowledgeable and compassionate. I am happy with results."
CARLETTE L. - Baltimore, MD

"Great staff, they were beyond accommodating with directions."
KATHRYN S. - White Marsh, MD

"Staff were pleasant, courteous and informative."
SHARON S. - Jarrettsville, MD

"The Doctor and staff were friendly, yet also professional and answered any questions that I had during my evaluation. I am looking forward to my next appointment for the ultrasound mapping and to begin my treatments when I return from vacation in December. "
PATRICIA C. - Middle River, MD

"From the initial consultation and throughout the entire process, the staff at the Timonium MD office made everything possible I understood everything and I was comfortable. I have had maybe 10-12 appointments so far, they are always prompt and right on schedule. The employees here genuinely seem happy, just a great group of professionals. I would absolutely recommend not only the procedure, but Vein Clinics of America to perform the procedure. The staff is amazing! The results are amazing! I'm gonna be little bit sad when I am done, and don't get to see my new friends any longer."
LORNA O. - Forest Hill, MD

"I wish there was a Vein Clinics of America clinic near Bel Air, MD! I have to travel to Timonium, but it's worth it! Doctor Kimmett's office is wonderful! I found the staff to be attentive and caring. Depending on what procedure you need, the comfort level varies. Injections can be a little painful. No issues with the laser treatment."
GLENDA L. - Bel Air, MD

"I have hope I can be healed!"
DAVID B. - Upperco, MD

"Awesome staff! They made me feel comfortable! "
LINDA M. - Bear, DE

"Every staff member was pleasant and helpful!"
CAROLYN M. - Cockeysville, MD

"I felt very comfortable. Doctor and staff gave me confidence. Can't wait for results"
WILLIAM H. - Nottingham, MD

"Staff was very professional and friendly. I was provided with all my needs as required. Appointments were on time, which I really appreciated. I am a very busy person and there timely appointments were extremely easy to fit into my schedule.was very comfortable during the procedures and saw results in a couple of days, as was explained to me previously. I am very happy with my results and the level of professionalism that I received."
DIANNE R. - Parkville, MD

"Loved the staff members! The procedure was bearable."
KRISTY J. - Middle River, MD

"The office Manager, Kristy, was extremely helpful. Her checking into my insurance coverage is what had me move forward so quickly and also had me bring in a friend for a consultation."
TAMMI P. - Middle River, MD

"Everyone is super nice and professional!"
JULIA R. - Nottingham, MD

"I’m excited to follow through with the next procedure, which is the mapping: I have confidence in the staff and how they treated me at my first appointment. Loved the office manager, he was very down to earth funny and engaging!"
MARYLOU R. - Essex, MD

"I have minimal discomfort since everyone was so professional and knew what they were doing!"
STEVEN G. - Bel Air, MD

"Everyone has been great and very friendly!"
ROSEMARY R. - Lutherville Timonium, MD

"Great consultation, professional, very quick, friendly staff and most of all helpful!"
OLAURA S. - Dundalk, MD

"The office was very accommodating when I came on the wrong day. Very friendly people!"
KARA C. - Lutherville Timonium, MD

"Great office experience !"
LISA B. - Hampstead, MD

"The pain is gone and I am extremely happy. Also I really loved the staff. They were all sweet and they knew me. They have always made me feel comfortable. "
NANCY V. - Parkville, MD

"Office staff was very pleasant. They made me feel comfortable and I really appreciate that!"
KELLY W. - Baltimore, MD

"The people were great! The whole staff was good. Very professional. I actually had fun everyone was friendly. "
EDEN C. - Parkville, MD

"My trust in the staff and professionalism secured my next appointment!!"
BETSY W. - Dundalk, MD

"Every single member of the staff was fantastic and super to work with!!"
STEVEN G. - Bel Air, MD

"The staff are very professional and friendly. "

"The staff performing the procedure were comforting, pleasant and offered ways to manage my discomfort. I'm midway in my treatment and have just started to see some results. Everyone has just been so great. I would definitely recommend VCA to someone seeking this service!"
CHARLENE D. - Baltimore, MD

"Everything that was recommended to me was explained thoroughly. I always felt comfortable that the treatments I was getting were the best for me. I was asked frequently if I was in pain and made comfortable as possible whenever I did feel pain. I would do it again and recommend it to anyone. The people were so good it was almost enjoyable."
WILLIAM D. - Parkville, MD

"The procedure was almost painless.The doctor was more than great. I have to say this was one of the best service from a doctor i have ever had!!"
NOEL H. - Lutherville Timonium, MD

"My legs look so much better and I am able to wear skirts again. Everyone was so respectful and very professional. The staff knew my name after my second visit and were so welcoming. "

"Everyone has been great! I feel like I'm in good hands."
SANDRA P. - Lutherville Timonium, MD

"The staff work really hard to help individuals feel more comfortable. The staff are very knowledgeable and professional. "
DAREESA K. - Owings Mills, MD

"They all are wonderful and helpful. Very amazing customer service."

"I really appreciate that they were able to help with the discomfort in my legs. It is very rare when you go in for a doctor's visit and actually enjoy yourself."

"All the staff were very friendly and made me feel at ease. They answered any questions."

"They were very friendly and made me very comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns. Considering my messed up veins it didn't take anywhere as long as I would have expected. I would recommend having it done over having them stripped. It is not pain free but on the whole it was a great experience!"
SANDRA G. - Essex, MD

"Very well organized and professional personnel in all positions."

"The staff make this an easy experience, they covered all the bases and there is no real pain involved. "
ROSALIE W. - Sparks Glencoe, MD

"The technicians personalities are great. I love Randy and Rachel. Spotlessly clean facility. Everyone is great!"
TERESA S. - Perry Hall, MD

"Each person working with me was professional and kind. The nature of some of the procedures can be uncomfortable but there was never a time that the comfort level was excessive. I believe they are very good at what they do.So far I am satisfied. "
KAROLE B. - Towson, MD

"The results were not immediate but over time I could really see results.The doctor explained each time what was being done on what leg and what I would have to do afterwards for example , wearing compression stockings. The staff were extremely happy and knowledgeable"
LYNNE B. - Cockeysville, MD

"Everybody was very friendly. The bulges in my Veins have gone down as well."

"After my consult when I was scheduling my next appointment which was for mapping ,they got me in within the next hour to save me another trip."

"Everyone at the office is very professional and extremely friendly. I appreciated the care they took in making sure my experience was pleasant. "

"The Practice Manager was very thorough and helpful..She took her time to explain everything and answered all my questions. The consultant,was also very thorough and helpful Her explanations on what to expect were extremely informative and precise. I have turned down other places because of the attitude of the office staff and the cleanliness of the office."

"I found everyone to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable ."

"My assigned doctor was Dr. Elizabeth S Kimmitt. She was very pleasant and thorough when evaluating my vein issues and discussed each step that I will be scheduled for in the near future. I felt very relaxed and confident in her complete evaluation and the scheduling of upcoming treatments. "

"The staff members are great at Vein Clinics of America in Timonium."
ERIS F. - Baltimore, MD

"Excellent experience! I would highly recommend Vein Clinics of America and the Timonium office in Maryland was top notch. Dr. Kimmet is superb and all of the staff I worked with were so professional and skilled. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. I can now walk without heaviness and achiness and my legs look like new. No more snake down the back of my legs. It is a process, but it was relatively painless and has made such a difference in my life. I now walk daily and have worn shorts for the first time in 6 years. The staff are excellent and the whole experience has been very professional and shown great results. I have friends who have gone to other clinics and not been as pleased. I highly recommend Vein Clinics of America!"

"The procedure is 5-STAR! I love ALL the staff members!"

"Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable."
CHRISTINE L. - Abingdon, MD

"I was really pleased with the consultation, in all aspects of it. The P.A. answered all my questions and explained everything fully. I would definitely recommend VCA!"

"All staff members were very helpful at Vein Clinics of America- Timonium."
HOLLY W. - Parkville, MD

"I have already recommend Vein Clinics of America to several friends and family. At first I was afraid but now I am so glad I had my consultation and procedure done."
NANCY V. - Parkville, MD

"My experience was awesome. The staff are great and very friendly. They make you feel very comfortable with every appointment. I am very happy with the procedure. My legs look and feel a lot better!"

"I loved the staff and the doctor."
LYNNE B. - Cockeysville, MD

"My treatment was completed on the same day."

"I am no longer in pain and the look of my legs has improved tremendously!"

"Very happy with my results. I was having some discomfort issues and that has been corrected. The staff was excellent!"

"The pleasant attitude of the staff was refreshing. "

"I am glad I had my consultation.I have had pain in my legs for years so I am looking forward to doing something about it!"

"Everyone was wonderful. I would recommend Vein Clinics of America!"

"The Timonium office is wonderful! The staff all are so kind and helpful . They made my appointment around my horrible work schedule with little wait for me. It has been a great experience. The doctors and nurses are so caring. I feel that I am in great hands. The appointment lady is a rock star!! I love it! I tell everyone about my experience!"

"Everyone was great!"

"Everyone there is very good. They answered all my questions. I was surprised there was very little discomfort during the procedures."

"The Nurse Practitioner fully explained the process. "

"I'm hoping to continue with treatment if insurance is approved through this process. "

"The doctor and tech assistants explain everything and make you as comfortable as possible. The doctor explained as he went along with the procedure. My two scan techs were very good (Natalie and Julia)."

"The office was clean and there was not a long wait."

"Everyone was very nice and caring."

"Kristi Folderauer was extremely helpful. She thoroughly explained how the insurance works. She worked with me in scheduling to maximize my benefits. She so patiently answered my endless questions and talked me through the process. I am very apprehensive about medical procedures. I feel Kristi went above and beyond and when I thanked her for that, she appreciated it by saying she was just doing her job. Great staff member! And great commitment to customer service!! Thanks to ALL of you!"
H C M. - Forest Hill, MD

"I enjoyed the commiment and the loyalty that the staff members have for each other. The atmosphere was beautiful and it made me feel at home."

"All the staff members at Timonium office are very friendly and professional. I have been working mainly with Shanon Snead, CRNP, and I am very pleased with the care I have received from her. She is a true asset to Vein Clinics of America. She is very professional, friendly, prompt and explains every procedure in detail."

"This is the best experience ever, dealing with my life long leg issues. I am so happy with all the staff and the Doctor was so nice and helpful. The Clinical Manager was super, she had everything ready and waiting for me to sign! Customer service rate is 10 of 10! Best staff I ever met is at Timonium location. I am so excited to proceed further."

"Everyone was very pleasant."

"Doctor told me exactly what I should do next!"

"Staff was all very nice and made sure I was comfortable during the procedures."
CLAUDIA T. - Baldwin, MD

"Procedures went well. "

"Everyone was WONDERFUL!"

"Efficient, professional staff! Highly recommend vein clinics of America. They make you feel at ease and explain everything!"

"Everything was great!"

"All of the staff were very professional, positive, and helpful. I was impressed with Dr. Kimmitt."

"Staff was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease."

"Very helpful. Made me feel at ease. Made me feel comfortable. Enjoy my visits. I am very happy I came."

"Staff and doctors/nurses were welcoming and beyond professional and helpful! What a great experience!"

"Everyone was very pleasant and answered all my questions. Strongly recommend."

"Every employee and physician I dealt with was extremely professional. "

"I really liked the Timonium staff. Helpful team."

"The doctor was great and the staff was super nice. My physician answered all of my questions throughout the laser vein removal procedure."

"The staff are excellent (receiving area, sonographer and the doctor). They are so accommodating."

"Dr. Kimmitt and the staff are very friendly. Yes; I would definitely recommend the Timonium clinic."

"All the staff members, including the doctor, were very pleasant and helpful."

"Great follow-up. The staff was professional, yet made me very comfortable and well-aware of what to expect. The team provided comfort, specific instructions & accurate expectations! Results were quick!"

"Dr. Kittner was very professional and gave me a thorough explanation of the findings."

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