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Featured Testimonial:

"They explained before and during each procedure what was being done. There were never any surprises. Very happy with the outcome and would do this again."
TERRY L. - Stafford, TX

"I love the doctor and the staff that took care of me."
VANESSA C. - Pasadena, TX

"Marcy was awesome! "
JENA T. - Fulshear, TX

"The Staff at the River Oaks location are really professional and kind. They keep you updated on your insurance and all information needed to make your experience excellent. The Doctor is amazing too! She is very much informed on the procedures."
JERRODE M. - Houston, TX

"The Staff was very respectful."
JANE W. - Houston, TX

"The staff is wonderful at the River Oaks location. Everyone is great!"

"Great Staff. Everyone went above and beyond making me feel comfortable. I am pleased so far with the procedure."
KIMBERLY S. - Houston, TX

"The staff is amazing! Friendly and helpful. They make you feel welcome and comfortable the entire time. The procedure was simple and recovery was minimally uncomfortable."
SUZANNE S. - Houston, TX

"Doctor was kind, professional and sweet."

"The staff was very professional and knowledgeable."

"Very satisfied with the procedure."
GLORIELA M O. - Houston, TX

"Overall great experience. Looking forward to the next steps."
KIMBERLY S. - Houston, TX

"The Doctor and staff were all friendly and professional."
RHONITA S. - Houston, TX

"Every question was explained clearly and concisely."
TERRY L. - Stafford, TX

"The office staff was very professional and easy to work with."
JAMES D. - Houston, TX

"Highly satisfied!"

"I appreciate the explanation the Dr gave for my condition, the risks, treatment options and calm demeanor."
SARAH C. - Houston, TX

"Everyone was good!"
JANICE L. - Sealy, TX

"Everyone was very nice and professional!"
JANICE L. - Sealy, TX

"Everyone was very nice!"

"Helpful, knowledgeable staff. "
SHAWN W. - Katy, TX

"Nurse Shannon made feel very comfortable & walked me through the treatment:)"
SANJUANA G. - Houston, TX

"All is good."
LILLIAN G. - South Houston, TX

"I am definitely happy with the results I have received so far."
MELANIE M. - Manvel, TX

"I left with a very comfortable feeling. "

"Me and my wife are absolutely amazed by everything! "
SHAWN W. - Deer Park, TX

"Ultrasound appointment went very well and everyone, especially ultrasonographer was very nice! "
LERIN O. - Manvel, TX

"Doctor and techs kept me relaxed, they kept me laughing, and comfortable."
CAROLYN T. - Houston, TX

"Very Nice staff and Dr. Happy with results so far. Happy with results so far."
CHERYL T. - Houston, TX

"Very helpful in understanding what maybe going on with my legs now and in the future."
DEBRA G. - Sugar Land, TX

"Happy with treatment , helpful staff."
SARAH A. - Sugar Land, TX

"It was exactly like they explained. Everybody was really good."
ANDREA S. - Houston, TX

"All the staff was very friendly!"
WILLIAM G. - Houston, TX

"All was really good, staff and information."

"The Doctor was fantastic. Everything went fine."
KARINA H. - Houston, TX

"They were all very nice and helpful with answering questions and made me feel comfortable."
RONNIE M. - South Houston, TX

"They were very professional and very quick."
RONNIE M. - South Houston, TX

"I was real impressed with the Doctor and all those who worked on my legs. They were all wonderful and helpful."
CLAIRE T. - Katy, TX

"I can't say enough good things about Doctor Afreen Pappa and her staff. Most certainly I will recommend."
WHIT S. - Houston, TX

"I really love the staff starting from the front to back. Doctor Pappa is an excellent individual and I love the personality of hers. Also, the Ultra Sound technician is a loving person."
SHAMORROW M. - Houston, TX

"I loved the clinic and the staff. "
LORI W. - La Marque, TX

"The staff were very helpful and Doctor was also very helpful, they went over and beyond in services."
MEREDITH M. - Houston, TX

"They were all very nice worked with me in every way and made it feel very pleasant. Came out doing good."
DEBORAH M. - Houston, TX

"Ultrasound lady Sarah (I think) and the rest of staff was very informative and helpful."
SUSAN C. - Richmond, TX

"The woman who completed my MAP ultrasound was very personable and made me feel comfortable throughout the appointment."
COURTNEY J. - Houston, TX

"Friendly staff!!"

"Excellent experience overall. I requested this clinic because my wife had had an excellent experience with Dr Pappa."
JASON E. - Houston, TX

"Not as painful as I thought, I am very happy."
LYDIA C. - Houston, TX

"Patient experience is great. I loved the staff!"
CYNTHIA H. - La Porte, TX

"I liked the Doctor and ultra sound technician."
TOMMIE G. - Houston, TX

"All very positive and very helpful from receptionist to Doctor, they were awesome. "
PAULA S. - Houston, TX

"It was all a very good experience, "
HEIDI M. - Houston, TX

"Everything from the staff and Dr Pappa have been nothing but exceptional. They put me at ease. Thank you so much!!"
ROBERT S. - Houston, TX

"All the staff and Doctor were very professional."
JOYCE B. - Houston, TX

"In the beginning I was scared a little bit but as I saw the results I was content and satisfied. I will keep going for regular check ups every 6months. "
ALICIA E. - Houston, TX

"Dr Pappa is awesome. Mary and Sara were awesome. Also the front staff were always super friendly and remembered me."
AMANDA H. - Houston, TX

"They talked me through the whole procedure. Very professional and well trained. They were very good at making me feel comfortable."
ALICE G. - Houston, TX

"They were all very kind people always tried to accommodate me when I had limited time. Over all pretty happy."
ROBERT A. - Houston, TX

"Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Convenient location."
ANTHONY S. - Houston, TX

"It was quite an experience. Dr. Pappa and her staff were just an amazing team. Everyone displayed expertise in their department. Will definitely recommend. I highly appreciated the follow-up call I received one day after my procedure. I felt their spirit of caring."
IFEOMA U. - Rosharon, TX

"The staff in this office are professional and caring, often two terms that are not usually associated together. From the staff at reception to the techs and of course Dr. Pappa, who all do everything in their power to put your mind at ease and comfort any pain or answer any questions. I would recommend this location and services to anyone in need. "
CONCETTA C. - Missouri City, TX

"I am very happy and no more leg cramps. They were very friendly, informative and efficient."
KATHY C. - Houston, TX

"Good experience."
MARY G. - Houston, TX

"The Doctor and her nurse were very very reassuring, courteous and helpful."
FAYE W. - Houston, TX

"The Doctor was very friendly and took time to answer my questions seemed to have a personal interest in me. The procedure was very minimally invasive and would recommend."
ERIN V. - Houston, TX

"I feel amazing all my pain has gone, I can do so many things now, I saw immediate and positive results. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Doctor was amazing and very knowledgeable,"
SILVIA G. - Houston, TX

"The staff are very professional with a great sense of humor. They made the procedure a happy place to be."
ROBERTA L. - Crosby, TX

"I am very happy, I am not finished all the way but so far so good. They were great, helpful and all very nice."

"All of my questions were answered with factual information. I am very impressed with Dr. Pappa and her staff. I would recommend this particular clinic, Dr. Pappa and her staff to anyone on need this type of service. "
GREGORY A. - Missouri City, TX

"Thank you for making me feel comfortable and being patient with me."
APPHIA W. - Houston, TX

"I have an excellent experience each time I visit."
HOPE A. - Houston, TX

"I had no idea the extent of my varicose veins. I am so glad I had the procedures done & definitely feel an improvement. No more pain! Doctor Pappa is very efficient and personable. I would go back in a heartbeat."
CAROLE S. - Houston, TX

"Everything was very good."
GLORIA A. - Missouri City, TX

"Awesome doctor and staff !! I had already recommended several people to go there and will continue to do so as long as someone needs treatment."
BESSIE D. - Houston, TX

"Doctor Pappa was very helpful in answering all my questions in detail after explaining the treatment options to me. The ultra sound technician, Meghan was extremely pleasant and did a great job making sure I was at ease throughout the process. During the process, I felt a little light headed, she let me sit and rest and did not try to rush me at all. "

"The woman who scheduled my appointment guided my thoroughly on the insurance coverage. She was very helpful and professional! Also the person who did my sonogram was highly knowledgeable, very friendly and I felt comfortable with moving forward with treatment!"
VINCENT S. - Pearland, TX

"Everyone was extremely skilled and knowledgeable."
MARILYN L. - Pearland, TX

"Doctor Poppa and her staff are great. They explained everything to me and have been nice and helpful throughout the process"
TAYLOR H. - Pearland, TX

"Everyone was very professional and they answered all my questions. "
JANIUS T. - Houston, TX

"The procedure was fast and painless compared to prior varicose vein stripping procedures, with different clinics. Follow up appointments set up immediately. Doctor Afreen Pappa is very skilled and qualified with varicose vein procedures. Ultrasound technicians are very well qualified and very helpful."
HEIDI M. - Houston, TX

"I've been very impressed with the physician, ultrasound techs and the nurse at Vein Clinics of America. They are each skilled at what they do and have been very kind and considerate during the procedures. "
DEANNA Z. - League City, TX

"All of the staff are very professional and supportive."

"Very satisfied with both the helpful staff and the outcome of the procedures."

"Doctor Pappa seemed exceptionally qualified. "
MARILYN L. - Pearland, TX

"Clear explanations and very competent staff."

"The Riveroaks Doctor and his staff were wonderful, im very happy."
ROSALIND L. - Houston, TX

"All the staff were great at the clinic. "

"Everything was good . All the staff were professional and pleasant. There was the minimal amount of discomfort. I am still waiting for my final results but so far everything looks good. "
LAURA F. - Houston, TX

"Wonderful. I could not be any happier with the professionals at this Veins Clinic and the treatment that I received there. "
KATHY C. - Houston, TX

"All the staff at the clinic were very nice."
CALLIE S. - Pearland, TX

"very helpful and professional.Dr Pappa gave me the confidence and trust to start my treatment,. She is very professional and I value her contribution as a Doctor. She explained and made me understand the correct way to start the treatment. I am very grateful for Dr Pappa for her quality work, I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend her."
SILVIA G. - Houston, TX

"Very kind and friendly staff members!"
DIANA C. - Katy, TX

"I am just very thankful I can go ahead with RFA and not the terrible in-hospital procedures my mum had to experience. Very nicely surprised to found out that my other leg is mildly affected. My varicose veins are worse than I expected but I have full confidence in Dr. Pappa."
HEIDI M. - Houston, TX

"I was always informed step by step throughout the treatment."
DEBORAH A. - Houston, TX

"All the staff was very good. They explained everything and answered all my questions I had. They made me feel like I was at home. I really enjoyed my appointments. I actually miss seeing them. We had some really good talks. There was a very little discomfort, but that is expected. I did not have any problems with the procedures. I wish I could have gotten it done faster. I would definitely recommend it. I am very happy with it."
LINDA M. - Baytown, TX

"Everyone was very friendly, helpful and professional. "
KATHY C. - Houston, TX

"My visit was an excellent experience. I am very happy with the procedure."

"Mary is wonderful! She makes you feel comfortable. Dr Afreen Pappa is very knowledgeable. The customer service excellent!"

"The office staff and Dr. were all calm and presented a calm atmosphere."
CAROLYN H. - Houston, TX

"I would recommend it!"
TAMMY P. - Katy, TX

"They are very professional! They made my consultation experience very nice. "

"The staff is very personable and attentive."

"The doctor and the staff explained everything very thoroughly beforehand, which I really appreciated. My legs look and feel so much better now! "

"Very good customer service and very thankful with Dr. Papa and her expertise!"
MARIA G. - Houston, TX

"Great staff, great atmosphere!"
EILEEN G. - Pearland, TX

"I was very impressed with the staff and the doctor. They were very professional and caring. The hours are very convenient. I can't wait to start my treatments. "
CHERYL M. - Houston, TX

"My consultation experience was very informative and helpful. The staff was very knowledgable, friendly and answered all my questions."

"Yes I would definitely recommend Vein Clinics of America in Houston, River Oaks."
KAREN P. - Houston, TX

"Everyone was exceptionally nice and helpful. Great experience. "

"Dr. Pappa was great. The entire staff were very nice, friendly and so helpful at my consultation."

"Dr. Pappa was so great! Mary and Darius the ultrasound techs were very through. Breanna at the front desk is a gem, she knows how to work with my Medicare and my secondary insurance for a seamless billing experience. Now I am looking and feeling good. "

"All staff members were very friendly and helpful! "
STEPHEN L. - Galveston, TX

"My experience was very good! The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful."

"Every staff member is helpful and informative. They have great team work ethic, I think I have spoken to almost everyone in the office. The doctor is very professional and knowledgeable thorough and explained all the details. She was able to work in my ultra sound and the results are very positive!"

"Was a very good and pleasant experience and I feel very confident in the staff."

"Overall was a great experience at the consultation. I liked the fact that that I didn't have to wait long and all is well organised. "

"Everyone is helpful and friendly. "
LINDSAY S. - Houston, TX

"I felt very welcome when I walked in the door. Everyone there is so detailed about making sure I understood everything that was going on. I am very pleased with everyone there. I would recommend your place to anyone who is interested or concerned about their veins. "
EMILY S. - Houston, TX

"The staff was very professional and helpful. They explained the process to my satisfaction. Very pleased with their services."

"I'm very pleased with results thus far, and have recommended it to others."

"The houston-river oaks location has great staff!"

"I absolutely love DR. PAPPA already!!! She was so easy to talk to and was very attentive.."
YOLANDA H. - Houston, TX

"The entire staff was very welcoming and I did not have to wait long for my appointment. "

"Very professional Doctor. "

"Very friendly and charismatic Doctor. "

"Clean,friendly and very professional staff and office. The treatments were fast, easy and wonderful. "

"The physician was great and gave comprehensive information about the vein treatment process."

"Excellent Doctor and technician. Staff was friendly. Procedure and follow up care were precisely explained. "

"Great experience. Thanks to Dr. Pappas and staff for understanding my issue."

"The entire staff at VCA with Dr. Pappa was amazing, Manid and Breanna at the front desk helped take care of all my appointments and insurance needs. Dr. Pappa and Mary Means made sure they answered all of my dozens of questions about the procedures and that I understood what was taking place. They did everything possible to make sure that I was comfortable, and that I had the proper injections to minimize the pain, and their bedside manner made me feel at ease about getting the procedures done. I am very happy with my service from Dr. Pappa's VCA office, and I look forward to my follow-ups and taking care of the last few things to make sure my varicose veins are no longer a problem. Dr. Pappa explained that there would be some discomfort, but that she would be giving me injections that would help alleviate the pain. While my pain tolerance is not very good, Dr. Pappa and her assistant, Mary Means, kept my mind preoccupied by telling me jokes and stories and giving me a heads-up of when I would feel a little bee sting/pin prick whenever I was going to have an injection. Their bedside manner was absolutely fantastic, and I felt very comfortable during the entire procedure knowing that they were doing everything possible to minimize my pain and maximize my results. I came in with huge varicose veins in my right leg especially, and now after going through my battery of lasers surgeries and injections, the results are amazing! It used to look like a python of veins in my leg, and now it's virtually smooth. I have some follow-up visits to take care of the final touch-ups on my treatment, but I am already thrilled with the results, and I would definitely recommend Vein Clinics of America, especially the location with Dr. Pappa and Mary! Thank you so much for transforming my life and making it better for me!"

"I love the staff and Dr. Pappa is very sweet and make you feel safe."

"The team helped me understand the procedure, they made sure that I was comfortable the whole time and they followed up afterwards. Vein Clinics of America uses modern equipment to obtain the desired results."

"Very impressed with the doctor and tech's communication during my treatment. No suprises. I knew what to expect with little to no discomfort."

"The entire staff is awesome."

"Front Desk Assistant was very cordial"

"My service providers have been great. They seem to be proficient and are friendly, good listeners and give helpful information. I have read my doctor's information and she seems to have very good experience and credentials. "

"Wonderful, I got answers on everything that I asked."

"Good Service!"

"Informative and patient"

"Looking forward to my results "

"It was pleasant for me as well as informative."

"Happy with consultation and information given. "

"The staff is great!"

"I want to make sure that they insurance will be paying all of the treatments of the internal and external veins to be fixed! "

"I was so impressed with the doctor and the staff. Everyone was so friendly and professional. My procedure was done without any pain to me. Every step of the procedure was explained before it was done. After my procedure, I was able to drive myself to my hair appointment and the grocery store. I have not had to take any pain medication. I wish I would have done this procedure sooner. I highly recommend the Vein Clinic of America. "
CHARLOTTE S. - Houston, TX

"The front desk woman was excellent, friendly, and professional. The sonographer had a very thorough attention to detail."

"Very punctual and gets patient in an out in a very timely manner."

"The staff on Southwest Freeway is an excellent staff and I always look forward to going to see them. I have made myself a greeter when I go for my appointments. I talk to the patients about what made me come here and how my legs was feeling and I mention to them that the procedure is awesome and the main thing that I like about it is they do not put you to sleep and they tell everything that they're going to do step by step."
VANESSA J. - Houston, TX

"Everyone from the front desk to the doctor was very helpful. Staff was nice."

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