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Featured Testimonial:

"This vein clinic has a superb staff and physician."
SHARON M. - Rockville, MD

"Procedure was positive minimal discomfort with good results. "
CYNTHIA G. - Gaithersburg, MD

"I am still in treatment however enjoying looking at my legs now more than ever. "
CARLA L. - Silver Spring, MD

"Extremely happy with the genuine helpfulness of the office "
RUBY M. - Gaithersburg, MD

"I love the way they have the service for the patient. I’m very happy with the treatment that I choose. They are super nice in the office, thank you so much!"
MIRIAN B. - Germantown, MD

"Andrea was amazing and everyone was welcoming."
DONNA S. - Rockville, MD

"Female Physician Assistant extremely knowledgeable and concerned about my elevated high blood pressure during my consult with her. "
NESTOR R M. - Olney, MD

"The staff were all very kind and professional. Great first impression! "
SHIREEN F. - Gaithersburg, MD

"The staff was very friendly and thorough. "
CHRISTINA B. - Silver Spring, MD

"I had several visits there for my RFA and injections. Dr. Schruefer and all the staff are all very friendly and caring. My family and I had a lot of questions and they had the patience and took the time to answer them all. I never felt pressured or rushed. I also felt comfortable with the precautions they are taking to prevent the spread of COVID. I would like to mention the services rendered by one of the techs in particular. Cathy was with me for almost all of my treatments. I was very lucky to have her. She was always very welcoming and friendly, she does not treat you only like a patient, but like a friend. She took the time to explain to me what we were going to do before we did it, which really helped calm my nerves. I really appreciate all of her kind deeds throughout this process. Vein Clinics of America is very lucky to have her. "
WALMUNI A. - Gaithersburg, MD

"I enjoyed the fact that the Doctor was truthful. "
BRENDA M. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Staff was super friendly"
MONIKA A. - Bowie, MD

"Was pleased to hear there is a treatment available for my condition. "
MARY M. - Germantown, MD

"Doctor and staff were extremely nice and caring. They made me feel comfortable to go ahead with the procedure. "
LYA B. - Frederick, MD

"The staff member made me very comfortable. Explained next step and financial options."
RITA D. - Upper Marlboro, MD

"The best part of this procedure, is knowing a very professional and kind lady by the name of Kathy Naderipour. She managed to explain every step of the way what to expect and all the outcome. "
NASRIN P. - Potomac, MD

"Everyone was helpful. I would recommend to a friend."
JENNIFER L. - Rockville, MD

"I have been very happy at the Rockville VCA location. The doctor is super nice and the staff as well. Everyone I came into contact with, no matter what capacity, were especially friendly and knowledgeable. "
GAIL G. - Clarksburg, MD

"I’m happy and feel good about the process so far. Very Helpful staff. Thank you!"
MAREA P. - Derwood, MD

"The staff was pleasant and informative."
CHERYL M. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Everyone was friendly, professional and caring."
NANCY S. - Rockville, MD

"I am very thankful to doctors, technicians and front desk for their professionalism."
SVETLANA S. - Rockville, MD

"The staff helped me understand what can be done to help me. "
REGINE C. - Rockville, MD

"Everyone was pleasant and professional. I felt very comfortable while being there."
MARIANNE S. - Wauconda, IL

"Everyone was great. They were really nice and explained everything. Procedure didn’t hurt. Everyone remarks how good my legs look now and I can wear shorts again."
DAWN R. - Rockville, MD

"Everyone is super nice and helpful. Regarding results, I noticed right away that my sleep was much better."
AMY A. - Mount Airy, MD

"Everyone was professional and very helpful."
RENETTA H. - Rockville, MD

"The technician who performed my treatment for spider veins (I think her name was Myla) was excellent! She was very skilled at inserting the needles and it wasn't very painful at all. She gave me several tips on how to minimize my bruising and how to put on/take off the compression stocking during my healing process. She was extremely professional. In the past I had treatments for spider veins and Myla was by far the best technician I have ever had!"
NANCY L. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Wonderful! Friendly, conversational, after being there so often last year, I started to feel like part of the family."
DARLENE L. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Everyone was friendly and professional answered all my questions."
JAMES W. - Germantown, MD

"Satisfied with immediate results"
GRIGORY A N. - Silver Spring, MD

"Everyone there were great."
DONNA O. - Damascus, MD

"I'm always anxious before a procedure.The staff are very reassuring and comforting before, during and after. My results are far better than I expected.Very pleased and highly recommend this procedure to anyone. "
DORI E. - Germantown, MD

"The Dr and staff were great."
DANIEL H. - Rockville, MD

"They were all wonderful, very nice group, kept me well informed and comfortable during treatments."
KATHERINE M. - Rockville, MD

"They were all great, very friendly and nice."
ANTOINETTE C. - Rockville, MD

"Very pleasant!"
JACQUELYN G R. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Kathy was super friendly !"
KRISTIN W. - Middletown, MD

"The office staff and Doctor treated me great!"
THERESA W. - Myrtle Beach, SC

"Great place and I'm glad I did this! "
WILLIAM M. - Damascus, MD

"Was well taken care of during procedures "
MARY C. - Rockville, MD

"Everyone was very nice, especially the person that did the ultrasound"
MARCY B. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Kathy K. at Rockville MD office explained procedure steps clearly, helpful, and very pleasant and polite."
GARY W. - Gaithersburg, MD

"They were all helpful and pleasant. So far Im happy with results."
JEANETTE F. - Chevy Chase, MD

"I am glad I finally decided to do it."
MARY ALICE S. - Gaithersburg, MD

"The doctor and the technicians always described what they were doing at the time which made me feel very comfortable."
MARY ALICE S. - Gaithersburg, MD

"I am very happy with my results!"
DEON R. - Rockville, MD

"Everyone was helpful and thoughtful. "
ELAINE W. - Rockville, MD

"The staff and Dr were Great."
MAYA F. - Montgomery Village, MD

"Very professional and efficient."
DONNA H. - Kensington, MD

"Consistently asked how I was doing through whole process. Process was a little more in depth than I thought but looking forward to the results! "
DONNA S. - Gaithersburg, MD

"All very professional."
PATRICIA R. - Silver Spring, MD

"All staff members were very helpful, including Rosario "
MARTIN M. - Potomac, MD

"The sonographer Kathy was exceptional as always. She is professional, competent, and friendly. She takes all the fear out of the procedure and do her best to minimize any discomfort during the injection. I highly recommend Cathy who is an amazing health care provider."
EVELYN B. - Frederick, MD

"The staff is awesome! "
AMY A. - Mount Airy, MD

"The whole staff is wonderful. "
AMY A. - Mount Airy, MD

"The staff was very helpful and friendly."
JOAN H. - Poolesville, MD

"Very friendly staff and very professional."
HELEN K. - Frederick, MD

"I'm really glad I chose this practice for my vein treatments. The staff is wonderful which stems from the top down. Everyone I have been in contact with has been so pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Schruefer and his staff. "
DARLENE L. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Love the Dr. He is very thorough and soft spoken. "
DONNA S. - Gaithersburg, MD

"All was really nice!"
PATRICIA W. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Everyone was great!"
LESLIE S. - Silver Spring, MD

"Doctor Schruefer and his staff were top notch, super friendly and provided a great comfort level during each procedure."
CHRISTOPHER K. - Rockville, MD

"They were all very helpful! The doctor was very nice and professional as he explained everything as he was doing. All staff very professional and good."
MARY O. - Gaithersburg, MD

"The front desk girl was very nice."
AMY A. - Mount Airy, MD

"Very professional staff."
ANNA K. - Rockville, MD

"I love how friendly and helpful everyone is! Rosario is so sweet at the front desk. Doctor Schruefer is very knowledgeable and a good communicator."
SUSAN S. - Olney, MD

"The staff has been very good at describing what would happen at every step. "
JENNIFER N. - Potomac, MD

"The staff have been very supportive and patient."
JENNIFER N. - Potomac, MD

"Everyone has been very accommodating and helpful."
PATRICIA S. - Brownsville, MD

"All staff was friendly helpful and supportive!!"
JOYCE T. - Silver Spring, MD

"Everything went to my satisfaction!"
JOYCE T. - Silver Spring, MD

"Excellent and courteous staff."
BARBARA R. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Extremely happy with the results!"
BARBARA R. - Gaithersburg, MD

"I was impressed with the Doctor`s expertise and his professionalism, and ultra sound tech was excellent very welcoming and knows her job very well, feel like they care and they make you feel like family."
MILENA K. - Rockville, MD

"What impressed me was the friendly and helpful office staff."
MICHELLE D. - Silver Spring, MD

"The techs were wonderful."
EILEEN R. - Rockville, MD

"All the staff was polite and friendly."
ELENA H. - Salem, CT

"The doctor was so good and Jacky is very kind. I was so well treated, so I gave her 5 stars, because I felt good and confident with her. She was the reason I finished my treatment. "
MARIA M. - Olney, MD

"Doctor, and Kathy the technician were great! The procedure so far so good."
WILLIAM T. - Rockville, MD

"Kathi and Frederica were the best!!! They were very personable. I do not like needles, and they were very patient and understanding."
CONNIE C. - Rockville, MD

"Staff was great!"
CAROL W. - Jefferson, MD

"Any time I walk in to the Rockville office I feel at ease. The front desk staff and office manager are always welcoming and nice, taking the time to see how life's treating me rather than just going through the usual paperwork, billing, etc. Dr. Schruefer is a very positive and energetic doctor. When he comes into the room he has a vibe that lets you know that he's going to knock everything out quick, painlessly, and effortlessly. He clearly knows what he's doing and I feel confident knowing he is performing my procedures. All the techs that have worked with and helped me are wonderful. They are always polite, welcoming, and usually have a great conversation with me while they perform their scans or assist Dr. Schruefer with procedures. The procedure was quick, easy, and relatively painless. The prep took longer than the procedure itself."
CHRIS K. - Boyds, MD

"The staff at the Rockville office was very helpful."
ANGELITA B. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Procedures were thoroughly explained and expertly carried out, scheduling was as convenient as possible, visits made as pleasant as possible by a team that truly cares about the comfort and satisfaction of patients. Although this office location was not the most convenient in my area, comfort level due to staff excellence could not have been better. "
MERRI W. - Silver Spring, MD

"My legs look fabulous with the treatments from Dr Schruefer and staff."
LYNDA W. - Montgomery Village, MD

"The staff was very warm, friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable. I was very satisfied how Dr. Schruffer and staff would always tell me what was going to occur and what I could expect before and during procedures."
CATHLEEN M. - Potomac, MD

"The entire staff was so professional and kind. I feel that my issues are in the right hands for treatment. I have already referred someone to this location."
MARIONETTA H. - Hyattsville, MD

"The professional staff ensured that you were comfortable throughout the treatment/procedures. The staff communicated each procedure which I felt helped me through the treatments. I knew exactly what was going to happen with no unexpected surprises. The initial laser treatments and injections caused minimal pain. The professional staff does a fantastic job to ensure that the very least pain and discomfort are felt during the procedures. My legs are looking great!"
KIMBERLY M. - Germantown, MD

"Fredricka and Cathy are very very nice and thorough, they do a really good job. Office manager has her act together, also adding NP was a really good idea. Health wise I had a lot of swelling in my legs, this summer I was more comfortable due to having procedure done."
SUSAN H. - Middletown, MD

"I definitely feel the difference in my legs. I can walk without pain or stiffness. I’m very happy that I chose Vein Clinics of America."
SONJI M. - Montgomery Village, MD

"Nurses are fantastic at the Rockville office! The treatment really helped me with my veins."
ESTHER R. - Germantown, MD

"Everyone at the office is so capable and friendly. They always make me feel welcomed! "
LISA Y. - Damascus, MD

"I am a patient at the Rockville clinic. The staff is outstanding! My sonographer Kathy is very thorough with the checking and findings. Great repertoire, kind and professional. The office staff, and nurses are also very professional and very friendly. The physician, Dr. Schruefer has been very kind and detailed with the treatments. Great results. Overall the experience at this clinic has been nothing but the very best in all aspects of my vein treatments. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone that is in need of vein treatments. I am feeling much better. I can sleep without the pain, and cramping!"
ISABELLA G. - Rockville, MD

"The staff at the Rockville office went above and beyond to answer my questions, help with insurance, and make me feel comfortable! They are a major reason I will follow up with leg care this time, although I don't like wearing a compression stocking. This is my 2nd time getting the procedure. After I met my insurance deductible this year I decided to go for treatment again. I like the results and the Rockville office staff is so nice, that I will come to my yearly follow up this time!"
TYFFANY M. - Potomac, MD

"Everyone from the Rockville location was very helpful, kind and friendly! They did a great job!"
MARGARET S. - Bethesda, MD

"Kathy was absolutely incredible! She made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the ultrasound scanning process. "
MELISSA S. - Martinsburg, WV

"Everyone was helpful, kind and knowledgeable with the process! "
RENEE M. - Potomac, MD

"Staff was great! They answered all my questions! The procedure was relatively painless!"
JOANNE W. - Gaithersburg, MD

"I feel the office prioritized my safety during these procedures and always used the best medical safety practices. Kathy was fantastic! She was calming and really cared for my comfort before, during, and after all procedures. She thoroughly answered all my questions and eased my nausea and discomfort with the scans. The office staff has been very positive and encouraging during the entire process. I couldn’t have completely these procedures without their support! Thank you to everyone!"
KRISTEN P. - Rockville, MD

"The ladies at the front desk are very friendly and helpful! Kathy, who did the ultrasound is very professional and provided me with all the information I needed. She is also one of the nicest people I’ve met!"
ROBIN B. - Gaithersburg, MD

"Everyone from the staff was very professional! After the procedure I felt immediate reduction in leg pain!"
DONALD C. - Derwood, MD

"Doctor Burns was very pleasant. "
VANESSA R. - Olney, MD

"The staff was great!"
ELIZABETH F. - Germantown, MD

"Great office and staff. Everyone I have dealt with, so far, has been really nice. "
JODI W. - Mount Airy, MD

"The nurse who performed my treatment was very professional, polite and even offered to perform my first treatment at that time since I expressed an interest and she had a cancellation. "
SHERRY C. - Frederick, MD

"It's really simple. I was told what to expect and received much more. What else can i ask!!"
ANTON B. - Myersville, MD

"Frederica is very helpful explaining the scans. She is very friendly, professional and courteous. I always look forward to having her assigned to me. Anna is very gentle with her injections as well. Regarding the discomfort during the procedure, it was less than I expected which I was glad about!"
MARIA B. - Brookeville, MD

"My legs don’t hurt anymore! In addition all of the staff were professional and great!!"

"I am really happy with my consultation experience. Everything was explained thoroughly to me and felt really comfortable! "
KERRY P. - Jefferson, MD

"The staff was great!! On my consultation appointment they took me in immediately. Overall, I am very happy with the office and the staff. I will surely refer Vein Clinics of America in Rockville to friends and family!"
FRANCIS P. - Montgomery Village, MD

"Everyone was organized, confident and Doctor Schaefer was outstanding. He was really professional, knowledgeable, helpful. His kind manner was so appreciated."
DIANE U. - Rockville, MD

"Friendly, yet very concerned about my comfort."
CAROL W. - Jefferson, MD

"Professional doctor who clearly explained my issues and options. "

"I am returning patient. I was very happy the first time around with treatment and results and expect that it will be just as great this time around. I"

"Everyone is super nice and kind, the office respects your time. Hardly ever do you wait when you have an appointment. I was pretty nervous before I went there, but the doctor and his whole staff are great. Very happy!"

"Cathy helped me understand the procedure and after care necessary for optimal results. Thank you. "
DONNA G. - Brookeville, MD

"Everyone at the Rockville MD office location made the procedures easier. The staff was friendly and professional. Cathy especially made the procedures easier. She also helped me understand the procedure and after care, necessary for optimal results. I have recommended Vein Clinics of America to many of my friends. The end results are awesome. Thank you! "
DONNA G. - Brookeville, MD

"The technician was very pleasant and fun!"

"All the staff were helpful, especially my intake person, she explained things very well."

"The team where very professional and friendly."

"My right leg is much better with just some minor bruising. I am very happy with the outcome and the staff have been great. I have referred several people to this office."

"Overall a very comforting experience, the Doctor and staff were great."
MARITSA G. - Rockville, MD

"During my consultation everyone was very friendly."
CAROL W. - Jefferson, MD

"I was very pleased with the whole appointment. Everyone was very professional and friendly."

"I’m been assured of wonderful results as I’m patiently waiting for them. The comfort level is explained along the way during the actual procedures. I have been thoroughly reassured the outcome results will be awesome. I’ve had several office visits already. I particularly like my doctor. His staff members are awesome from the time you enter until the time you leave!!!"
BRENDA G. - Gaithersburg, MD

"The nurses and radiologist technician went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. They have great bedside manners!"
AAMENA K. - Germantown, MD

"I am pleased with my consultation."

"The staff are extremely friendly and helpful answering any questions you might have The doctor did a great job with the treatments. "
MARILYN G. - Rockville, MD

"My treatment was great!"

"The staff is friendly and helpful. Good explanation was given regarding insurance coverage and what to expect."

"The staff was excellent!"
MARTA A. - Potomac, MD

"My consultation was informative and helpful. I appreciated having the packet to take home with me."

"Dr. Schrufer was very pleasant and professional! Front office staff, nurses and receptionist, Evelyn, Kathy and Veronica were very welcoming and friendly. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Ambiance was nice and relaxing!"
AAMENA K. - Germantown, MD

"Everyone was great."
LINDA G. - Damascus, MD

"The young lady that sits in the reception was extremely helpful. She took her time to explain everything ragrding costs and what I can expect. She is very professional and courteous. I wish I remembered her name because she is a huge asset to the practice."
ESTHER R. - Dallas, TX

"I am so happy with the results. All the staff is very kind. "

"I had some pretty bad swelling and I feel like the treatment really helped with that. I also had some varicose veins that were taken care of. My doctor was great. I am very pleased! "

"The staff was friendly, efficient, helpful and nice. Angie was very helpful."
MARIA S. - Olney, MD

"My physician has very good bedside manner!"

"The entire staff was WONDERFUL! I found all of you to be extremely helpful, kind and welcoming. I appreciate you are taking the time after meeting with the doctor to go over the overall process and pricing as these were big questions, as well as doubts in my mind. The doctor is wonderful, knowledgeable and professional. You all provide a wonderful and necessary service and I hope you are around to continue to do so. Thank you again for being so kind and helpful. I wish you nothing but success."

"Everyone at the office is top notch and they really made things go very smoothly. Angie, the office manager, made scheduling for multiple procedures go very smoothly. There were some immediate results. My worst veins were much smaller right away. Kathy, the ultra sound technician is exceptional! Everybody is friendly, kind, talkative and funny!"

"Staff was very friendly."

"From the beginning process of making an appointment to the consultation visit everyone was very professional, helpful and friendly. This helped to make my decision to have the treatments needed at the Rockville facility."

"The front office person who went over the treatment plan and costs was very pleasant and helpful."

"I can not say enough for the treatment I received from Kathy. She did an EXCELLENT job explaining everything to me before and during the procedures and she made me very comfortable during each procedure. It is because of her that I continued the procedure. I would recomend it. Kathy made the comfort level easy."

"Dr. Schruefer is great, he fixed my leg in approximately 15 minutes where I had an old surgery from a different vein clinic that did not go well. I had been in pain for over a year and the previous doctor said that nothing could be done. I am a very nervous patient, since I have had some painful procedures in the past with the other clinic, but the staff in Rockville is very good at keeping me calm and explaining exactly what was going to happen at every point during multiple procedures. I have already referred someone to his clinic."

"The staff is lovely and helpful."

"I've already had the treatment and my legs look and feel better!"

"Dr. Schrueffer and Kathy were an excellent team, both professional, kind and compassionate. Kathy was supportive with giving guidelines before and after procedure, along with putting me at ease when needing to stand for the ultrasound. She was pleasant, professional and caring. Dr. Schrueffer talked about what to expect as the procedure was progressing. The results were great! I was recommended by a friend and I will pass on this to another friend. The office staff was also pleasant, helpful and friendly."

"Professional, helpful and friendly! Will recommend!"

"Thank you Dr. John Schruefer for the great experience and quality work you have done on my legs. Dr. John Schruefer has a great rapport with his assistant and they work very well together. His staff are absolutely amazing!!! Especially Angei, Natalie and Kathy. They are professional and very accommodating. It's painless procedure and very recommended! "

"Dr. Schruefer and Kathy Naderi ,the ultrasound tech were a great team and that helped with the level of comfort during procedure. They explained every step in detail. Dr. Schruefer seemed very skilled and professional, Kathy seemed very knowledgeable and caring, I think she went above and beyond the scope of her responsibilities, she patiently answered all my questions, paid much attention to my fears and concerns. I'm so grateful to her. Yes, I've already recommended them to more than 6 people."

"I'm so sorry I don't remember everyone's name. I think everyone is doing a good job in that office, all ready to help and comfort you. Again Kathy was amazing and beyond helpful. and so as all the staff."

"Overall the office staff and the Dr. were great. I would definitely recommend this office."

"Everything was great! The Staff, Dr, etc."

"I'm happy I got it done by this clinic!"

"The staff is very comforting. The ladies in the front are like family. I would tell my friends ,if they needed treatment, they can go to vein clinics of america!"

"Helpful staff members"

"Overall, I'm very satisfied."

"The staff is 100 percent awesome and I love the doctor. He's very gentle and answered all my questions."

"I really liked how they constantly asked if I had any additional questions. Very interested in my comprehension."

"I noticed immediate results with many veins. The procedure was only slightly uncomfortable and they were quick lasting only about 15-20 minutes per session."

"So far all the care I've been given from the staff and doctors has been great. No complaints (except my insurance coverage which is none of the office's fault). They were great jumping through all the hoops that United Healthcare put us through. I noticed immediate results with many veins. The procedures were only slightly uncomfortable and they were quick lasting only about 15-20 minutes per session."

"I was extremely impressed with the doctor's expertise and his willingness to thoroughly explain treatment options with me. Often medical professionals do not take the time to communicate in a way that the lay person can understand. "

"The staff was simply awesome! What marvelous people to have treating spider veins. Professional, polite, kind, thoughtful, just absolutely made a painful procedure as pleasant at it could be."

"They made me very comfortable all the way. Procedure was not as painful as I thought it would be. Just a little discomfort which was expected. Staff was very gentle and explained every procedures all the step of the way., made me feel comfortable and relaxed!!!"

"Dr. Schruefer is great as well as the staff from the front office and the sonographer. Great service, I would highly recommend this to my friends and family. Yes, everything was explained to me from the beginning up to the end of the procedure, and reminder on what to do after each procedure which I believe is very important as a patient."

"The staff is VERY friendly; I have always had a pleasant and warm greeting from them. They are always willing to help you if you don't understand something and work with you in scheduling all of your appointments to fit your needs. The wait time between the numbing injections and actual injections should be a little longer for the numbing medicine to take effect."

"At the consultation the staff was very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to the next appointment for deep ultrasound scanning on January 15."

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